Friday, June 20, 2014

A Palpable Conspiracy?

Let us not merely be blind-sided by the new storming of Iraq, which Lord Obama hisself clearly promised recently was in tip-top shape and all ready to care for itself. . .until. . .well, the prez and Hillary Clinton, in her dramatic theatrical role as Secretary of State, long ago helped put into force the carpet-bombing of even the most fragile ruling structures (and dictators) holding the Middle East together.  And here we are.  Can you say, "Look, sweetie -- isn't that a new Caliphate, staking claims all over the planet, while everybody else is blissfully unaware and uncaring, watching junk on TV?"  As if we'll remain unscathed, or deserve to be due to our own ignorance.

Meanwhile, we desperately need colossal attention placed upon our Southern border, where customary hordes of border-jumping Mexicans have been eclipsed by mostly young people "escaping" wretched Central American countries consumed by crime and drugs.  The TV news shows spotlight "children" coming by multiples of thousands in a never-ending human chain.

However, this "humanitarian" crisis is not just what it appears.  These folks were instructed to come here and, obviously coached, know exactly the right words to say to gain entry past border patrol.  TV stations in their native lands told peoples of Central America to send or bring their kids to the USA because the stupid American taxpayers will give them a free education, free medical care, free housing and free free.  Yes, free to be you and me -- no, wait, free to be you because I, me, the citizen, don't count.  I pay, you free.

Yet, this sudden surge in border crashers from way-foreign lands -- which the U.S. government supposedly didn't see coming any more than it foresees other events which please this Administration, but remain out of public view until the last minute -- well, just how did words of wild invitation spread, how did they make such an enormous impact in Central America?

News Flash!   U.S. Government want ads were looking for "escorts" for unaccompanied border children as long ago as January.  Conspiracy complete?

Thank President Obama.  Obama, who cares little about borders, language or culture.  Obama, who perpetually seems to have a chip on his shoulder regarding the United States.  Obama, who seems to have some goal to square us with -- and make us similar to -- the rest of the world.  Obama, who authoritatively acts like a one-man United Nations.

The president could have ended this catastrophe simply by dispatching government people to protect the border emergently, and by making statements to the media which could have been played in Central America, warning people to stay away.  Unfortunately, the only thing played is us, the American people.

I suggest a conspiracy afoot here, and if the White House is as complicit with all of this as a normal human mind might believe -- probably with the help of some in Congress, along with key executives in the social media and corporate sectors (and just who pays for attorneys to assure that these folks will never be deported?  For one think social media with a Z, and we don’t mean Zorro) -- an investigation of the highest sobriety should take place soon.  I mean, let's go big time, because encouraging foreigners to crash our borders illegally is a major crime -- and if high government officials happen to have taken an oath to protect our borders and insure our safety, they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, with extensive prison time and fines.  At the very least.

One thing's for sure: Nobody's protecting us by importing diseased (the menu includes scabies, measles, Staph, TB. . .) invaders all over the country, simultaneously peppering  the USA with throngs of uneducated people who don't speak English and offer no talents, only costs we can no longer bear.  As we said previously, there comes a time when one has to choose country over compassion, or we'll all sink like a rock as the USA becomes the Third World entity which some national prison-eligible "leaders" seem to prefer.

Regarding the disease factor: Even in the movie, The Andromeda Strain, a quarantine was placed to protect the population – yet this president and Hapless Homeless Security let anything across the border that can walk, crawl, drool or infect, putting the entire U.S. in jeopardy.

But to quote one Democrat:  Never let a good crisis go to waste.  And to quote Nancy Pelosi, we had to pass the Affordable Care Act legislation to know what was in it.  I interpret such statements to mean, as they used to say in the military, shoot first and ask questions later.  With this Administration, we shoot ourselves in the foot first to see where the bullet exits, damn the consequences.

Our endless border invasion has worsened because Border Patrol is instructed not to let its dedicated officers do their assigned jobs, and because the usual suspects in high places both in and outside the government apparently want this outrage to happen.  Those responsible, whether of government, of corporations or of social pressure groups must inevitably be held responsible and suffer the legal consequences, if and when we can clearly shout from the rooftops that a grand conspiracy is taking place right before our eyes -- even as our eyes are beckoned to other directions by those who wish to divert public attention away from probable high and ongoing crimes.

Congress considers adding an 11 or 12 cent-per-gallon tax to gasoline purchases in order to pay for highway construction and maintenance.  Well, that's a funny one.  Haven't motorists been paying taxes for decades for that very purpose?  Oh wait, I get it.  As more folks drive electric cars and machinery using alternate energy, there will be less highway taxes.  Okayyyyyy -- but, shouldn't the people who use energy other than gasoline pay those taxes, too -- since they travel the same highways that gasoline motorists use?  Anyway, no, we don't want more gasoline taxes.  The president will surely approve because energy prices "must necessarily skyrocket," in his own words.  Aren't you glad you voted for this presidential travesty?

Congress goes on the attack against Dr. Oz.  Forget the diet supplement controversy.  This was all about Congressional bullies, the lucrative medical and pharmaceutical industry, and others who demand to wield influence.  These powerful forces have no patience for those who do not comply with the status quo, particularly regarding doctors who blab about non-compliant alternatives on TV.  Were I Dr. Oz, I think I'd spend a whole program telling my viewers what phonies, monsters, liars and frauds those who wish to regulate us out of our right to make our own decisions truly are.  I suspect that for every doctor who tries to do some good in the country and gains publicity, there exists a stable of attorneys and power-mad government representatives intent upon taking them down.  Looking for frauds, Congress?  My advice -- simply go shake hands with a few White House occupants, confidants and incompetents.  Our supreme national freak show resides right there, and its actions are tearing the country apart.  It couldn't be more obvious.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service corpse continues to decompose, stinking up every corner of Washington as its putrid fragrance drifts from coast to coast.  If this scandal among scandals doesn't point to the White House, I don't know what does.  The tax system begs for reform, the IRS as we know it requires a speedy and honorable burial, and the treasonous names behind its obscene political knifings need to go to trial and then prison.  To prison.  The place where really, really bad people who betray others go.  Prison, hmm, that reminds me of the Department of Justice, under its current mismanagement and dictatorship, but why go fast and furious over laws enforced or ignored according to one's politically charged whim?

Four former Environmental Protection Agency chiefs were questioned by Congress yesterday, and when asked to raise their hands if they concur with President Obama's claims that the Earth is warming faster and faster, none -- none -- raised a hand.  Was this reported by the mainstream media?  No.  Credit:  The  

Readers:  If you aren't checking Web sites for The Blaze and The Drudge Report (see links) every day, you're probably dead.  If you crave real news without the spin and lacking extremist twists, please stay in touch with these constantly updating sources.  The level of reporting makes national mainstream TV news programs irrelevant, out of touch and obviously obedient to the special interest masters who pay to keep TV networks focused upon fluff, brain-sucking entertainment adored by the perpetually mindless, and the escapism provided by sporting events which effectively divert the masses away from matters of importance.  (Well done, network TV.)