Monday, August 19, 2013

B.O.M.B. in The White House

Long before Coast to Coast A.M. and Art Bell achieved success on the airwaves, as a teenager in the sixties I tried to convince (local) radio station program directors that a regular series in talk format about UFOs and other scientific mysteries would be a hit, something different from the popular top 40 song play lists of the era.  In later years, after my Air Force enlistment, only one program director showed a sincere interest, but he departed the station, and that pie in the sky quickly drifted into oblivion.  Well, there was another program director, a woman at a PBS station, who at least feigned an interest in UFOs and such, but I think that's only because I took her out and bought lunch. 

During all those years, however, I paid precious little attention to another very human enigma, nor did most of us.  Until that fateful day of 9/11, I knew little of and cared nothing about radical Islam.  Suddenly, everything I knew -- and needed to know -- about extremist Islam was that every Saudi  participant in the chaos was a Muslim. 

I don't pretend genius regarding world affairs, though I might teeter upon elation, should the government actually secure all borders to keep out (1) excessive numbers and (2) bad, bad people. 

Some of those bad people are Muslims, and I wish practitioners of Islam who prefer to live in peace would do more to reveal the dangerous among their groups, though one supposes they fear repercussions and ostracism.  And head chopping, of course.  Now, every time I think of Tom Adams' old monograph about strange animal mutilations and mystery helicopters, The Choppers. . .and the Choppers! radical Islam comes to mind by default.

The title of today's entry?  Barack Obama Muslim Brotherhood.  BOMB.  The words just seem to blend so well.  No, the president is not a Muslim.  I guess.  But he sure loves the Brotherhood, and he (with Hillary Clinton's help) sure did a lot to end Mubarek's reign in Egypt so the MB could take over.  Morsi was a rat before he came in, and then became a giant Sharia rodent in less than a few weeks after grabbing power through elections portraying him as something far less devious than he appeared.  The Muslim Brotherhood was favored by Obama, and now Obama's little experiment in Middle East democracy is blowing up before his eyes.  And, as we indicated, Hillary "Benghazi" Clinton is not blameless.  MB representatives have visited The White House, and we might assume that Islamic influence has crept into numerous layers of government because the Muslim Brotherhood / C.A.I.R. / other Islamic contacts have been welcomed by Mr. Obama and the bunch since setting up shop in Washington.
The Muslim Brotherhood's cult beats with thugs and murderers, period.  Why the president ever put this country into bed with their affiliates and associates is frighteningly beyond me.  Yet, the Obama bunch still wants them to have a voice in Egypt?  There's a reason why Mubarek banned and imprisoned them.

The Clintons.  Even the New York Times questions their activities in recent articles.

Next time you think of Egypt, a U.S. ally and calming Middle East influence, and now in turmoil, think of Obama and think of Hillary Clinton, for the bloodshed, death, destruction and fires in Egypt were precipitated in no small way by their efforts.  Barack Obama is a fraud and needs to be impeached, and Hillary should abandon politics for all time.  There was a choice to be made, the Muslim Brotherhood was this Administration's choice, and now a number of people need to be held accountable and lie in the political bed they made, even if the bed lurks in a prison cell.  Maybe once Eric Holder empties a few federal prison cells and airs them out there will be room for folks in his circle of friends and political associates.  We can only dream.