Monday, November 9, 2015

Who's Got Your Back vs. a Knife in the Back

 Before Nazis imprisoned Denmark's King Christian X (d. 1947) for disobeying anti-Jewish legislation, as World War II's horrors marched forward, the ruler is reported to have immortalized himself with an aura of courage.  One day, as Hitler's military occupied Denmark, the Danish ruler observed a Nazi flag flying over a public building.  At once, he contacted a German official, demanding removal of the vile object.  Refusing, of course, to take the flag down, the official was advised by King Christian that one of his own soldiers would be ordered to remove it.  "He will be shot," the angered Nazi commander warned.

"I think not," the king responded, "for I shall be the soldier."  Immediately, the flag was removed.

* * * * *

So years have passed, and today I wonder -- would President Obama demand the same, were an ISIS flag displayed high atop the White House?  ISIS, the insignificant "JV" team he dismissed mere months ago?

Veterans Day will quickly come and go this week, observed by true Americans who honor a country's greatness, determined in large part by the sacrifice of those in uniform, past and currently.

Unfortunately, a disturbing number of others who do little more than occupy the USA with a measure of freedom, thanks to those in uniform who died and suffered, couldn't care less -- if they even know what Veterans Day represents, other than its annual appearance as some nebulous government holiday.

Last year, I spoke with a young man poised to join the military as soon as he could lose a few pounds.  When I started an anti-Obama rant, something almost second nature to me every day now, he raised an index finger and reminded me that this president is still the Commander-in-Chief and must be respected while in Office.  I guess he's right.  Well, at least respect the Office.  Beyond that, I see only an empty suit reposing in Clint Eastwood's empty Obama stage chair (remember that simple, yet profound act of utter brilliance?).

As the political season erupts in full force and the preciously rational among us almost beg for somebody, almost anybody not named Hillary or Bernie as the next president, let's remember why we're even able to live in a country where -- yes, except for that damned Electoral College -- a vote counts for something.  It's all courtesy of those who served honorably in the military.  In a nation manipulated all too frequently by phony power-mad bastards at both political and corporate levels, what a rare and wonderful gem is the man or woman who believes and engages in the frequently dangerous pursuit of something true and freedom everlasting.  Denmark's King Christian X apparently understood this concept.  King Obama?  Maybe not so much.