Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bits and Pieces for March 2016

Donald Trump, shape-shifter:  If his dramatic and quick turnaround on the abortion issue wasn't crazy enough, imagine him ordering the firing of a nuke -- if he knows what that is -- somewhere on the planet, and then saying 10 minutes later, oops, never mind.  This guy may be great at running a business, but is he destined to give our country the business as president?  There's a load of disturbance piling up around Trump the candidate, cute and sassy though his banter may often be, but derailment of the Trump train starts to look plausible, maybe inevitable.

Should Trump flame out on the campaign trail and lose to Ted Cruz, I wonder if he would be impertinent enough to insist he was intent upon passing the torch all the time and never really wanted to be president?

A consistently gaffe-spoken candidate who offers a bonus of threatening lawsuits whenever life or media comments fail to satisfy him may not be anywhere near what his supporters expect.  But that's a decision for them.

Tip of the Day:  Why don't you conservative candidates just leave women's reproductive issues the hell alone?  However you twist the subject, their bodies are not yours, and just as most of us prefer not to live under Sharia law, nor should women and their decisions on abortion be placed under politically conservative thumbscrews.  Sorry boys, but if you think you're getting a fast track to Heaven by attempting to own and manage the very physiology of females, I think you're more misguided than you know.  Leave the ladies alone with their choices and instead take care when and where you use your prized penises.

Battle of the radio talk show hosts:  As the New York Times aptly laid out earlier this week, national radio talk show hosts of a conservative bent are going bonkers over current presidential campaign intrigue.  Most noticeably, Glenn Beck is firm for Ted Cruz, while Michael Savage is hot for Donald Trump, a frequent guest on his program.  I do believe that Savage has been patently disingenuous regarding Cruz, of whom he raises the question, why won't Cruz appear on his show?  The answer, Michael, is easy to come by -- for months you have done nothing but ridicule and condemn Cruz, even making up absurd images, such as asking the Savage audience if Cruz's looks give him the appearance of a vampire.  Were I Ted Cruz, I, too, would avoid you like a pregnant woman avoiding the Zika virus because (1) such comments were not intended as innocent humor and (2) you're so in the bag for Trump now that you couldn't escape through a 10-foot hole, so deny what you will.

Black  lives  presidents matter:  Someday, depending upon whether there's still a recognizable United States, we'll have another black president, a man or woman so great that history will all but forget Obama and perhaps embrace "the next" as actually the first black prez, Obama having exited only as a non-presidential constitutional adversary installed by clueless voters as a fraud and a cruel joke.

Speaking of our Marxist-in-chief:  This two-term con job seems dedicated to bringing in another 100,000 Syrian refugees of personal mystery this year.  Far as I'm concerned, this unapologetic dolt of fractured intellect continues to play Russian roulette with our lives.  Surely, one day, the words Obama and federal prison might experience a long-lasting marriage, the product of real justice, not social justice.

We were rather tickled a few days ago when Obama spoke before a collection of media folk and lapsed into what he always does best -- scolding them for not doing their jobs to his perfection.  This fool consistently lectures others on what he considers their failures, while he simultaneously refuses to consider what a pile of dog crap his own administration's heritage will leave.  It's no wonder this administration, originally guaranteed to be the most open ever, quickly became a journalist's nightmare and bastion of secrecy.  We suspect you won't find better candidates for prison life and enormous fines than certain key administration personnel who made this happen.

Self-driving automobiles:  Hey, great idea.  Because they're supposed to be ever so safe on the highway, it only seems right that parents will no longer need to secure their kids in those annoying car seats.  After all, when our government and the industry with which it travels hand-in-hand promises safety, how can we not believe the assurances?

Words, just words:   This week we paid special attention to the fact that Donald Trump's pal, owner of the National Enquirer, is named David J. Pecker.  That reminded me, back in my Air Force medical corpsman (or as Obama pronounces it, corpse-man) days, hospitalized airmen routinely referred to us as "pecker checkers."  And as long as we're being crass today, ladies, I haven't forgotten you -- the service caps (the ones you can fold flat) we wore on our heads were, and probably still are, unless communist diversity classes banned offensive speech, called "cu** caps."  Oh c'mon, you know all the words, no need for me to be that explicit.

Reason no. 1,482 why I will never be on Facebook:  Mark Zuckerberg wants to solve the Islamic problem by spreading love around the world.  Wow, imagine that -- love mixed with Sharia law.  Best you'll get? Black-hooded executioners whisper sweet nothings just before lopping off a head.  Mark, sweetie -- with this attitude about the world, all you're gonna build is Faceless & Headless Book, and I don't intend to become a member.  You can just go. . .um. . .go love yourself.