Monday, April 10, 2017

Practice Always Makes Perfect

What a week to hide under the bed:  Missiles continued to fly from North Korea's demented haircut model, ISIS' most enthusiastic goons forged ahead in Egypt and Sweden with bombs straight out of Mohammad's turban-o'-surprises, and Syria's Assad (we presume) decided to resume blasting his people into infinity, even after Trump directed a few fashionably expensive rockets Assad's way merely to say hello.  And Russia?  Putin may well have asked, is that a bevy of explosives in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

From this mess the most reliable thing one may safely be able to say is that the Russians, as suggested by several sources, look either entirely foolish and incompetent or overwhelmingly complicit, because they previously assured the world all chemical weapons had been removed from Syria.  Updated news today suggests the Russians knew all about the chemical strike before it happened, and bombed a hospital to divert attention and cause a chemical weapon cover-up.


(Though Russia just passed a law forbidding its people from essentially saying or doing anything to clown up Putin's public image, we recall that artist's portrait of Putin and Medvedev from recent years in which each was depicted as wearing women's clothing.  Of course, the artist had no option but to flee or die, but we certainly harbor no objections to hanging the picture prominently at the United Nations.  If only.)

We do applaud much-neglected talk show host and author Michael Savage for taking to task those who believe saran gas was back in Syria, as he and his callers familiar with the chemical questioned how people wearing sandals, with exposed skin, were not affected, since saran reportedly takes out everybody near victims or in areas where saran lurks.  Savage, well-educated as a scientist who knows about such things, postulated in Friday's show that phosgene gas was a possible culprit, based upon video images.  The ultimate question here was, whose gas?

Talking heads continue debating Trump's Tomahawk Cruise Missile attack in Syria, but while international barbs are directed at both Trump and Assad, let's not forget. . .

. . .Sweden's prime minister.  Didn't this dude assure the world just weeks ago, despite abundant evidence gathered by investigators imbeded deeply in the situation, that Sweden was pretty much free of Islamic terrorist influence? Now look.  The trouble with socialist-leaning societies is an almost built-in welcome mat for practitioners of un-nice actions.

The Supreme Court(ship):  The Democrats' tantrum over Gorsuch's appointment to the Court with a simple majority -- thanks especially to previous rulings by their former and pathetic leader Harry Reid -- brought out crying and moaning like we've rarely heard when the Dems don't get their way (which happens rarely).  Indeed, so worried are the Democrats and sobbing Chuck Schumer over the current state of affairs that we're sure (uh huh) that when and if the Democrats ever regain power in the Senate, they will immediately revoke the nuclear option just to be fair :) :)

That Pepsi commercial:  Wussies.  Bring it back and stop accommodating communist protesters who, to my bewilderment, hold such sway over corporations pronounced guilty merely because they are corporations.  Environmentally criminal companies are one thing, but a Pepsi commercial?  Really?  Street morons are sometimes very adept at holding signs higher than intelligent reasoning ability.  In this instance, delete the cop/Pepsi scene and re-do to just pour Pepsi on protesting heads. That ought'a cool 'em off.

Andrew Cuomo builds his leftist dream paradise:  New York's megalomaniac and presidential wannabe governor just goaded the legislature into robbing taxpayer pockets more efficiently in his new state budget.  There seems little doubt among those who know that he's attempting to build a resume shouting a progressive ideology -- though we all know, or should, where that eventually leads.  Having already stated that there's no room for conservatives in his state, Cuomo appears all but ready for a Democrat presidential run.  We suspect, however, that if not for his late father Mario's last name (as former NY governor) and a large cadre of NY City voters, Andrew Cuomo would be hanging flypaper in a low-rent lawyer's office in lower Manhattan.  President?  VP?  Hope not.  If you loved Obama, you'll go orgasmic over Cuomo's aggressive and domineering progressive rule.  New Yorkers will recall that he originally campaigned on ridding NY of unfunded mandates, but said mandates continue to survive comfortably -- and far more expensively -- for NY taxpayers.  Oh yeah, this guy is a Democratic presidential dream.