Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dr. Jihad Holds Military Courts Hostage

Not very long ago, when the U.S. military was still allowed to be as tough and prepared as it needed to be, somebody like Major Hasan, currently experiencing a self-party atmosphere trial at Ford Hood, Texas, might have been given a military-style blanket party long before he ruthlessly killed 13, and injured so many more as the jihad coward he is.  For the uninformed, a blanket party simply involves one's fellow servicemen throwing a blanket over him, and then the cover-ers beat the crap out of the cover-ee to a desired degree, depending upon the presumed offense committed by the cover-ee.  Sometimes blanket parties are held for no other reason than holding blanket parties.  As soon as fellow officers noticed Hasan writing his little Allah notations on patient notes or prescriptions, they should have given him a blanket party to remind him what he signed up for and what he didn't get a commission to do while he wears his U.S. Army uniform.  O' course, a blanket party is more of an enlisted man's thing.

But blanket party opportunities have long since passed, and it's taken four years for this jihad monster to come to trial.  Of all the medical disciplines he might have pursued, doesn't it just figure that he chose psychiatry?  Handy, though.  The bugger could have saved everybody a lot of trouble if he'd self-prescribed suicidal anti-psychotic drugs favored by his, um, industry early on and dispatched himself as soon as he felt the cold, murderous bony tentacles of the serpent Allah tickling his trigger finger.

Everybody is entitled to a fair trial, even those who unquestionably should have been shot in the head right at the scene of his obvious massacre, but this travesty of a military trial where the beast puts his victims and their families through an emotional wringer whilst acting as his own pseudo-attorney is an outrage.  This trial should have been commenced and finished within a month of the well-witnessed carnage, and this ogre of Islam should have been turned into pork-basted weed-and-feed long before now.

I think the military would have handled this far differently, had they not been shackled by the hands and bonds of, not Allah, but of Obama and Holder.  All the race-bating sensitivity training in the world can't ascend this duo's progressive load of poop.

Sorry, but I'm a veteran, and I question whether this president gives a rat's behind about the military in his version of the real world.  As far as this Administration is concerned, military personnel just seem to exist to carry and transport the luggage as the prez and his family hop from vacation to vacation.

Nevertheless, because this sham of a trial is predicted to last weeks or months, perhaps Major/Dr. Hasan can be attired in something more comfortable.  Let him embrace radical Islam more closely, perhaps attired in a burka like the woman he probably always wanted to be.  Maybe he should experience one of his religion's greatest attributes -- female genital mutilation, adapted to his own parts, of course.  When the trial ends and this demon of Islam is found guilty a hundred times over, take him outside, beat him into a blissful state and then stone him to death, radical Islamic-style.  Warning: 37 virgins just ahead.  Just a head.

You know, it's getting ever so difficult to respect the religion of Islam when one encounters book after article after speech by former Muslims who condemn this so-called "religion of peace" about as quickly as former disgruntled Scientology members come forth with their own unpleasant stories.   And if Major Hasan has become a poster child for the whole rotten business of radical Islam thugs, then kick this bullsh** out of my country, and certainly out of our military services.

WHERE'S THE NO VACANCY SIGN?   We're told that some 2,000 Syrian women and children will be imported to the USA soon, permanently, because of the refugee problem.  Also, Mexican "refugees" have started pouring over the borders, mouthing just the right words regarding fear of drug gang activity (read as:  abusing our laws to gain entry). When will Congress stop this nonsense?  Didn't Lord Obama promise the borders were more secure than ever?  By the time this is addressed in Congress, most of Mexico will probably be inside our borders, demanding instant residency and citizenship.  Guess who pays.  How long can we continue to be so stupid?

HILLARY'D INTO INSENSITIVITY:  The very fact that NBC and CNN considered making presentations about Hillary Clinton via movie and documentary formats as elections approach only confirms that the major networks continue to be in the bag for Democrats.  If we wake up someday and realize our only choices at the voting booth are affiliates of the all-inclusive Democrat Party, it will be too late.  Dangerous times, these.  Hillary Clinton screwed up Benghazi under her watch but good, and on behalf of  American lives lost who were previously denied the extra protection they begged for, she deserves never to run for office again -- and NOW we hear about 400 surface-to-air missiles gone missing.  Missiles we illegally intended for Syria via Libya? Hillary, where were you?  Where are you?  She and Obama made that drooling, apologetic video for Pakistan, blaming Benghazi and other violence on some film nobody even saw -- and the filmmaker himself remains in jail.  Seemingly in fear for his life.  Why?  Who?  WTF?  Joe McCarthy once conjured up laryngitis to buy some protracted silence as his political star began to fall, and Hillary, it suspiciously appears, her concussion, and I'm not buying any of it.  In the words of the farm, I don't intend to be one of the hogs fed by Hillary's -- or Bill's --  phony slop anymore.

OBAMA MASK AT THE MISSOURI STATE FAIR:   Really, I haven't given much thought to clowns since John Gacy made their image murderously fashionable.  And I haven't been to a rodeo or horse show for years, but I would have gladly paid admission in Missouri to see that rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask.  Sure, a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask and making comments in the presence of a bull, and it's always soooooo easy to offend bulls, WAS disrespectful.  The mask rightfully should have been affixed to a horse's butt, accompanied by a sign stating that all Executive Orders are issued from that end.  And since when was it illegal to make fun of a president?  Especially a really, really bad president?  And oooooh, just look at all the "activists" in an uproar over Lord Obama turned into comedy!  Based upon his record, it isn't a stretch to see Obama more as a joke than a president, anyway.  When our lives get cluttered, manipulated and put into fear by word police and image police, I'm always reminded that these and murderers are the people for whom prisons were intended.  Maybe a special day just moved a little closer.  Nonetheless -- Rodeo Clown, sir, I honor and congratulate you for truly doing the people's work, long in coming!  If only the wimps and rats in Congress had your drive and the courage to impeach this fraud before history records their cowardice accordingly.  Impeachment and prison, two words which have rarely sounded so sweet in recent years.  Oh -- and you state fair folks in Missouri -- enjoy that sensitivity training; if all goes as it should, by the time you get out of that one-sided experiment in racial madness you'll hate the world.

JOHN MCCAIN AND CHRIS CHRISTIE please, just go away.  Self-evident.  You Republicans run Christie for prez and see what you get, again.  McCain, thanks for your military service and some of what came after, but it's just time to go away now and enjoy all those houses.

BURN BABY BURN?  Egypt remains in turmoil, and people such as Sen. John McCain can't seem to understand why the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi are so despised and so imprisoned to date.  Hint:  It might be because Morsi and the MBH lied their butts off and instituted Sharia Law's greatest hits for a significant amount of the unsuspecting population who expected something akin to a democracy.  Something like.  MBH in the Middle East and MBH in the United States -- may the Muslim Brotherhood fail everywhere, and may we vote in a government intolerable of dangerous Islamic influences under which the U.S. currently suffers due to the orders of foolish leadership.  Frauds abound to control our lives.

THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, popularly and correctly known as Obamacare, seems destined to sink anything bigger than the Titanic, including the country.  While the Democrats and specific Republicans of no distinction whatsoever condemn Senator Ted Cruz, claiming he wants to shut down the government, what Cruz and others want to do in September is de-fund only Obamacare, not other government operations.  Had health insurance companies by the thousands been allowed / instructed via legislation to compete across state lines all over the country, folks shopping for insurance could likely have enjoyed easy and far less expensive choices.  One page of legislation would surely be preferable to 2,600 Obamacare pages (and growing).  Bonus:  Obama heard the screams of federal workers across the land who don't want to pay what you pay for Obamacare, and he has graciously allowed you to pay in the range of  75% of government employees' individual healthcare.  Nobody wants this mess, not even the unions. Update:   Yet more of the Act has been put on hold by Obama.  Of course it has, the thing's a nightmare disaster and no Democrats want to stink up the 2014 elections with this Obama/Democrat surprise, best closeted until it's too late for voters to do anything about it.  Surely, even Al Qaeda could provide better and cheaper health insurance than this, administered by The 37 Virgins of the Afterlife Insurance Co., LLC.

PREDICTING THE FUTURE:  Future historians may pose the question, why did Congress not do its job and impeach President Obama?  One hopes, too, that all names of these negligent, clueless or politically motivated members of Congress are spelled correctly for posterity's sake, and for the sake of today's young people who, as adults, will be paying the bill for Obama's arrogance and actions, and congressional comas, for years or decades to come.  Be careful who and what you vote for, kids -- the eventual bills have your names on them.