Thursday, May 7, 2015

Texas Knows How

Having once resided in Texas for almost three years, I sometimes thought of returning permanently, but time marches on, and surely renders everything one remembers into images unrecognizable, and some perhaps foreboding.

Still, if there's any place left in America where freedom means free, it's Texas.  I'm not wrapping the flag around me today, but I do briefly want to say, with no reservations whatsoever -- way to go, Garland, Texas!  Man oh man, you folks know how to treat the jihad boys, and I offer sincere thanks for ending within seconds the lives of two more throwback Muslim extremist jerk-offs -- they of primitive minds, determined to mess up a free speech contest in which $10,000 was the award for the best artwork depicting violent historical radical rascal Mohammad. 

While I long to view all the contest entries, we have heard that some on social media networks have proclaimed that the best artwork turned out to be the chalk lines drawn following judgment in the parking lot.

Some say the contest was unfair to the religion of Islam, an exercise in blasphemy.  I'm not so sure about that -- kinda seems that hopped-up Muslim savages beheading Christians and destroying their villages demonstrates a tad bit of desecration, too, yes?  Keep the cartoons coming.

Also -- how does Allah know that these two jihad joy boys weren't actually in attendance to draw their own cartoons?  Events were awfully confusing for a few minutes, and perhaps intentions were mistaken.  Maybe there will be no afterlife virgins in the cupboard for that pair of loyal nothings.

Frankly, I think the money should go to the traffic cop who single-handedly put their lights out without a second thought -- with a handgun -- after these model citizens began shooting with their sophisticated fire power.  A little judicious Texas "hospitality," administered through common sense, can be a very good thing. 

NOT a very good thing, however,  is pretty much everything going on in Baltimore, and the blame lies first with the usual suspects, extreme leftist Democrats and anarchists running a great American city into the ground.  Again and again, the pattern repeats, as it is likely to do in the months ahead.  You've already read tons about the moronic public officials running around Baltimore, from the mayor to the state prosecutor, so I won't belabor what's out there.  The main point -- if and when the time comes when voters develop brains and vote for people who will actually do something constructive instead of ripping off or ruining their communities, that's when optimism will blossom.  Me, I foolishly hold on to the slim possibility that the day will come when elected officials of integrity will hold those who preceded them responsible for a litany of ills-- and trials, fines and lengthy prison sentences can at last engulf the guilty.

Hey, congratulations to Great Britain on the new princess -- and if extremist Muslims continue to conquer England, I must say, in a few years she's going to look absolutely fetching in the burka covering her from head to toe, as she weds and slaves for some Middle Eastern royal whose long beard complements a forest of yak hair sprouting from his back.

Far from prominent attorney and, at least momentarily, CNN talking head Chris Cuomo is deservedly taking barbs for his apparent endorsement of the First Amendment's non-existent section regarding "hate speech."  Thing is, if you take both attorney Cuomo and his megalomaniac brother Andrew, the governor of NY, who maintains his position only because NY City morons continue to vote for him (as well as for the most corrupt state legislature in the nation), one discovers that, not only do two wrongs not make a right -- two twits don't make a wit, unless one really means nitwit.   We hope the day isn't far off when practical folks will throw the Cuomo brothers out with the Clintons and other Dems of particular repute.

Meanwhile, the Obama bunch continues to screw us all, unleashing the revamped Justice Dept. on police officer integrity everywhere, yet treating Iran like our best buddy.  Yes, I am way, way past impeachment for this president -- the word of the day is  indictment.   Maybe someday, after this bunch has had its fun.  Marxists have such a sense of duty, you know?

Further evidence that we're so screwed:   Occupying a terribly large space among mainstream media practitioners this week were stories about (1) a return to that idiotic deflated football caper and (2) two men who boxed themselves into riches of several millions dollars each, indicating that sometimes it still pays handsomely to beat the crap out of somebody, even when the floor show isn't all that great.

Those "alien" slides unveiled in Mexico:   As we suspected, along with others, there may not be a there there, but it was fun waiting, wasn't it?   Kinda makes you want to sit ringside and watch two guys beat the crap out of each other with deflated footballs.