Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Seeing the USA by Hamster Wheel

Memorial Day weekend reminded me that some 2,000 World War II veterans die every day, and I'm thinking, what a shame how those personally familiar with the definition of liberty are forced to witness a good part of the world they set free slip-sliding back to rule by tyranny, corruption, incompetence and even subservience to an extremist religion prolonged by human monsters and their willing brain-sandblasted associates..  What a shame these vets have to witness Congress actually considering a "path to citizenship" for border-jumping criminals, instead of convincing them to leave or, at the least, writing them off as if they don't even exist, until and unless in violation of more laws.  Whose country is this?

We need to (start) stay(ing) the heck out of Syria, but over the weekend Sen. John McCain, obviously in conjunction with the Obama don't-know-a-thing Administration, spoke with the "rebels" of Syria regarding a little armament help (or, we should say, more help, but this time not covertly) from the United States.  Because common wisdom suggests that the U.S. was already running guns to the "rebels" through Benghazi, Libya -- against international law, it would appear -- is McCain's role simply to make it look as though providing armaments to these people has been just fine and ongoing?  The Muslim Brotherhood and its malignant blood relatives Al Qaeda would almost certainly be the beneficiaries, in the long run, of any arms shipped in by the United States.  George Bush started the ball rolling, but Barack Obama seems to have gone out of his way to replace every Middle Eastern dictator with something ultimately worse and more extreme.  History may not be kind to Mr. Obama beyond noting his accomplishment as the country's first black president, but for the moment the mainstream media still love him and hold him responsible for nothing but beautiful flowers growing in quiet fields of bliss. 

Meanwhile, the damage control folks are out there, invisibly doing their part to make sure that Hillary Clinton remains blameless in Benghazi, intending to keep it that way as the next presidential elections creep ever closer.  Trouble is, this scandal has not yet begun to boil over, as it should.  Patricia Smith, mother of a Benghazi victim, continues to tell reporters that The White House has still told her nothing, though both the president and Ms. Clinton promised to get answers for her months ago.  Maybe it's just hard to get answers from people who are the answers?

The alternate universe of "go (blank) yourself" is an interesting place, and when somebody speaks those words the intentions usually aren't kind.  However, if you happen to be Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama performed a unique twist on that phrase for him by saying, in effect, "Go investigate yourself," regarding the Dept. of Justice spying on journalists.  Talk about a fox in the henhouse!  Perhaps the IRS can investigate itself as well, just as soon as certain members of that particular brood cease using the Fifth Amendment the way organized crime figures fashionably did in decades past.

The Internal Revenue "Service" has demonstrated beyond a doubt that its operations have been significantly relegated to a thug atmosphere, and consequently should and must be deactivated within, perhaps, two to three years, and tax collections should rightly be replaced with a flat tax, fair tax or something simple and unencumbered.  There's no repairing the IRS, except back to its original form, and that's generally what we currently endure and abhor.  It's all gotta go, right down to imaginary hot lines and secret e-mails connected to the White House.

They oughta keep the immigration bill out of sight until the people realize how Obama's Unaffordable Care Act, rearing most of its ugly head in 2014, will cost far more than its proponents promised.  Armed with that information, it won't be difficult for critics to understand that projected costs associated with immigration "reform" will likewise charge forth in an unwielding manner.  Seems as though the Administration will keep its stable of behavioral  psychologists working overtime to emotionally win friends and hypnotically influence people into buying this mess -- hook, line and sucker.

Keep freedom of speech free and do not kowtow to special interest groups who swing our government like a hatchet to deny our rights.  I'm sorry as hell that some members of the Islamic community just go to pieces -- or make other people go to pieces, literally -- when its bonkers  radical Islamist element is criticized and condemned, but in America that's just the way things are.  We don't do the Caliphate thing here (hello-o-o-o-o-o Sweden. . .), and we must not sacrifice the religious principles and established beliefs of others to cater specifically to a dangerous sect of nuts or misanthropic throwbacks from centuries long forgotten, which deserve no respect whatsoever. 

Tornadoes, floods and earthquakes tragically remind us that we live each day as guests on the planet, guaranteed not a second more of life if natural forces so dictate.  Too many people now?  I think we were too many long, long ago.  Will gun law lovers Obama and governors such as megalomaniac Cuomo (and mayor Bloomberg) opt to outlaw inclement weather because children died as a result?  And -- we'll all be living happily ever after on Mars when, exactly?  Then again. . .

The Chinese will probably claim Mars, too, as they cheat, steal and lie their way to the top of the heap.  Writing in the Los Angeles Times of May 30, analysts Gordon G. Chang and James A. Lyons, Jr. warn of China's growing military influence and desires among a significant military element to wage war with the United States.  You know, I just couldn't be more proud of all those parents who swoon in ecstasy because their kids learn Mandarin Chinese -- sometimes directly from sweet little ol' Chinese teachers happily provided by China --  in grade school as we march toward globalization of every particle of human life.  It's always so much more convenient when slaves can converse with their masters in the latter's native language. 

Who needs "World War Z" when we already have World War III?  Brad Pitt shouldn't dirty his hands with a zombie war fantasy, when the real thing is current and ongoing.  Just substitute the Muslim Brotherhood for zombies, and you can transform a boring run-of-the-mill zombie death march romance concept into an extremist Islam love story.

SEX ABUSE IN THE MILITARY:   It's been said that sex is the #1 preferred stress reliever among the masses.  Frankly, our current military is stressed out beyond comprehension due to multiple deployments and a chain of leadership topped off by an Administration whose thought processes I wouldn't wish on a rat's brain.  Add nation building to a lengthy list of military chores and responsibilities under the Obama bunch and explain how there can be any degree of cohesiveness.  The Senate needs to play hands-off and let the military take care of its own people regarding sex abuse, and even though critics will protest that such a system isn't working now, Senate intervention will just muck up a bad situation.  Wait, I know -- maybe Washington and a public of the clueless could return to those daring days when military members were treated with respect -- and not subjugated to being waiters and waitresses for Congress and the Administration.

We'll never separate sex from military functions, considering all the testosterone necessary to maintain a strong military (sorry to sound so basic, but it's true), but reducing the enormous pressures driving some members to both sex abuse and suicide would certainly help.  And  just how can they maintain self-respect and concern for others when the commander-in-chief and his collective are increasingly under congressional scrutiny as liars and frauds?  Kinda makes you want to go out and f*** anything in sight just to relieve the pressure of knowing what dangerously agenda-ridden progressive forces dictate your daily activities of life and death.  Except for the very chilling thought of Biden as president, I suspect an Obama impeachment would do wonders for the military.  Won't happen, though, because the very concept of impeachment would tip toward racial intolerance in the current politically correct atmosphere.  So prepare to be screwed to the very last minute of this liar's term.

"We will punish our enemies."  Yes, Obama himself during a speech way back.  Prosecutions have increased and, obviously, revenge using the Internal Revenue Service and a box full of thug -- oops, pardon me -- Chicago-style politics is apparently commonplace.  If you voted for the Obama bunch and still fail to see the unsavory element, the frauds propelling the United States toward a very bad place, I guess I should feel sympathy for you, yet you had a second chance and performed a repetitious movement, and as we all know, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of. . .well, I'll let that go.

Teach tolerance -- and, in turn, learn how easily you can be conquered by those intent upon taking away everything you have and everything you are, with government cooperation and mandates where necessary.  The political left sold out long ago, and I only regret how unaware I was of the eventual consequences.  Or as R. Ripley would have said, believe it or not.

Give 'em back their guns.  New polls indicate that the British want their country's ban on personal firearms lifted.  This comes about in light of the brutal murder and beheading of a soldier in the streets by an Islamic radical whose savagery ultimately proved only that false prophet Mohammad really must have carried a bomb in his turban (remember the cartoon and the rage following its publication?).  Of course the British people should have access to guns as they once did.  England's violent crime rates reportedly skyrocketed during the years since the original ban. 

And guns in school?  I think playground sessions should by mandated to include sessions of cops and robbers, war games and the like, making available toy guns and other pretend weapons -- just to keep the kids aware of what they have in terms of freedom and self-protection, what a repressive government wants them to lose, and what may never be again, once confiscated by a government out of control.  Tick. . .tick. . .tick. . .

Death Panels do appear to be on the agenda for Obamacare.  I'd consider serving on a death panel, though insistent upon making final decisions on who goes and who stays -- oh, and my decisions wouldn't have anything to do with one's health, just, um,other considerations.  Let me at 'em. . .