Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Everybody Loves a Liar

Public apathy steers the course of this government substantially.  Who cares if Manafort allegedly had some shady involvement with Russia in the Ukraine situation?  Who cares if Hillary's Huma reportedly had more to do with the radical side of Islam than we knew?  Cops are routinely assassinated merely because uninformed street scum eschew the statistical fact that law enforcement personnel annually kill more white people than black people, but why let truth get in the way when you're street-smart but veracity-dumb?  And YES, we did pay ransom to Iran for hostages, despite official denials based upon an entire administration of lies via the Obama bunch, but whom among the citizenry will stand up and call them out (the major media won't) to the point of action?

Who cares if lyin' Ryan Lochte (with a little help from his friends) tarnished the U.S. image during Olympics follies?  Me, I don't care a whit about this athletic exercise in foolishness, but it's somewhat satisfying to know lyin' Ryan's face won't be on a cereal box -- and I doubt he'd even be hired to so much as advertise a funeral home on TV and promise potential customers with a caring smile that the undertaker staff will never have sex with their deceased relatives.  Then again, that's the thing about an apathetic public -- they move on to other subjects quickly and all is forgiven, if not forgotten.

We suspect apathy will continue, even as the president will tell the United Nations in a few days that we will gladly accept at least another 200,000 Syrian refugees, many of whom will never, ever accept our way of life and will instead strive to impose Sharia -- or make our lives a constant, living hell as they use every option to invoke terror in the USA and abroad.  When people filled with hatred for their host country come to America and educate their children totally through their own schools and religion of hate, what kind of population will we eventually have in the ol' melting pot?  These are the folks who procreate faster than any other group, so numbers DO count, a lot.  And with whom are all those military age Islamic men coming in droves supposed to hook up with to produce offspring?  Or maybe the "how" is more important, since rapes are on the increase in European nations overwhelmed by these "refugees."  Did we hear that Sweden's rapes have increased by 700 percent since being swamped with the "religion of peace's" finest young men?

Apathy.  How does one dig out? 

Our power?  We can only shower members of Congress with angry phone calls and e-mails and tell them hell no, no more incoming, and instead house the refugees near their own homeland -- where expenses to the world will be far less than the economic and social costs currently previewed among unsuspecting citizens of countries who have no say in the matter of who will rape their daughters and kill their Sharia-denying sons.

Oh, and don't forget to put Angela Merkel on trial for crimes against her own people's safety and culture in Germany.  What a shining example this could be to the rest of the rational world -- including the United States, where such trials are urgently required regarding the Washington, D.C. political mob and their contacts (including religious "relief" agencies making out like the bandits they are whilst moving "refugees" about).

Entitlements:  Hillary Clinton intends to enjoy the biggest entitlement in the country because she's. . .entitled.

Obama:  The president who will be remembered for major victories which, unfortunately, devastated the American people he was supposed to represent.

The Zika furor:  Nature's little way of nudging humans to put a curb on population, but nobody listens until the "big one" -- the surprise disease we've not encountered yet -- arrives.  TV commercials instruct us about the "need" to soon accommodate another billion among the world's population -- but scarcely a peep is heard regarding the need to prevent human excess.  Regrettably, when we refuse to use those gifts known as brains, we ultimately deserve everything we get.