Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Draining the Progressive Crybaby Swamp

How painful it was to watch President Obama hold his final press conference (at least for 2016) Friday 12/16 as he attempted, with great difficulty and inordinate patches of blankness and silence, to contrive some alien legacy of success which he can only wish he had forged.  He appeared rather angry or disturbed while choosing words of vacuous meaning.  Again.  The only legacy this hopelessly progressive fraud will be awarded by fair historians recording history as it unfolded is one of substantial ego, pseudo-intellectualism, weakness and failure.  And frequently hosting performances by potty-mouthed "entertainment" folks whose presence does little but taint the White House hardly scores as a reason to document this inept chief executive as a national hero, for starters.

We just love watching the Obama bunch complain and agonize about presumed Russian hackers interfering with the elections, when these are the same folks who sent operatives to Israel, hoping to influence that nation's votes.  On the same note, we are far from ready to dismiss Julian Assange, who claims no Russian involvement, while we also hear reports that the Democrats may have suffered from an "inside job" of hacking by one of their own supporters who rightfully thought Bernie Sanders was unfairly done in by the Hillary Clinton people.

Queen Hil', meanwhile, appears to blame both the Russians and FBI director James Comey for her loss.  We don't know about the Russians, but if Comey's nationally broadcast TV presentation had any bearing on the country dodging a Hillary Clinton bullet, give this man the Medal of Freedom.  Well done, sir!

Still, crybaby variety Democrats do what they always do when elections are lost -- they scream, they protest, they childishly whine, they accuse, they engage in tantrums for the news cameras -- and the most dedicated anarchists and socialists among them do violent things.  Never let a good crisis go to waste -- remember that one? Why is it that these sad losers, who never, ever blame themselves for their predicaments, actually believe that Democrats are destined to rule in a one-party fantasy system forever?  We might suggest they "grow up," but it's quite obvious and unfortunate that they have little capacity to do so.  When it comes to national maps showing zilch support for their progressive nonsense pretty much everywhere between California and New York, this fact remains somehow irrelevant.  Banging one's head against a USA/Mexico Trump wall is about as effective as making evidence contrary to their own errors count with this bunch.  The current mix of shock-ridden Democrats, unwilling to acknowledge the crushing beat-down of their own party for perhaps decades to come, reminds one of angry family members attending a funeral, sniping at and crabbing about the deceased, but unable to amend their situation because, try as they might, they can't revive the dearly departed's corpse.

Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid and so many party clingers of lesser station are merely elected squatters who spent plenty of time embracing party longevity, all the while enhancing their personal fortunes, but laws not so much.  And look at Democrat responses to the Electoral College!  Threats of violence, even death, directed toward the electors continue to the end, instigated by party faithfuls who have truly become (or always were) dangerous lunatics.  What happened to reasonable Democrats?  Gone, gone, gone.

What next?  Now that Kanye supposedly had an emotional fix-up, I would surmise him as ineligible for the full presidency, just like the last Democratic V-P candidate who burst forward with mental institution inmate credentials.  This probably means that, even as this is typed out on a keyboard with neither mercy nor comprehension, the Democrats are mulling over Tom Hanks, Will Smith and a number of entertainers for next time around in four years.  They must -- unless the Democrats can find an entertainer with popular appeal, they have nothing else to offer, nothing to hide the empty suit and aimless calling card their party has become.  Yes, the celebrity factor shall be their calling card following Trump's first four years.  Nothing titillates like glitter without substance.  A little singing here, a little dancing there, and what do we have?  The same old song and dance.

Welcome back, Donna Brazile:  Ah yes, so heartening it is to watch the return of ABC-TV's favorite Sunday morning political matron and DNC Chair Donna Brazile.  We ponder, however, whether she personally provides George Staphylococcus (thanks to Dr. Michael Savage for that apt name) the questions intended for her own response?

China grabs our stuff:  Oh, how we wish our outgoing cop-hating president wasn't diplomatic to the point of probably wearing pink panties when engaging the Chinese.  When I'm president of the world, every underwater drone we launch in international waters will be self-detonation capable, and when uninvited foreign hands (China, hint, hint) apprehend one, an appropriate bomb will blow -- perhaps a super-glue explosive destined to mess up one's pretty boat, or how about a dog feces bomb (hey, it works in burning paper bags on porches at Halloween. . .)?  Something to leave a lasting impression on the captors.  The Obama bunch? I suppose it is (sigh. . .) beyond expectation to expect one criminal administration to punish another.

Speaking of punishment. . .Wow, you folks in Germany really need to arrest Angela Merkel and try her for importing the radical Islam Trojan Horse, though you might take things a tad further and charge her with war crimes against her own country.  She, Obama and a host of other national "leaders" who systematically condemn their nations to identity death by welcoming an invasion of people who will conquer, but never assimilate, engage in some form of treason, of criminality, of detached cultural homicide against the population they swear to serve.  This is deadly serious stuff.

Your brain on gestation:  A new study suggests that women's brains change dramatically while pregnancy takes its course, probably aiding in proper womb nurturing of the growing fetus and then baby care  This somehow reminds me of a study we've mentioned previously regarding how weird cat germs invade human and prey (e.g., mouse) brains, causing the recipient to do what the cat desires.  In terms of mice, something about contact with cat urine causes the critters to stick around and peculiarly wait for a pouncing feline.  The lesson here:  Don't be a rodent if you can help it, and never play in the litter box.

Readers:  I'm experiencing computer problems where I do the actual writing and am not sure about the frequency of future entries, at least in the short term -- and, of course, there's the weather.  Have a nice 2017!