Tuesday, June 3, 2014

When Alien Youth can Topple a Nation

(First. . .the breaking news about the release of American serviceman Bowe Bergdahl. . .nice we got him back, and Obama did manage to take the heat off HIS own VA disgrace in the meantime by negotiating with terrorists instead of locating and killing them, but how many soldiers did we lose originally when they searched for Bergdahl, after he decided to walk away from his mission in an alleged case of desertion?  Six, we are told.  Five superbly dirtbag radical Muslim flea-infested rat-bastards were traded for his release, and now we wait and wonder how many other American lives will be lost and military personnel kidnapped for ransom, once the Taliban and their even crazier and calculating Al Qaeda buddies regroup.  Mr. Obama, of course, disregarded firmly established law in making the trade, and again we ask -- when are illegal White House actions going to be rewarded with articles of impeachment, a trial and prison? Why do congressional spines continue to atrophy whilst soaked nonstop with Administration urine?  And finally -- some two months have elapsed since the apprehension, torture and imprisonment of U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi in a Mexican high-security prison -- and our shameful U.S. president has done and directed nothing to gain the release of a serviceman who simply took a wrong turn and had no idea he was in Mexico.  I was taught to respect the Office of the President, but the frauds and slimy bastards who yet lord over this White House deserve nobody's respect -- a fact hardly lost upon even the worst of the international community, which dismissed or laughed away America's domestic would-be dictator even before some among the rest of us caught on.)

In one or two past blog entries, I made statements to the effect that babies aren't cute anymore -- your babies, their babies, anybody's babies.

Why would I say something so utterly reprehensible?  Is it because I'm a child hater, or potential real-life candidate for a position as the irascible Mr. Bumble in the musical, Oliver?  Not at all.  What I meant is that we humans are too many, having multiplied and morphed ourselves into an overpopulating civilization of something increasingly destructive, redundant and ripe for self-annihilation, possessing the inauspicious resources to take a wealth of species into oblivion with us.  The climate change thing?  I still await the cherished "consensus," which continues to be elusive, as scientists of impressively alternative views and agencies come forward to cast doubt on the "settled" science of human-caused climate change.  Green?  Sure, absolutely -- but not insane green.

Some of you will scratch your heads politically at the mere mention of overpopulation, but I consider that about as "conservative" a statement as one can make.  Yes, in parts of the world human numbers continue on the decline, but really, how many is enough?  The cheapest and easiest thing in the world to produce is us.   Yeah, a nice dinner and wine, a little romance, sometimes  a little unintended or unexpected violence, then somebody inserts a ***** into a ****** and nine months later there's your bundle of joy.  Easy to accomplish -- but now, far more consequential.

Across the U.S., public schools, now saddled with the nonsensical hell that is Common Core, already have enough trouble attempting to educate children who neither can, nor wish to speak English, and who, frankly, often come from homes whose family occupants had neither the education, background -- or desire -- to teach their growing offspring a damned thing.  However, public schools make one  heck of a great taxpayer-funded babysitting service.  And common sense?  Good luck inculcating common sense into the evolving brain pathways of kids who barely matured beyond the process of toilet-training (and Third World denizens brought to the USA who can't quite make sense out of toilets at all).  Can America survive when pure education is faced with so many new obstacles?  When so many good teachers are forbidden to teach the important stuff?  When teachers' unions become accomplished thugs, pulling the strings to perform shakedowns on taxpayers, all nice and legal?

I don't know.  But things are about to get a lot worse, unless Congress takes quick-action spine growth supplements.

Our borders, pummeled with illegal immigrants for years, costing American workers -- with no voice in the situation beyond do-nothing legislators -- millions of dollars and tons of jobs, have suddenly become the emergency key to either the survival or destruction of American society as we know it. 

As Reuters and other sources have reported, thousands and thousands of children -- unaccompanied by no family members -- are illegally cascading across the Southern U.S. border, not from Mexico as much as from Central America.  While it is hardly comforting to learn that perhaps 60,000 children will invade this year (up from 6,000 in 2011), estimates of 130,000 more in 2015 is  beyond devastating.  Costs are expected to exceed two billion dollars as we reach that number.

And it is time to categorically say no.  Get out, keep out, stay out.  My government is all in a frenzy and a sweat about the "humanitarian" costs that Americans are expected to bear.  What?  No, what you do is tell these kids, look, you found your way here and you can find your way back.  If things go poorly on the return trip, I guess it sucks to be you.  We must be firm.  "But they're only children," we will be told, and I will respond, yes they are, and they are here because the Great Obama, Pied Piper of American Decline, put out the clarion call, as if by dog whistle, that young invaders should come here and soak up the riches paid for by America's taxpayers, entitling them to free food, free education and no responsibilities whatsoever.

Unless some tough love and kick-you-out activity is swiftly directed toward the quickly expanding criminal alien youth element, whose mere presence will decimate what little remains of solid public education and society, we'll lose our country.  This is the kind of thing to which I refer when throwing out overpopulation.  It's terrible, it's poisonous, it's deadly.  The whole world will come crashing across our borders if we continue to allow it, and we must not.  Even European nations are waking up to the fact that not all immigration is good immigration, and countries are saying enough is enough.  When will we smarten up?  This is a crisis which need not be, and we can make it all go away overnight -- just by allowing immigration personnel to do their work and enforce the laws we're supposed to enforce.   Trouble is, when a devious dictatorial Administration supports lawlessness or self-invents new laws with no opposition, one gets what one receives.

Unless we want a steroid-pumped Dream Act for illegal masses of  wandering criminal youth, causing your legal kids to become irrelevant and liable for their expenses, these folks need to go away.  Our social structure basks in extreme jeopardy otherwise.

Obama makes promises to protect Poland, but he wouldn't have to do so, had he not killed off the missile defense system ready for deployment in that part of the world when he assumed the presidency.  Now, to use those all-inclusive words of the street, it's complicated.

The president's energy policy, to be administered via EPA thuggery:   There's nothing wrong with protecting air, water and land, but there's everything wrong when an agency becomes an oppressive billy club, administered with SWAT teams and the ability to level extraordinary fines and other forms of punishment, striking fear and hatred into the hearts of Americans still suffering under the illusion that government serves, not rules, us.  The just-announced warnings and regulations, which could only have been whipped up by Pol Pot-style university intellectuals and credentialed nearsighted dolts who possess absolutely no concept of-- or maybe the words are concern for -- what they wrought, will devastate.  What rational minds would deprive a society, already teetering on the economic edge, of sufficient, reasonably priced energy before there exists enough of some other form of energy to replace it right away?  Because labor unions and political winds of change are already starting to question this monumental fraud, perpetrated by the even more monumental fraud in the White House, I wouldn't be surprised to find a major portion, if not all, of  this brainless scheme replaced by something akin to common sense via Congress or the courts.  Nevertheless, keep in mind Obama's original promise that under his plan energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket," though he neglected to add that even having access to required energy amounts may present a frightening downside.

The Veterans Administration:  Hey, if you can't even get your own medical records after having a close-range UFO experience (per the Rendlesham mystery), and not even Sen. John  McCain can get full cooperation on one's behalf, what is one to expect?  And when it happens to more than one airman who was present for some strange UFO-related doings, it's not merely a case of records lost in the bureaucracy -- it's a matter of extreme importance to somebody who won't share with the rest of us. 

Is there some federal agency out there responsible for telling us, by the way, when it will be time to panic in the streets?  Would there be a tweet or e-mail or something?  Actually, I'd prefer a letter, stamped and mailed.  Utter horror is so much more palatable and enjoyable when you can hold a paper in your hands, actually proclaiming the doom of civilization.  So, how about you keep watching the skies, and I'll continue watching the mailbox?