Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Of Libraries with One Book and Lives with One Purpose

 Like invaders they come, for invaders they are, arriving by the tens and hundreds of thousands, and as casual observers watch Syrian "refugees" and others cascading into Europe, a most curious revelation surfaces -- that most are young and middle-aged men of military age, their numbers far surpassing lines of women and children.  The case might be made that this chaotic event, seemingly without end, is but one more fragment of the Arab Spring disastrously engineered via the efforts of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Meanwhile, Russia's Putin means business and his military has reportedly killed so many ISIS monsters that hundreds of thousands of other Syrians feel safe enough to return to their shattered country.

And still the refugees journey, to Europe and then to the United States -- mostly young males who crash borders unaccompanied, eventually to be instructed by natural processes to engage in sexual relations with young women -- young women of the nations they invade.  Your daughters, your sisters, your girlfriends, maybe your wives.  To them, all women are less than cattle.  Border whisperings of rape surface regularly as a multitude of other crimes occur amidst hellish chaos.  When will N.O.W. and other women's organizations take up a protest?  Or wouldn't that be politically correct?  Will nobody hold the Obama bunch responsible for a hefty chunk of this human madness?  Will no members of Congress tell this president hell no, we aren't bringing another 200,000-plus of these folks into the USA?  We the people attempted to convince Congress to defund this insane plan, but rationality failed once again in D.C.

So, they, the Islamists who have only and always lived their lives through one book -- the Koran -- are destined to infest Europe and the United States, minds militarized and poisoned with a philosophy dictating  that there is but one deity who commands that its people are the absolute best of everything human, and it is their destiny in a shared god-driven arrogance to convert or kill everybody whose beliefs, religious or otherwise, conflict with theirs.  And they will come for your women, as self-reproduction is one bit of magic apparently not passed on via their great god of ooga-booga.  We may laugh, but they do not joke around.  Merely "respecting" their religion will not suffice, for by mounting birth numbers alone they eventually stand to demolish Christian, Jewish and all other houses of worship, as they educate their children to hate everybody expressing differences.  By stealth they conquer, even if lies are essential to produce the result.   Expect no national or cultural assimilation as the hive grows, a hive capable and willing to take Western civilization down and transport what remains back to ancient centuries.  One book and one mind shared among many, these are the only requirements for success.

Hillary Clinton's little treasure chest of lies was pried open significantly during her appearance before the Benghazi committee, though one could hardly expect the Go-Hillary-Go media to exemplify the importance of a major falsehood regarding the time frame.  The night of the Benghazi massacre, Hillary Clinton messaged her daughter that Al-Qaeda types seemed to be involved -- yet, for a week after that she and other Obama bunch minions insisted the bloody incident was caused by a video on the Internet.  This bunch obviously knew the truth right away, but, as some have suggested on more than one occasion, a new Obama re-election date was closing in, and he wanted to maintain the fallacy that there were no more terrorists in order to pave a less-bumpy road come Election Day.  Yeah, Hil-liar-y for prez, and can you feel the excitement brewing right now in the Electoral College (the only vote that counts. . .)?

How to keep students safe in the classroom?   Well, we doubt anybody will be removing those gun-free zone signs anytime soon, nor is it likely that high-schooler Mike or freshman college student Cathy will receive permission to pack heat during their daily classroom exposure.  Out of such exasperation, may we suggest instead tranquilizer guns?  Yes, simply provide every student and faculty member a tranquilizing weapon and, should the occasion arise where a well-armed shooter enters the room, multiple discharges should solve the problem.  Bonus?  If students accidentally shoot each other with tranquilizers during the excitement, in most instances nobody will notice the difference between their merely sleeping in class or assuming the posture characteristically assumed in modern institutions of alleged learning.  Still, should the very thought of any kind of gun evidenced in the classroom be abhorrent, one can always substitute hypodermic needles prepared with sleeping agents, thus "arming" many students with the sort of equipment with which they are already familiar.  Dismiss these ideas and we're left with what, blow darts?  Okay, maybe I'm not quite serious here. . .

Quentin Tarantino and other Hollywood geniuses:  Tarantino calls cops "murderers."  Hmm -- a man who makes some of the most vile movies out there, films packaged as entertainment and probably more than slightly influential for certain viewers.  No matter he, but what seems true is that the Hollywood socialist crowd is "coming out" in leaps and bounds, condemning everything good about a country which gave them every opportunity to be something other than the shameful progressive whores they will be until the day they die.

Antarctic ice is on the increase, according to new data.  Nevertheless, watch our pathetic, truth-stabbing president keep all the fantasies of climate change on his wicked agenda, particularly as he meets with international United Nations criminals to forge an expensive climate plan set to benefit all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.  Meanwhile, O gets us boots on the ground in Syria, helping shore up once again the most vapid yet evil presidency in American history (history -- that thing nobody wants to teach anymore).

Bill Gates embraces socialism as a solution?   Wow.  Read all about it elsewhere.  Well, as we indicated time and again, they're all coming out of the woodwork now, unafraid and sometimes un-American.  Strange how folks who benefit the most from capitalism and its love for creativity become bent upon trashing the whole system.  Be careful who you choose as heroes, for they may be far divergent from initial impressions.
Hey U.S. Army -- next time a blimp gets away from you, maybe consider attaching a few tort lawyers underneath for ballast, but concurrently add more, much more, helium.  Frankly, the whole country would be better off with fewer tort lawyers and more helium.  An inert gas vs. inert gasbags, your choice.