Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bits and Pieces for June 2014

Cosmos reincarnation wraps up:  Not to be misunderstood, I thought the Cosmos update series was nicely done, and Dr. Neil deGrasse  Tyson knows how to hold an audience (when UFOs aren't on the agenda).  However, I do think there were some unintentional mixed messages when it comes to science's role in our lives.  To wit, he spent one program attempting to fill in all the holes to conclude that severe climate change mainly results from human activity -- embracing the "science is settled" cult, essentially.  Yet, Dr. Tyson also took great care to weave a balance, making it clear that science is always evolving, and being set in one's ways and unwilling to change as facts change and new evidence emerges is very unscientific.  Well, which is it?  Is science "settled" or in flux?  You get the point . . .

And maybe it's just me, but that end shot of the good doctor's empty chair reminded me, for some reason, of Clint Eastwood's empty "Obama chair."  Is science, as practiced today, sometimes equivalent to Eastwood's empty chair?  I know, I know, the intent was probably to indicate scientific journeys yet unfathomed, routes yet to be pursued in a vast mysterious universe of galaxies and ideas, conducted by faces yet unknown, to go where no man has gone before, etc., etc.  But (sigh. . .) I saw only Obama's empty chair, perched on a spaceship to Hell, nowhere and beyond, all at the same time.  Political season, you know. . .

Still, throughout the series I was hung up on that freaky spaceship.  Yes, some would compare its sleek appearance to a cell phone or camera.  I used to have an electric shaver of similar appearance, though I doubt Dr. Tyson would traverse the -- cosmos -- in a hyper-energized vehicle requiring occasional emptying, cleaning and blade replacement.  Then again, the darned thing looked suspiciously like one of those battery-operated things that women of the "Fifty Shades of Gray" variety might purchase from the local, um, personal appliance store.  Anyway, the new Cosmos probably introduced a lot of people to the joy of science, so  kudos (I suspect that's derived from the rather unfortunate term, cooties, but cooties are the best we have to offer in this cheap, no-frills blog) to Dr. Tyson and all responsible.

He's your "no apologies" guy.  Yeah, interesting when President Obama announced that he offers no apologies for the trade of five terrorists (and who knows what more) for Bowe Bergdahl.  The thing is, this president does whatever the heck he wants all the time and never apologizes for any of it, so what would be different about this event?

Years ago, I taught a business English class to post-high school students, and a dominant theme instructed students that under almost all circumstances, a business or corporation should never respond to an angry customer's letter (you know, back in the Pony Express era when letters were the major form of written peer-to-peer communication) with an apology.  That is, you shouldn't respond with "we're sorry" or "we regret that our product disappointed you."  Instead, the intended reply would immediately mention an action to be taken to satisfy the customer, or in some way be as caring, firm and positive as possible.   But whatever you do, don't make sorrow and heartfelt palpitations your mode of response!  By the way, I did not agree with the never say you're sorry theme, and departed after one semester, nevertheless, as other directions called.

Now, I don't think the president took my class, but because he flat-out admits that he isn't apologizing for a damned thing, maybe he did, and maybe he just learned everything all wrong.  Just because one doesn't apologize, this doesn't simultaneously require one to announce that no apologies shall be forthcoming.

But there's something else Mr. Obama won't apologize for:  The growing horror story at the Southern borders, which we were assured are, what, up to 95 percent secure?  Not. Not.  No brain surgeon need be brought in to answer the question, is the Administration responsible for the expanding thousands of unaccompanied Central American "youth" crashing our borders?  Yes, and now we learn the White House has ordered up a ton of lawyers for them at taxpayer expense to convince "us" that everybody gets to stay.  This is not merely some humanitarian emergency -- it's a well-organized march of never-ending invaders, sent here with the help of Mexico, Obama and most certainly other sources of a similar mind. 

I like to think of this disaster (for us) as Obama's human trafficking outreach, and this one threatens to take this country (and his presidency, in a fair world) down beyond repair.  Do any solid U.S. citizens of African American, Hispanic or any minority heritage think this illegal conquest using alien children will help produce good jobs in any way?  No, but it will draw us closer to becoming Third World vintage, all of us thrust into The New Slavery as socialist ideals take hold -- all the while strangled by multi-thousands of new people who can't speak English, bring no particular talents other than ignorance to the nation and obviously won't be paying their way because they have no money.  More crime, more drugs, more degradation and continuing societal deterioration.  Who will be happy with this arrangement?  Probably the Catholic Church, whose gatherings will swell as members of its own foreign Faithful storm the borders, though wrecking our country in the process.   

We simply cannot afford to take on a new calamity within our borders. How anxious are we to foul our own nest?  Well, Obama's getting away with it, isn't he?  He and the radicals who have surrounded him since day one of his presidency.  Our solution?  Speak out, complain to members of Congress relentlessly and hope for election miracles in November.   And someday -- prison for the political criminals, believing themselves untouchable, who openly and knowingly reinterpret established laws to their own individual liking of the moment. 

We've reached the point of pondering compassion vs. country, and I'm afraid we'll have to choose the latter or perish.  It's them -- it's that -- or us.  Right, and now I'm a racist, right?

So just who is Slender Man?  I think SM might lurk in the White House, when he isn't golfing, frequently vacationing, misinterpreting the Constitution or eating taxpayers in the woods.  Word has it that Slender Man is sometimes accompanied by his friend, AG Man, who routinely overlooks Slender Man's -- and his own -- violations of law.  Yes, horror incarnate.

Hillary TV, morning, noon and night.  Critics seem to have formed a consensus indicating Hillary Clinton's new book a snooze enabler.  But have no fear -- the usual TV networks, right on schedule, have begun a love-fest 24 / 7 with their own hand-picked president for 2016.  Like human-caused climate change, apparently the politics have been settled for those distant presidential elections, because, by George, Hillary Clinton is entitled, darn it.  It's her turn.  You may not accept this, but the TV networks surely do, and by whatever means between now and then they will impress upon our minds that there simply is no other candidate.  Unfortunately, however, at some point Hillary will need to debate other candidates on TV, as she has before, and based on past experience she may not come off looking well at all.  But that's okay, the mainstream media will prop up what televised debates cannot.  That's show biz.