Monday, July 13, 2015

Climate Change Without Guilt?

 You have my sympathies, because I know how you feel.  Even in winter, when temperatures plummet enough to create an entire neighborhood of frozen snot-nosed kids, you fear raising the furnace thermostat even one extra degree because you're the one who might make the final, irreversible maneuver to set the world on the global warming train to hell.  Yes, YOU, friend and, like it or not, you're helplessly engulfed in the albeit loony climate ideas espoused by Al Gore disciples and other blame-humans-first climatological cultists.

Good news!  Well, depending upon your point of view.  How's about we throw a little cold water (literally) on  global warming?  And we don't need anybody from the laughably unobtainable 98% consensus of nonexistent international pro-warming climate scientists to do it.

Is a mini ice age in our future -- our near future -- asks Mark Prigg of the UK's  Daily Mail Online  (July 10, 2015)?  Apparently, some new research portends to confidently predict the occurrence of solar cycles, suggesting that between 2020 and 2030 -- right around the corner -- solar cycles will cancel one another out.  This, if the science holds, will regenerate a phenomenon known as the Maunder minimum,  a mini ice age affecting the Earth between 1646 and 1715.  Not exactly the good old days particularly when one realizes this drawn-out instance could last 10 years or so.

Scientists involved with the study claim to have broken a code which effectively replaces previous beliefs about sunspot activity and what actually takes place way deep under the sun's surface, leading to an almost rock-solid calculation system able to predict the sun's activity -- and a mini ice age seems a high possibility in just a few years.  In basic terms, sunspots all but disappear for a few years and the sun is essentially "silent" or "sleeping" as intricacies under the surface retool for a dramatic return years down the road.

Before we stock up on air conditioners and fans in anticipation of global warming's heyday, scientifically established predictions of a mini ice age might instead cause us to prepare for The Big Chill and all the snow, ice and misery that go with it.  Frankly, I can't imagine how one prepares for a decade or decades-long winter awarding both humans and animals almost inevitable death and destruction on a massive scale.

The science is complex, so you might wish to consult the full online piece or other definitive sources. 

A mysterious, loud explosion on a beach in Rhode Island propels a woman into the air and onto some rocks, where she sustained injuries.  Not to fear, authorities assured beach goers that it seemed safe to return for sun and surf, even though nobody had a clue as to the cause.  Wow, THAT is confidence!  Just because first responders didn't find bomb fragments or anything else in the sand, that doesn't mean -- hey, you rescue  folks did see the original movie,  Invaders from Mars and those sucking sands, didn't you?  Beware the beach (sun block won't help, either).

Ted Cruz supporters remain riled over the New York Times'  refusal to list his best selling book on its best seller list, their excuse involving some sort of mumbo-jumbo about selection standards or something.  All the news that's fit to print, 'cept for what some don't want to call news.

Big Pharma and its corporate and political operatives continue the war on vitamins and supplements, and won't be satisfied until our choices are taken away.   If you want to guzzle fish oil by the liter because you think it will help you grow wings, it's your business.  This is the (Obama) government that can't even keep sensitive information safe at the Office of Personnel and Management, so what the heck do they know about vitamins?

Whoa!  This thing about Obama's HUD (Housing and Urban Development) plotting and planning to bring low-income housing (and high-trouble people) to neighborhoods where people just want to be left alone to live as they wish with what money and success they have earned is a disaster in the making.  I think at least one congressman is striving to defund any such attempts, but this will be a tough one.  What happened to the America we knew?  Julian Castro, why don't you take your family and go live in the very lowlife atmosphere that you and the rest of the Obama bunch wish to inflict upon the country?

The minimum wage would not be a topic for discussion anywhere if it weren't for government waste consistently sending neighborhoods and decent working folks into poverty and high taxes.  Government leaders merely attempt to take the pressure off themselves by dumping costs and unwarranted blame onto the backs of small business owners and others.

Drones at the Southern border instead of a fence?   Sounds reasonable.  Could they be equipped with special human sterilization rays to assure that each illegal alien remains just one illegal alien?  Sorry, I just can't seem to elicit the proper sympathy. . .

White People is the name of a "documentary" intended to run on MTV.  Produced by an "award-winning" illegal alien (pardon my ignorance, but is he an award winner because he IS an illegal alien?), the show focuses apparently upon some clueless young white people willing to  blame non-white folks' ills on their own whiteness.  Well, thanks a lot, fellow Caucs.  Who said color doesn't matter anymore?  I'm beginning to feel the same about the word, diversity as some do about ethnically unpopular terms.