Thursday, May 28, 2015

The King Then, The King Now

The rekindled past?   France, like America, had a king.  Wait, what I mean is, France had plenty of kings, and America, at least for now, has somebody who  thinks  he's king, and he's doing a darned nice job of making Congress believe he really  is  our monarch, and can do whatever he wishes.

Well, this one king, Louis Philippe -- and no, you millennials, he isn't actor Ryan Phillippe's brother, even with one less "l" in his name, and besides, we're going back more than a century and a half ago -- assumed power after a particularly nasty French revolution.  As I understand history, and I don't, old Louis started out as quite the liberal king, and some of his subjects adored him, maybe.  However, things quickly soured in the kingdom and Ryan Phi. . .I mean, Obama, wait, I mean  Louis Philippe  began receiving an onslaught of threats to his regime, thus turning him into an ogre of a ruler, bent upon little but intense oppression of his people.  Finally, having endured all they could take as years passed, the French people turned on Obama, no, I mean Louis Philippe, and literally chased him from Paris, causing him to assume exile in England in 1848.

Now, to me, the greatest historical benchmark for this event occurred as King Obama, sorry, I mean  King Louis Philippe, climbed into his coach, anxious to depart.  An anonymous onlooker stepped forward and closed the coach door, and the deposed king offered a vacant  thank you. 

"Not at all," replied the French citizen.  "I have waited 18 years for this day."

It just seems to me that our eight years of an unapologetic  shogunate  wannabee are going to consume history books much like those 18 years of repression endured by France.  Parlez-vous de liberties lost?

A little more light for the true citizens of the USA:   The refreshing fact that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit sided with a lower court, ruling that President Obama likely broke the law in taking unilateral action last year to grant amnesty from deportation gives us more hope that tyranny, clearly in violation of our laws, will not stand.  Still, Washington’s sleight-of-hand tricks are always a concern for rational minds, so keep those fingers crossed.

Yippee, now Muslims from Burma  are planned for ushering into the United States in large numbers.  Burma, 90 percent non-Muslim, wants nothing to do with the troublemaker class, so naturally we'll be accepting them as refugees -- people who, true to form, will overwhelmingly want nothing to do with becoming Americans.  In U.S. lotteries, they say all you need is a dollar and a dream -- these folks, all they need is a turban, a burka and a bomb to win.  In America they can easily improvise.

Walt rolls over in his grave (or in his cryogenic container of the future).   News reports indicate that, as plans for a new trade agreement proceed, some Disney employees were allegedly forced to train foreign-born employees who would then replace them, probably at a cheaper wage.   Maybe that's the real  Tomorrowland.

Now the leftist journo-justifiers hit up Cleveland, Ohio   as a cop is found innocent of murder charges in the killing of two unarmed people in a car.  Or that's all we need to know, as far as the mainstream media is concerned.  I've watched one TV news show after another, and they all seem to miss the first and most important point that the driver led police on a car chase for almost a half hour, putting hundreds of people in jeopardy all along the way.  The sad fact that a cop thought his life was in danger from the occupants and fired his weapon repeatedly due to reasonable cause makes no difference to the ignorant, wilding street mobs who probably believe the Dept. of Justice is on their side, no matter what.  No matter what.  Psst -- the DOJ under this deplorable president may as well train storm troopers and invest in jackboots, as its members receive instructions from thugs above to spread out across the country and destroy perfectly satisfactory police departments.  Ever notice how the agenda-driven street mobs almost always seem to materialize following instances when law enforcement personnel focused their attention and efforts upon suspects who seem to deserve such intervention?  Watch murder and assault rates soar across the country as cops' hands are tied and they shrug off confrontations in which the "social justice" crowds lie in wait to destroy their reputations and careers via cell phone cameras.

Trade legislation  will probably screw the USA as surely as NAFTA did, and this time Senate Republicans are alarmingly in Obama's corner to forge ahead.  The real fight is destined for the House, where those on both the right and left aren't quite so willing to be roped in to a "trade agreement" that is being kept secret from the public and held as hush-hush from congressional reps forbidden to speak of the contents to constituents.  Still, having watched the Republican spineless continue with business as usual, their decisive vote will energize Obama's trade bill, amidst flustered explanations of how they yet intend to hold the reigns on this fiasco, should things go wrong.  We've heard it all before.

Hello, Syria:   Several Democrat senators sent a letter to Obama this month, requesting that we accept an influx of nearly 100,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S.   Trouble is (besides lapping up refugees like milk), there's no way to know who these people are or what their intent might be.  I'm no mathematician, but the refugee numbers alone, from several countries, tell me that the day will come when Sharia is a real threat to the Constitution -- a day when your daughters will be dressed in burkas and raped and your sons converted or beheaded, right here in the USA.  It's time we stop listening to the United Nations AND several religious organizations adept at importing the useless, uneducated, America-hating masses into the country whose only product will be endless welfare subsidies and multiple births of children taught to be anything but Americans.  Damn the Democrats and damn the Republicans for doing this to us.

And the problems are compounded  if we consider some predictions, which seem reasonable enough, that there will be far too many people to fill a declining number of jobs in the years ahead.  Were I a member of the black community,  this  is the subject that would anger me most -- the realization that people from South American and Middle Eastern countries alone are stampeding our borders and clouding any possibilities for a well-employed black youth population.

Water, water everywhere   and Texans and Oklahoma residents are sick to death of it.  I was surprised to learn that even Wichita Falls, Texas, where I lived for more than two years, was inundated with water overflowing from its riverbanks.  As we watch communities suffer floods, drought or other calamities from an ever-changing climate, it might be time to consider radically new ways to build homes and office buildings, because the old ways seem increasingly out of step.  Man-made climate change?  No, no, no.  Climate, just climate.  It's always changed and it always will, all by itself.

Hollywood Report:   Where would it be without morons?    So now alleged actress Rose McGowan is in the news for fabricating a nasty comment about Ted Cruz, followed by a tepid apology and more rage emanating from somewhere in the confines of her liberal head.  These folks will say or do anything to keep their power, which ultimately means, aware or not, they support empowering those who exercise power over the rest of us. 
Word of the day:   You folks in the news business -- y'all already freak me out when you say something was "completely destroyed," when the second word covers everything nicely, thank you.  Today's complaint is TV and radio news reporters insistent upon dramatically announcing that somebody died of a "massive" heart attack.  Hmm, I believe just  heart attack  will do the job, though I suspect reporters are somehow attempting to shower personal medical expertise upon their audience by throwing in an extra word guaranteed (?) to make them sound brilliant.  Fat chance.  I ain't perfect, but these little hackneyed refinements completely and massively bother me.
A California man visiting Arizona brought down a drone  with his tee-shirt.,  Unfortunately, for swinging his shirt at the thing and destroying it, he was arrested – nevertheless, this is my kind of small-time hero.  You may recall, many entries ago, I suggested that anybody whose yard is invaded by a drone should perform cleanup with a sledgehammer.