Tuesday, April 18, 2017

United Apart

Damn, my mistake.  I thought I heard them say somebody at the United Nations was dragged across the floor, screaming and bleeding, and I assumed YES, way to go, Trump had finally initiated an action to fumigate the place, emptying its bowels and evicting every globalist rat hindering freedom and costing the U.S. plenty to keep their diplomatic rodent nests pleasant and homey.

But no, all the hoopla merely accentuated an incident on a United Airlines flight.  I suppose I could join the pod people, blaming the airline for a passenger's injuries, but that's not what I observed.  Some of you saw a man whose rights were violated and paid a heavy price.  Fair enough, but I encountered instead a person asked to -- and refusing to -- follow a lawful order given by police personnel, screaming like a wounded animal in a swamp after he painfully encountered the inevitable.  If ya gets up on yer own two feet and walk, saving your venom for lawyers and judges later on, things usually work out.

How many times? How many times have we seen videos of people ignoring police orders, fleeing from or fighting cops or just acting disrespectfully or badly, thus inviting trouble?  Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but United Airlines' passenger Dr. Doom is to blame for a good share of his bad luck.  Too bad Chicago taxpayers and the airline itself will probably end up paying out millions to the "abused" doctor.  Just a side note, but what was this guy up to in his native Vietnam while American military personnel were being abused with torture and death?  Just asking.

Congratulations to North Korea's finest, now celebrating dead granddad and absolute turd Kim Il-Sung's 105th birthday.  To even imagine that this long-deceased douche had it in his genes to produce not only a fecalith son as corrupt as himself, but to similarly make it possible to lay way for the birth of NK's current Frankenstein monster, whose girth clearly shows why the North Korean people are starving, simply amazes.  Next time a test missile fizzles or blows up, may its debris seek him out and serve as his new "crash" diet.  And how about that celebratory birthday missile failure?  Did either the U.S. or China interfere with its guidance system, thereby causing a technological failure that even robotic Viagra couldn't fix?

Revolution in Wisconsin:  What was his name, Jakubowski or something?  He apparently had his little heart set on a revolution?  Hmm.  Must have been a very quiet one-man revolution -- we sure hope he completed it before the cops picked him up.  The genius of cell phone videos allows us to become anything we wish on screen, but it doesn't always work out so well in practice.  Which reminds us of. . .

. . .a violent protest last week on the Berkeley campus matching Trump supporters against Trump haters.  Ho-hum.  Who was paid to be there and who sparked the violence?  Likely the usual anarchists, communists and Democrats.  So-o-o-o-o-o boring, so anticipated.  The bag of tricks must have a hole at the bottom.

U.S. troops off to Somalia in quantity:  "America first" sure is taking on a global flavor.  Anybody longing for Ted Cruz yet?

Sean Spicer's big mouth:  Loosen up, media.  We all say things which come out wrong, it's just that we seldom do so before cameras and microphones.

The Mother of All Bombs pays a visit to Afghanistan's practitioners of the religion of peace:  Sorry folks, I would still have opted for my Air Force's experimental "gay bomb."  Taxpayers paid for development, let's use it.  Humor me, God, please, humor me.

Queen Hil' is reportedly hard at work on yet ANOTHER book nobody will buy:  This time, she may be blaming a long list of people for her election loss, still unable to comprehend that she was just a terrible candidate with nothing inspirational to say that didn't emanate from a dusty old Democrat playbook.  We've heard it all before and now, evidently, we're going to hear it again.  In print.  We suspect her publisher, as previously, will pay tons of money up front, even knowing, strangely, that nobody, except her hardcore delusional fans, is going to shell out for what should be entitled Tripe, Volume Two.  Side note:  Is this an attempt to keep her daughter's name in the spotlight regarding a political run?  Good grief, maybe we'll all want to live in North Korea soon. . .

The Penn Station human stampede:  A taser, merely a taser encounter. Yep, this is where we are now.  Did  terrorists of years past win?  Yes, the terrorists won.  We've become the scared and spineless, ready at the drop of a sound to run like hell -- but perfectly willing to turn our anger on cops when they try to do their jobs.  Conditions should only improve once we're all addicted to opioids.

Ohio's "Facebook murderer" -- now known as self-made dead guy in breaking news -- shoots and kills an elderly man because he apparently had woman and gambling problems.  Yes, the crazies are everywhere and, just as Queen Hil' blames the whole world for her election loss, disgruntled shooters blame their troubles on everybody but themselves.  Interesting, too, that the shooter reportedly had a job as a case worker in the social (social justice?) system.  Did his employment have a bearing on the bonkers worm invading his brain?  Reminds me of a hospital social worker I knew many years ago who asked me one day, "Why am I starting to hate people so much?"  It's a logical progression, I could have answered, but remained silent.  I know what we are.

April the giraffe gives birth to a male:  Thank heavens, anything but the televised birth of another human baby, as the world's useless people population climbs.  If one more lunatic assures me that animals were put on Earth by some god "for our benefit," I may go into anomalous giraffe labor myself.