Monday, June 16, 2014

The Worst, the Very Worst

We in the USA are currently ruled by the most unimaginably corrupt Administration in recent memory, relentlessly driven by university-bred radicals produced by the progressive collegiate assembly line, with no concern whatsoever about their role in supporting American laws.  To this bunch, laws are things to be ignored, jumped over or reinterpreted to fit the moment. Their moment.  Where is Congress?  Where is the judiciary?  Who will save us in a country where voters choose the same people over and over again, often just because names bask in the familiarity akin to an old comfortable sofa?

UFO disclosure?  If border agents are now warned to neither talk to the press, nor photograph the Obama Admin-engineered invasion horror story currently (and needlessly) occurring on our Southern borders, exactly what does anybody expect "the most open Administration in history" to offer up in terms of disclosure?  If vitally pertinent IRS e-mails are now "missing" due to some fabricated computer crash, how will UFO information survive this White House?

You might want to spend a little time speaking out and saving the country from this bunch of criminals, who really do deserve some prison time once all the evil and violations of established U.S. law shake out.  Believe it or not, there's a lot more at stake than gay marriage and Kardashian antics, but you'd never know it after two minutes with mind-endangering TV "entertainment" and network "news" shows, which gladly substitute trained seals for anything that might smack of TV network higher-ups exposed as politically used and stupid, and making their buddy Obama look like a hazardously incompetent, yet cunning constitutional oath denier, no friend of this country.  Nor are we giving mainstream media newspapers a pass here, either, not when their owners soft-peddle or ignore the crucial stuff.

The truth?  That's what you can't tell the people.