Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Movers and Fakers

Maybe it's just me, but witnessing Hillary Clinton and Brian Williams complaining about "fake news" is like watching a bedbug protesting about a bedbug infestation in its favorite easy chair. 

How exactly do we get phony news we can feel good about?  Could be it started way back in the late seventies, eighties, nineties and beyond, when prospective college journalists began relying more on the glitter of televised news, all prettied up, than placing their attention upon the grit and labor of newspaper-style journalism -- and the labors of reading books -- for assumimg a respected profession.  Yes, the college "TV babies" grew up, more often than not latching upon the glamour of leftist "news" reporting. 

Electronic media of the computer variety now ranks as king, surpassing the telling rust of traditional TV networks, and anything coming down the digital pipeline will have an audience, facts or no facts. 

Nevertheless, watch closely and you'll see that it's the progressives who howl the loudest for government to "do something" about fake news, as they tend to overlook the established fact that freedom of speech in the USA protects even the most fake of fake news.  Can't be having that in a democratic republic.  Nope, news must be managed and approved to meet the agendas of governing masters, to hell with the people.

Who wasn't fake news?  John Glenn, former astronaut, Marine and public servant to the end.  Way back, the Democrats really should have offered more substantial support for a Glenn presidential run, a far cry from the profound disappointments called Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Thoughts of the original U.S. astronaut class always brings me to thoughts of the book, We Seven, in which (deeply within) astronaut Scott Carpenter is quoted regarding UFOs.  Check the Internet for more on that.

Who else isn't fake news?  Rep. Keith Ellison of the Muslim faith, likely to become new head of the DNC.  Are you kidding?  Ellison, friend of the beyond-radical Louis Farrakhan, is apparently what he is, no faking there, and if that's who the DNC desires to head up their increasingly radical -- and effete -- organization, we can just imagine the public image of a face-lifted Democrat National Committee.

What isn't fake news today?  Newly acquired radiation samples from the ocean near Oregon indicate that the tsunami mommy's devastation of Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant is finally making the results known on our shores.  OF COURSE, we are assured by experts with profoundly prestigious university degrees, radiation levels are low and there's nothing to see there.  Just how great a bargain can we find when buying Fukushima fish these days?  Sing it, Barnes and Barnes (Billy Mumy being half of the group), sing it:  "Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, yum!"

Farts and loathing in California:  Gov. Jerry Brown wants dairy farmers in his state -- and everywhere else, the dream of every whacked leftist ever born -- to reduce methane among the herds by capturing cow gas and even nutrient-rich manure for conversion through expensive "methane digesters."  This insanity will only drive more farmers out of California, and they will, of course, take with them the wonderful cow manure upon which farms traditionally have relied to grow food crops beyond compare for quality.
We don't know what Donald Trump will do after he takes the oath, but anything which can take environmental legislation out of the hands of lunatics and progressives with an agenda, and implement fair and sane decisions, will be welcome.

Meanwhile, we learn that giraffes are endangered and may well disappear from the Earth in just a few years, victims of deforestation and the desire among African royalty to kill them merely for their tails.  Apparently, nothing says "I'm special" like a giraffe tail hanging in your palatial hut.

I may dwell in geezer land now, but having a few years behind you makes one see things a lot differently than during one's youth -- and my position is plainly that there's only one entity on this planet who would face extinction sooner, rather than later, before everything's gone.  Yes, I think the climate change religion people are pretty much bat-poop nuts, but forces one can easily observe right in front of our eyes can be dealt with reliably.  Ya wanna do everything good for the environment?  Stop making so many babies.  It's as simple and as necessary as that.  To do otherwise continues a process of eating ourselves and everything else alive, and we aren't going to cure or mask growing conservation problems in any other way, no matter what's cooked up by the experts.  At this point?  I'll take cow farts over human reproduction any day of the week!

Good luck with creating jobs, Donald Trump:  Some predict that automation will eliminate up to fifty percent of current jobs in the U.S.  The argument is that robots don't get sick, they don't take vacations and (unspoken) they don't become pregnant.  Sounds good - except where they take over and kill management and all the other humans still fortunate enough to have jobs, because that's what robots do.  Even (sigh. . .) the future breeds complications.

John Podesta, the (used to be?) great white hope of UFO "disclosure" enthusiasts throughout the land of hope and change may have been cut off from the mainstream as thoroughly as Queen Hil', but he's not down and out yet, concerned as he is now about Russian interference in the elections -- and perhaps the need to make sure both the Electoral College and Trump look suspicious and without credibility.  Meanwhile, the UFO issue holds about as much concern for the public right now as Jerry Brown's cow farts (which probably. . .sigh. . .actually hold more interest, when one counts the totally and irretrievably gullible).