Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thugs on Parade

A few years have passed since a presidential candidate, instead of accommodating and expressing sympathy, has simply thrown rowdy protesters out, dismissing their antics with a middle-finger attitude equivalent to what they themselves brought along.  Could be that the radical left element was blind-sided: The thug element, so well-tolerated and gushingly beloved by Obama bunch disciples and others far more interested in changing America than supporting its values, may at last be forced to acknowledge that it is its own worst enemy.  Donald Trump's supporters, say what you will, are rolling up the welcome mat when it comes down to attacks by the Move On and Black Lives Matter crowd, and university  "student" populations intent upon squashing First Amendment rights of conservative guest speakers on campus after campus must eventually come to grips with the glaring fact that many of their liberal professors are little more than classroom commies acting like spoon-feeding mommies.  Shall we expect politically-driven violence to increase as its practitioners become increasingly nerved up, fed up, drugged up and given up to a yet intangible newness on the horizon?  Beware the ides of March, we were once advised, though every month in succession this year will undoubtedly offer plenty about which to be cautious.

Ted Cruz continues to impress, for he does not shoot from the hip as Trump, and Cruz demonstrates a clear insight into what government was intended to be.  Will such skills matter to the masses?

Who's on the phone?   If you watched  Sixty Minutes  (CBS-TV) Sunday evening, you might have seen the young Russian man (currently on the run) who invented his own encryption service for "smart" phone users.  Of special interest was his calm, unqualified statement that any terrorist group -- even ISIS -- could construct their own non-hackable phone messaging network.  Looks as though back doors aren't what they used to be, or what we once thought they were.

Reason 427 why I am not on and never will be on Facebook:   Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly evidenced concern about "hate speech" regarding new immigrants in Germany, and wondered if something shouldn't be done on Facebook about keeping such opinions -- words -- off his little piece of the Net universe.  I know this occurred in Germany, yet I must say, how very, very First Amendment-not of Facebook's lord and master.  Looks like you Facebook users may get "Zucked" again. 

The concept of diversity is usually in the eye of the beholder -- proven this go-around by the alleged non-Establishment Establishment's boy wonder.  I liked it better when Z used to stand for either Zorro or a movie title.