Monday, April 3, 2017

Common Sense at the Cliff

Let me see if I have this right:  The transgender "community," infinitesimal in number when compared to the rest of society, demands to choose the public restroom of their choice.  Further, in their quest to gain this "right," the selfish aspect of their thinking cares not if criminals and sexual players of all types join the fun and pose as a real and legitimate threat to women and children specifically. 

Strangely, economically influential athletic teams appear eager to support this action, warning cities of dire consequences if Mr. Lady can't pee in a women's public bathroom.

If one wishes to play dress-up or dress-down on the advice of physicians or one's own desires, that's fine.  But the basic biological fact is that people and animals are, under overwhelmingly normal circumstances, male or female at birth.  It ain't magic, it just is.

Transgender folk, as always, can use restrooms REFLECTING THEIR OWN BIRTH GENDER (bladder/bowel relief is relief, so matter how you interpret it), but this obsessive-compulsive need to be the gender of one's choice -- and make the rest of society pretend instant acceptance -- is just nuts in itself.

Whatever is going on in one's mind, why would anybody want to force their gender issues on children and adults who follow what is (sorry to say, TG's) the norm?  And yes, there are people vicious enough to hurt and even kill transgendered individuals -- but diversity training (and, may I suggest, "diversity" training has become little more than a bad clown show) might only further inflame the already inflamed.

A society cannot succeed if it micro-manages the tiniest issues in order to transform them into mega-issues.

Yes, yes, yes -- I wrote the Clinton administration way back and supported gays joining the military.  But while the evidence has consistently shown that gay people can serve expertly (and always have, by the way), transgendered folk have a history of psychological problems and suicidal tendencies in society extensive enough to cause deep concern.

What do we do?  We remain compassionate, but unaffected by pleas for the kind of fake restroom equality which has already intimidated state and city governments, and corporations, throughout the country.  The obvious emotional and self-destructive qualities inherent among the transgender population are simply too overwhelming to dictate dramatic changes among public restroom facilities.  For Christ sakes, trans folk, look between your legs, pick the corresponding restroom, do your thing under cover of sufficient privacy and be on your way.  Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands after flushing.