Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The I, Me, My Guy and Other Stuff

Violence?  Riots yet to come?  1968 was the last time America exploded in massive street violence, much of it among leftists, using the Vietnam conflict as an excuse for carnage.  I can't really speak to those times, for the summer of '68, for me, was personally turbulent, having burdened my young senses with the assassinations of both Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kennedy, followed in short order by the Air Force enlistment I chose over the military draft, whose "final" notice arrived in the mail just a week after I departed for USAF basic training.  I missed a lot on the "outside" back then, but what did I really miss?

While some people are apparently going to battle (literally) over Donald Trump and various detractors as his presidential campaign continues, one becomes inclined to ponder whether a man ensconced in the use of words such as I, me and my nearly every time he speaks a sentence has the fortitude and patience to take the advice of others best equipped to educate him on matters of expertise of which he may not be proficient or even aware.  Surely, we seek not another chief executive grounded in the spirit of a dictator?  We've already tried that for almost eight years, and I suppose a capitalist dictator could ultimately turn out to be as bad as a Marxist dictator.

Trump changes his mind a lot, and his solutions for national and international ills may sound good when expressed in a few choice words, but hard and fast outlines of the how and why consistently go missing.

If Donald Trump assumes the presidency, maybe he'll be the best damned president since George Washington -- but I really fear and anticipate far less, maybe an aggressive, damaging bull in a china shop, or even the deflated personification of Millard Fillmore, after the oath is taken.  So surprise me already, Donald -- otherwise, full speed ahead, Ted Cruz.  I'm not quite THAT conservative, but nobody gets everything, no matter what you do in the voting booth.

As for a highway being shut down by "protesters" (that is, leftists who only embrace the First Amendment when its THEIR turn to speak), maybe next time cops should have their vehicles towed safely to the roadside and have 'em blown up.  Let those who think it's okay to close off a public highway argue with their insurance companies over replacement vehicles.

Whoa!  John Kerry, Barack and the folks finally got around to announcing that ISIS is committing genocide on, particularly, Christians in the Middle East?  We dare suggest that even somebody in a persistent vegetative state would have been cognizant years ago of this little factoid.  Good work, guys -- now that several years of persistent Christian slaughter, torture and rape have taken place, it's great to see you're on the ball.  Dunno, maybe there had to be a quota of dead Jesus followers before the White House was supposed to take off the self-blinders.  War crimes don't all occur on the battlefield, do they?

Speaking of Obama, how comfy and, well, just perfect he looked in Cuba.  His posture, his comments -- it must have been just like going home again to a Marxist paradise.  Did they give him a Che! T-shirt?

By the way, doesn't "diversity," American style, encourage genocide in its own little way?  Hmm.

Another American, this time a student, is held hostage -- make that "convicted criminal" and prisoner for years -- in North Korea.  We all know that dictator Kim Un Cockroach is hoping to make a trade for something significant from our side, and he'll probably get it.  The question, however, is -- why don't Americans stop going to North Korea?  Nothing good usually comes of the practice.

Lead in the Water:  So you think we oldies didn't grow up drinking water from deteriorating pipes and wells?  Let the water run a few seconds before you drink -- that was the advice decades ago and it holds now. 

Will Hillary be indicted?  FBI director James Comey seems to elicit high praise as perhaps one of the last honorable higher-ups left in Washington.  If true, we'll bet he'd rather get dolled up in one of J. Edgar Hoover's old party dresses or evening gowns than let Hillary escape the consequences of her alleged actions.  That ball may end up in Loretta Lynch's liberal court, and just what will she do with the Hillary Clinton mess, so as not to irritate Boss Obama and the Demo-n party?  There is much talk about Hillary getting a big fat nothing regarding charges.

14 airman at the F.E. Warren AFB in Wyoming are caught up in a drug scandal.  Did you guys really expect to leave it all up to the officers to watch for UFOs monkeying around with the nukes?  Disgraceful!  It's  either drugs or UFOs observing nuclear missiles, choose wisely guys. . .

Brussels, Belgium:  Yikes!  Right in the front yard of all the good worldly libs who think negotiation and sweet talk solves everything.  You folks have been served, and served but good.  Will nobody in big-boy pants understand that Islam is a political movement, not merely a religion?  Islam conflicts with all national constitutions and can never, ever be allowed the upper hand -- which is exactly what's happening across Europe, sadly.  Fight or die, there never was a third choice.

Bling?  How come so many people weighed down with jewelry are often flat-out dumb?  Is all the glitter subconsciously intended to hide one behind ignorance and stupidity?  Wow, some of that stuff hangs like golden or bejeweled stalactites from a vacuous human image.