Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trump: (Re)public(an) enemy number one

We almost might have thought that actress Jane Fonda was back in Southeast Asia, lounging around on a communist Vietnamese tank and badmouthing America during the Vietnam "conflict."  Except Hanoi Jane  was nowhere to be found and it is still 2015, and according to the mainstream leftist media Donald Trump is the new Jane Fonda.

As soon as Trump mouthed off about John McCain, I knew it was basically his way of responding to McCain, who just days earlier had referred to Trump's political followers as "crazies."

Don't worry.  John McCain's a big boy.  He can take it.

Trump's military deferments during the Vietnam Era, of which there were several?  As I age, I think more and more, yeah, that was certainly a war to hang around for, wasn't it?  That roof fell in for the last time when the late former defense secretary Robert McNamara apologized and damned near cried like a baby -- in later years -- over the mistakes for which he held himself personally responsible as the mess dragged on, killing somewhere around 53,000 American military personnel.

Yes, I'm a Vietnam Era veteran, and during my years in Air Force hospitals I experienced things and functioned in situations which left me no doubts about the suffering of both prisoners of war and service personnel who returned missing parts and missing minds.  Yet, I bear no hostility toward Donald Trump, because I know where his bluster originated, and the source was John McCain's earlier comments.  In fact, McCain and Trump haven't exactly had a buddy-buddy relationship in recent years, following Trump's substantial contribution to McCain's campaign and McCain's loss in the presidential election.

This is politics, nothing more or less.  That's why so many Republican candidates jumped on fellow candidate Trump like dogs in a pack.

Yet, everybody ignored the audible sound fact that Trump, during the initial interview where McCain was mentioned, did say four times that McCain was a hero.  Ah, details, details. . .

And, oh, the outrage of the leftist media -- they, whose members despise anything remotely military (and increasingly, anything involving police and law enforcement); they, who would outlaw and confiscate every gun in the country, had they only the power.  Yet, these folks are almost crapping their pants over Trump's refusal to back down, apologize and --most important, of course -- drop out.  They simply can't believe this, because in their tightly knit little world life simply does not work this way.

On one issue, Republicans, Democrats and the mainstream media can agree:  All are scared to death of Trump, the only contestant who won't dive in and play the game their way.  Whether this ultimately helps or hinders his political plans, it's much too early to say.  He may end being the class clown and little more. To be sure, Trump, historically shooting from the hip with his comments on a variety of subjects, should have scolded McCain on his actions in Congress and not picked on his POW status, but what's done is done. 

But of course Trump's attitude and comments resound with a huge number of Americans, because he at least appears to have something more on his agenda than sitting like a bump on a log, like the current Republican Congress, which has gone all out to renege on or pretty much ignore every promise they made regarding "Obamacare,"  illegal immigration, etc.  Trump's persistent lead or near-lead in national polls to date, I should think, tells the story.

Good grief, I'm stressed just typing this.  Maybe, now that we all have Lindsey Graham's phone number, thanks to The Donald, I should just call Lindsey up and unwind.   I mean, who else would call?

All the veterans groups, newspaper editors (hello-o-o-o  Des Moines Register) and others currently chomping on Donald Trump's vocal cords would be better served by laying off on his First Amendment rights and instead attack the real enemy, and the true adversary is the Obama bunch, whose members at several levels generally seem to consider military personnel of any rank or stature an inconvenient presence, and the very existence of military weaponry an imposition.  Random and token expressions of respect by this leftist brood mean nothing, and even if some active duty personnel are slow to realize it, the veterans sure do.

Meanwhile, Republicans should be very much troubled by another unmistakably visible elephant in the living room -- the possibility of Trump going rogue with a third political party if improperly shunned.  The likely result?  Can you say the words,  President Hillary Clinton?  Or President Al Gore?

The Islamic rat-bastard who murdered four Marines and a Navy sailor was born in Kuwait, resided  in Tennessee, had a good education, was said to be just an absolutely great, rock-solid guy -- but his heart obviously belonged to the Koran's favorite homicidal passages.  Now,  the media beguiles us with family member reports of his problems with alcohol, drugs and depression, nothing more to see here.  ANYTHING to divert us from the Koran, Mohammad's lunacy and other effects of the so-called religion of peace on yet another of its followers.  However,  'twas only domestic violence, and with a bit of a stretch by the Obama bunch we could have called the carnage workplace violence.  Unfortunately, none of the military folk was named Michael Brown, otherwise the criminal in the White House -- who wouldn't so much as order national flags at half-staff -- might have had tons more to say following the murders.  Today, obviously besieged by complaints from coast to coast, our sorry-ass, delightfully charming and impeachable president finally ordered flags lowered to honor Tennessee's fallen five, fully five days after the carnage.

Meanwhile, I contend that all those virgins awaiting Allah's newly mowed-down servant in the afterlife will be old man virgins with long beards and goat breath.  Enjoy your virgins, dude.

When we get around to amending the U.S. Constitution again, someday, may I suggest three little amendments?  (1) Confirm that Sharia Law will never, ever be allowed in this country, and order an immediate ass-kicking for future judges who try to allow or impose it -- which has already happened on a few occasions.  (2)  To, um, assure the safety of all  Muslims, all mosques will be monitored.  Just in case.  (3)  All Islam households must adopt at least one pet -- hey, it's not dogs' or cats' fault that Islam's goofy, badly in need of reform religion doesn't recognize that the intelligence of animals seems to rival and probably exceed whatever Mohammad had going for himself back in the day.

The Obama White House:   The United States drowns in attorneys and nobody whispers the word, impeachment.    Can't some of you use your talents to collect this criminal, anti-American bunch for eventual arrest, trial and conviction with prison and fines?  Surely, integrity existing for the good of the country yet lingers somewhere in the morass.  Otherwise, who fancies a future of lawyers dedicated only to "social justice," as we slide into a form of democracy exemplifying a banana republic?  AND now that the week's news headlines scream with disclosure about the Obama administration's extensive race-designated database on everybody and every place in the country, why are the guilty not grabbed by the seat of their pants and hauled off to face American justice as it was meant to be?  As it used to be?

New link added today:   For the UFO-minded and others interested in all kinds of enigmas, I offer The Big Study, hosted by Dr. Michael Swords (known particularly for his work with CUFOS).  He writes as "The Professor," and serves up some great writing, memories and stunning visuals.