Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sink or Swim

Europe is in the process of killing itself with kindness, much like the United States,  and it's all happening because Muslim refugees by the thousands are steadily arriving from North Africa (particularly from Libya) by way of the Mediterranean Sea as they flee extremist Muslim elements.

Trouble is, even these huddled masses are arriving ready-made to administer the wrath of  barbaric religious teachings which, like other faiths,  should have  undergone a reformation hundreds of years ago.  The fact that it did not proves only that the majority of Islam's followers around the world remain ignorant and self-perpetuating through the teachings of lies and hatred.

As shown on  Sixty Minutes (CBS-TV) Sunday (4/26), the Italian Coast Guard has become a 24/7 rescue mission for refugees abandoning Libya as ISIS and other radicals move in, and these folks by the endless thousands are pouring into Europe, almost certain to change and even destroy European society for the worst.  To say this requires no brain surgery, for one need only look at documented instances of Muslims departing North Africa on overloaded boats insistent upon throwing Christians overboard to their deaths.

That's what's coming to a country near you, and, indeed, to our country:   Koran-believing, uneducated, unskilled extremists with no tolerance for any religion but their own twisted exercise in wiping out those of any faith which is not Islam.  Convert or kill, there is no third choice, ultimately.

So -- you think Europe and our accommodating prez won't collaborate and brings a lot more of "them" to our own country, even as we willingly import or blindly allow entry to more Islamic dangers than we can already handle?  The welfare spigot has opened full-force, draining the reserves.

President Obama and his clueless and/or stupid White House flock seem especially tolerant of the Islamic evils crossing global borders, and one suspects that perhaps they equivocate or legitimately feel that mixing extreme practitioners of Islam with Christians is like introducing Africanized bees to more moderate bee hives, in hope that eventually bug-eyed anger will somehow be tempered into contentment for all.  Pssst -- hey buddy, got news for you:  If they're throwing Christians off the boat in the Mediterranean, they have a long-term plan to throw European and American Christians -- and just Americans -- "under the bus,"  no matter how long it takes.  And that's just for starters, because no other belief system will be tolerated, either, and after these maniacs destroy Israel, they'll finish up with America.  Far-fetched?   No, not when we look around at our own uninformed, uncaring clumps of humanity, living only for televised hypnosis, lies and purposeful exclusions, all prettied up like a metropolitan tart.  Who is watching the national melting pot as it  boils over?

There is no room ever in the USA for Sharia Law.  Not ever.  Islamic law is incompatible with the Constitution of the United States.  Sorry, but the U.S. needs to monitor each and every mosque in this country because each has the capacity and ability to weave a threat to our national security.  Religious tolerance in the U.S. was never intended to include a pathologically dangerous institution jeopardizing the very lives of non-followers. How long will we remain stupid?  Europe would do well to take steps to extract Sharia, though Europe has unfortunately succumbed to its influence in many areas.

We, of course, would be remiss to mention that Libya's fate was due in no small way because of Obama and Hillary Clinton -- oh yes, dame Hillary, who laughed after Qadaffi, Kadaffi or however the world spells the dictator's name, was cut down.  The Obama bunch was thrilled to topple Middle East dictators, apparently mentally pumped up with some moronic idea  that "the people" would carve out new governments.  Enter ISIS, end of that story.

Death by drones in the Middle East:    We must use drones as war continues, despite the risks.  The innocent are often war casualties because cowards use them as either hostages or fodder.  Given the choice between using drones are sending even more American youth to be killed or injured in zones of hostility, drones are the no-brainer solution until something even more effective comes along.  And it will.  And it has.

Ted Cruz looks impressive.  If anybody can instill pride and honor among our disenchanted Obama-era military, I think he's the man.  But watch the established Republican base go all-out to trash this eminently qualified presidential candidate as they strive to focus upon the same loser element currently serving to destroy the now-worthless Republican Party.  Remember, this time --

Conservatives, Independents and Libertarians rule!

Hillary Clinton's anticipated fade:   May she soon retreat into history's dustbin, remembered only as Bill's wife -- a designation, by the way, which reflects honor on neither of these scoundrels.

Baltimore simmers.   The recipe remains true to form.   A black man dies while police are on the scene, then those wonderful, opportunistic pillars of the community, along with outsiders perpetually ready and able to move in, step up to burn buildings, break windows and loot, loot and loot some more -- all because they're so heartbroken over the demise of a peer.  In this case, as in others, the peer is also a thug with a long arrest record.  How did he die of a broken spinal cord?  Apparently, the mob doesn't care, its components intent only upon creating chaos, harming cops and stealing freebies from store owners who had nothing whatsoever to do with the suspect's death.  Mob actions are as predictable as a sunrise, and if not for the perfectly idiotic madam mayor of Baltimore, who actually spoke of giving the mobs space for their destructive tendencies (she should resign immediately), perhaps the National Guard would have been brought in to break heads long before Atlanta's finest ended up with broken bones and at least one coma.   If, as reports suggest, gangs are becoming involved in this calamity, intending to murder cops, the drug-funded gangs must be taken out first, as in "lights out."  We shudder at the prospect that our new attorney general, Eric Holder in female clothing, near as we can figure, will intervene and make things worse, goaded by Obama's consistently one-sided influence.  Meanwhile, all young members of the "black community" need do is tune in to the Internet, where a plethora of sites inciting cop murder and societal destruction abound.  And don't think for a moment that radical Islam Web sites aren't contributing a piece of this.  Amazing, isn't it, that this stuff always seems to happen in cities ruled and poisoned endlessly by Democrats?  They do black youth no favors, and it remains a tragedy that these young people have few options to realize that the real enemy lives among them, voted in over and over by desperate people who believe promises which were never intended to be kept.

The transgendered community:   Well, I remain fascinated by the article we quoted a few entries back, in which transgender surgery was portrayed as a disaster for many who experience its social aftershocks, and the revelation that power brokers in the transgender surgery industry go all out to quash public criticism is disturbing.  Nevertheless, we're all free to do as we wish as adults in this regard, like Bruce Jenner.


Sam's struggle with gender identity had engulfed his very being for decades, but at last he began the transgender process, emotionally prepared now for the surgical procedure which would finally and officially designate him as a woman.  Unfortunately, just as the process of change started to take less of a mental toll on Sam, he was bitten by a werewolf, and every night when the moon was full he changed and changed and changed and kept changing, from man to woman to wolf, to woman to wolf and to man, with no end in sight.  Upon further consultation with his psychiatrist and surgeon, Sam's medical professionals sympathetically agreed that the ultimate transformation would have to include not only women's attire, but quality dog food as well.  Sam may have become Samantha in transition, but Sam would also have to be content as Fido on those harried evenings when moonlight effected that other change.