Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Because

When you were a kid and asked a parent why you couldn't do something,  they probably dismissed you with the words, Just because, and any further protests were usually rewarded with, "Because I said so."  And then came the beatings, bone fractures and concussions, but not to digress too much. . .

Well, "Just Because" was good enough for a song by Elvis Presley, so I guess it's good enough for me, because I'm about to address some of my readers' concerns and would prefer to respond with Oh, just because. . .

Okay, here we go, a little Q and A and FAQs about the blog:

Why don't you allow reader comments on your blog?

Um, just because?  Well, originally I did allow comments, but encountered some problems, and then I was unable to effectively monitor comments or respond in a timely manner.  I only access computers every few days, or sometimes weeks, and I've many things to accomplish at one time during a brief period.  But my e-mail address is available, should readers wish to contact me and are willing to be a bit patient.  Oh -- and why would I wish to wade through hundreds of messages telling me I'm a moron? I already know that.  Repetition about how one hates both my writing and my thoughts is hardly the sincerest form of flattery.

Robert, why aren't you on Facebook?  Do you use Twitter?

I've never subscribed to Facebook and, while I understand there are others on that site who share the same name, none of them are me.  If I'm ever on Facebook, it will probably be because I'm dead and somebody wishes to make the gleeful announcement.  Twitter?  Now, I ask you -- would a real man actually have anything to do with a venture called Twitter -- particularly when you have to put into actual words that you just tweeted somebody?  To me it's like announcing to a wide network of dangerously pathetic people that you just urinated in your pants.

What happened to the UFO subject?  Isn't that what your blog was all about?

From the very start, I spent a few years scanning personal letters and documents and discussing my interest and role in UFO research and publicity of the issue, and all of that can and should be accessed by readers beginning at -- the beginning.  What happened?  Simple.  My story was told and most of the documents I wished to scan were posted for your reading interest (including my separate linked blog about the 1956 motion picture, "U.F.O.").  And, by the way, if you've been poking around the various UFO-related Web sites for a few years, I think you'll find that even the best among them sometimes now have a difficult time saying something new.  Years pass by, details disappear, researchers and UFO witnesses die, and now we're all enveloped by a world of drones, lies, and secret government and private industry flying things so weird in appearance and maneuvers that folks with too much time on their hands see non-UFO UFOs endlessly, often making digital photos and videos that may prove dramatic, but little more than that when all is said and done to death.  That's why I. . .

. . .That's why I still feature the UFO issue, but only if I've something to contribute.  In the meantime, I happened to notice, hmm, the world is going to hell and, worse, the United States is just about ready to become a mental case from coast to coast as our country is nudged and prodded and lied to by an ever-growing, out-of-control government.  I think potential dangers posed by the established, bloated political parties are immense, and if I can spend some time using my minimal literary talents to put the rot and thugs up there for all to see while I opine about things as I interpret them, that's what I'll do. 

You have a blog about your Air Force years.  Did you see any UFOs while enlisted?

I'd love to have a UFO story or two, but no.  I flew a little, but during 99.999 percent of on-duty time I was working inside Air Force hospitals, where the only things in high flight were some fellow medical personnel who propped themselves up with drugs.  Then again, as I wrote during this blog's early years, I did have an instance or two where my prior and ongoing interest in UFOs -- of which the military was fully aware, because I had to list organizational affiliations -- may have precipitated an official response.  Incidentally, should you wonder if I look like an alien or some bizarre critter, a few photos are readily available when you click on the Air Force blog.  Then again, in today's world of deception and lies, maybe I photo-shopped 'em.  You'll never know.

Robert, what's up with the dog blog?

I intended more commentary, but ended up with a parking place for a few photos of my long-departed Pekingese.  I could have added an abundance of animal photos from a long line of family pets which included horses, German Shepherds, poodles, cats, hamsters, a bird, white mice and chameleons -- plus beasts in the field -- but what's the point?  I had no desire to be like those well-intentioned folks who lovingly take videos of their cat stepping out of a litter box after pooping, jumping directly onto the dining room table and walking across the dinner plates just before affectionately rubbing its butt across somebody's face.  Mmmmm-mm! Yummy!  When I was a kid, I knew a woman who ran a little bar / eating place / illegal gambling establishment and she had a cat named "Smokey" wandering around.  Smokey was a nice enough cat, but more than once I watched that cat jump up on the counter and walk on uncooked hamburger patties.  So -- who wants a video of that?

Any plans for the future?

Death, eventually.  Did I miss something?