Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spinal Tap for The Fourth Estate


The strangest things happen in the background while we busy ourselves with brainless TV comedies, or thrill to the sight of folks propelling balls into holes or baskets, over nets or to great distances and heights.  Creepy things that seem so unrelated, so insignificant to the man, woman or child on the street.


While some of us have been sleeping, and generally continue to slumber, towering media organizations such as the Associated Press and Fox News discovered their phones, e-mails and most vital communications have been hacked and tapped and snooped upon by people hanging on every word -- that is, government people, at the highest levels.

Some sources suggest that this is just the tip of a very huge, submersible iceberg -- that, in fact, there may be more information out there regarding news organizations which, if brought forth, could be devastating to the current Administration. 

Already, such revelations have had a chilling effect on whistle blowers in general, and obviously the result would be the same for active and even current military personnel who might wish to step forth with UFO documentation and testimony, so let us not look upon the government intervention publicized recently as specific only to leaks regarding Middle Eastern affairs and the like.

The Obama Administration at the highest levels, in addition to the IRS and Eric "Fast & Furious" Holder's Department of Just-His, has a lot of explaining to do about a lot of things.  Not that they walk alone, of course.  Trouble is, when a population and its very media are intimidated and directed by the arrogance, dominance and manipulation exhibited by an Administration gone damned nearly funky-chicken paranoid, as patriotic whistle blowers of note and repute are at last coming forward to warn us all, even routine matters can sizzle with potential danger.  Who will save us, if not ourselves?