Wednesday, August 17, 2016

America Lost

Way back in the previous century, iconoclastic writer and mischievous anachronism Charles Fort wryly (or not) suggested that we might be the "property" of somebody or something unknown.  Today, life's rather a bit more complicated, as our very existence is claimed by all manner of passers-by, some visible and some not.  Currently, the Zika virus holds a patent especially relevant for a terrified birthing populace and wombs of war altered by microcephaly.

An even more virulent organism called Black Lives Matter just received donations of at least 100 million dollars, and with that we're sure some members will feel increasingly justified taking ownership of murdering innocent cops, even as the dangerously racist Obama Dept. of Justice continues to make big city police departments its own special property of federalization.  When did this chaos get a big push?  When Obama uttered those immortal words, "The police acted stupidly" early in his presidency.

Unfortunately, BLM, not common sense or facts, will influence the mobs of Milwaukee and other racially wretched cities, and the masses who least need one more day of rule under Democratic thugs will obediently choose the same slave master Democrats with smiling faces who have made their lives hell for decades.

Oh yes, Charlie Fort, we are property.  Of another variety.

Aetna and other health insurance companies falling under the weight of Obamacare could not have gone in any other direction, and the Obama bunch surely knew it.  Political operatives with an agenda had decades to put this guaranteed failure together so the United States can host the best socialized medicine system known to the progressive world.  When you vote in November, keep in mind how and why your health insurance rates are poised to climb way beyond reason.

Who do I want to lunch with?   The 19-year-old guy who climbed Trump Tower in a short-lived attempt to advise The Donald regarding his campaign.  No, I wouldn't anticipate genius, but all of this must be good for a laugh.  Speaking of laughs, how true to form the leftists are when Trump cracks jokes or becomes sarcastic -- these folks cannot take humor directed toward them and, when it comes to comedy, their ability for appreciating self-deprecation is about as absent as guffaws from ISIS when you make Mohammad jokes.

Delta Airlines and the Temple of Doom:  Well, at least the flying public has something besides TSA agent groping to worry about.  Yep, a little short, a little spark, a little fire -- and a lot o' digital in the mix, and what d'ya got?  Computer chaos.  Man oh man, I can't wait until we go totally digital, unless Yellowstone blows sky-high first and we need to worry about lava and rocks raining from the heights. 

The digital thing reminds me of a local resource recovery place that traded mercury thermometers for digital ones a few years ago.  I foolishly fell for the affair and traded in one of two cherished oral mercury devices.  Wish I hadn't, for the battery went dead and I had no replacement when it was needed.  Say what you want about mercury -- darned reliable stuff when you need to take a temperature this month, next year or 10 years down the road. In fact, when I was a kid a dentist gave me a small vial of mercury to play with. . .and so far as I can tell, I'm not dead yet.

Actually, I believe there are still a few unused rectal mercury thermometers around the house, but they seem to lack purpose currently.  Maybe I should donate them for insertion (so to speak) at the DNC convention in 2020.

The 2016 Olympics:  Funny thing, I still don't give a damn about these overwhelmingly pampered folk who spend years doing. . .perfecting. . .concentrating on. . .well, sorry, for me it's like watching amphibians cross the road.  And in the end, it's all about them, and don't we just love to pay big money to support and compensate ego?  Green pool water, floating corpses and violent robberies in Rio pretty much exemplify the concept of modern Olympics for me.  Maybe my Olympic torch burned out with brain tissue because I just don't get it.  If only people would put as much effort into defeating rat-bastard politicians. . .

Election News:  Try Voting for the Supreme Court in November, not so much for a president.  We are so in hell.