Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Putrefied Forest

It's almost like when something, maybe an insect or small animal, creeps into your linen drawer and dies there.  You may not notice much in the way of an odor, but because it's a drawer you haven't opened for a while you're eventually shocked to discover a big brownish stain on the top sheet -- nothing solid, no bones or anything like that, but a grungy reminder that something invaded and dirtied up your fabrics.  Yes, the fibers were a little dated, but suddenly they're tainted and you just want to run outside and throw up.

The Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton come to mind. 

Long ago, when the party was at least tolerable and functioned with a good measure of "blue dog" Democrats, one could actually whip up a little respect.  What happened?  Now, and I'm not at all intent upon throwing rose petals upon Republicans, the Democrats, as if the modern version of a rat-infested flophouse, accommodate all manner of diseased and failed ideas, often carried by notorious rabble and foreign-influenced scum bags tied to the international crime syndicate popularly known as the United Nations

Which reminds me, Monica reportedly received an offer of a million dollars for her infamously stained blue dress recently.  Yikes, talk about something terrible defiling your fabrics in a closed space.  Yet, the price of fame in this country knows no limits.

It should come as no surprise when Obama, Hillary and others among the Democrat-inclined  beautiful people  slip off to Hollywood for monumental political fund-raisers and other gaiety, because Hollywood folks who exist perpetually in a world of pretend have the talent, expertise, equipment and hypnotic influence over the ignorant entertainment-gobsmacked masses to make even trolls and corrupt hearts appear good as gold -- a very dangerous thing for a republic dependent upon truth and informed voters to function with as few blemishes as possible.

22 trillion dollars reportedly funding the "war on poverty" and associated examples of Democrat genius since the sixties?  Thanks, LBJ.  Tell me again, what year did we win that war?  And there are Obama and formerly secretary Hillary, blazing across the Middle East, causing misery and foreign policy failures for every country they've touched so far, arguably helping convert the Middle East, as recently as this week, into the "Missile East," via politically inept decisions.

But, important issues aside, Democrats from coast to coast have a new evil to fight now -- sex abuse on college campuses.  Natch', they're after the boys, primarily.  First of all, the "statistics" of rampant abuse and attacks are disputed, depending upon whose studies one reads.  Second, the current political agenda-infested society has been conducting an almost invisible war on boys for some time now, determined to extract typically male qualities and toss them in the trash.  Whether in the classroom, on the street or at sporting events, boys are not supposed to be boys anymore, as vicious progressives rewrite the rules to emphasize what girls can do and what boys should not do.  To tolerate males who assume roles males are traditionally and physically tooled to handle -- to be smart, innovative, strong, aggressive and ready to fight when necessary -- has no place in the intended society penned by wildly liberal Democrats, and if they can lessen the value of boys either weakening them or by converting their image into one of sexual predators who proliferate and lurk threateningly on every campus, putting every young lady in constant danger, so be it.  The very fact that rules regarding personal encounters on campus are actually being put into writing by demented university administrators in conjunction with willing government fascists tells the sad story.  Frankly, the rush to make sexual encounters a social contract also portrays young women as too stupid to be independent and too inept to take charge, and that's exactly what the pseudo-parent leftists want.  Beware of sexual contracts promulgated by those who hold themselves worthy of hovering over foreplay and orgasms, keeping score every step of the way as they promote fear and revulsion.  Yes, campus attacks occur, but to portray a national college World War III with a take-no-prisoners siege by monsters from a lagoon, well. . .

Presumably, we'll all be happier if Al Sharpton, who, like the Reverend M. L. King, has a dream-come-true,  in which  he prays that local law enforcement control goes bye-bye so the federal government can assemble instead a national police force. 

Remember -- these folks are serious about their desires.

Chris Wallace rolled out the names   on his Sunday morning Fox-TV show, a list of several people from the Obama Admin who have consistently refused to appear for interviews (though liberally sprinkling themselves on other network news offerings), including Homeland Security's Jeh Johnson.  Really, are members of the Obama bunch responsible to anybody in America who happens to be a legal citizen?

Garland, Texas Update:   So now we’re told that a lone traffic cop did not finish “the job” by himself, though his efforts certainly put two radical Muslim converts at a medical disadvantage  before the Big Finish was actually accomplished by SWAT team members, who apparently engaged in quite the shoot-out with those two dedicated morons.  Oh well, the same satisfying result occurred and all is well that ends well.

Minimum wage controversy:   Every moron legislator currently screaming for a higher minimum wage at commercial establishments should first address the fact that his or her expansion of government has made reasonable living an expensive venture.  Burdensome, high-priced government causes all costs to spiral upward, and to place the blame on businesses -- destined to fail under the trauma of paying more for entry-level jobs -- is simply unconscionable. 

Muslim Bashing:   Well, I'd really rather not, but as I continue to ponder what the hell Obama was talking about when he told Americans that Islam has contributed so much to our country, from its very founding (so far, we know only that they were prolific slave traders in Africa -- there's one for the old resume'), I also wonder  who let the dogs out  who let the dangerous Muslim variety into the U.S.  I think we can blame religious relief organizations (thanks, Catholics) for a large part of it, but we must also hold government leaders in contempt for open borders and loose immigration maneuvers which flaunt our laws.  Unfortunately, a significant portion of followers of Islam the world over endorse head choppers and the like from the post stone-age pages of Sharia, and most moderate Muslims will not speak out for fear of retaliation.  That is, they are perfectly content to let American military personnel and others kill and die rather than sparking an Islamic reformation whose time is long in arriving.  Pam Geller's not the enemy -- both overt and silently enabled extremist Islam is the real threat.