Friday, June 28, 2013

The Non Compos Mentis Government of the United States

There were two little things missing when President Obama spoke to folks at Georgetown and invoked omnipresent man-made climate change demons:  A spaceman helmet and uniform similar to what Klaatu wore in "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (the original with Michael Rennie, not the quickly forgotten remake cluttered up with Keanu Reeves and a badly digitalized Gort).  Frankly, I'm surprised Obama didn't begin his speech with an almost obligatory, "People of Earth, I've come here today to warn you of perils of your own making, perils far beyond your ability to understand as individuals, and dangers way, way beyond anything posed by the Tea Party. . ."

One of the first quotes I remember from this president was his promise to deal with green vs. non-green energy, and that energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket" once he fined and punished the stuffing out of coal plants and components of the fossil fuel industry.  Conveniently, Obama excludes newer research indicating that "global warming" has stood still for years, and utterly ignores mountains of fraudulent university research already duly noted by competent members of the media.  What's he going to do about "it" when nobody really knows how to address "it?"  Why, tax, tax, tax, naturally.  He'll tax them, they'll tax us and we -- well, we don't matter.  The economy will decline just as it begins (possibly) to rebound and energy bills will strangle consumers everywhere.   If this plan takes wing via a series of Executive Orders, Obama's one-man, one-rule method of shutting Congress out of major decisions, watch for lawsuits galore by energy companies, and surely higher energy prices at all levels until things get settled.  Or worsened.  True to form, our increasingly contradictory second-term wonder condemns the United States coal industry, yet mumbles little to nothing about China's explosion in coal-burning power plants -- constructed at the amazing rate of two a week, last we heard.  I'm always willing to consider the man-made climate change evidence, but there must be a pretty solid consensus among the scientific community, and the hard science needs to come from scientists, not from an empty political suit of any party, and surely not from ringmaster Al Gore.  Meanwhile, climate change and weather anomalies roll on across the globe as always, with or without our assistance.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama's poll numbers continue to plummet, and I enthusiastically hope part of this is because young people are catching on, realizing that political interests falsely claiming ownership of the country often rely upon liars and betrayers who promise that which cannot truly be promised without shape-shifting us into another kind of government. 

The day I discovered that Mr. Obama's good buddies / immigration proponents / White House visitors La Raza had a name which translated into English as The Race was the day I knew everything I needed to know about immigration "reform:"  Don't bother.  We're under no obligation whatsoever to legalize criminals by countless -- yes, countless -- millions in a bonkers maneuver destined to transform legal citizens into members of a lesser economic class. Remember that when elections roll around later and the votes of your representatives today come to mind.

GAY MARRIAGE RULING -- POISED TO ALLOW GAY PEOPLE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO BE AS MISERABLE AS TRADITIONAL COUPLES, as divorce attorneys throughout the land rub their palms in frantic anticipation of gay post-nuptial crashes.  My new newspaper and online want ad shall appropriately read as follows:  
Older gentleman wishes to be adopted by young married gay or lesbian couple with endless monetary reserves.  Not likely to spend virtually any time with you, due to my harried existence, but your mature adopted son will insist upon an exclusive villa or two just for me, numerous automobiles of my choosing, a few dozen credit cards (of which you are responsible for all charges), and a generous cash allowance of many thousands of dollars per month.  In return, I can assure you of my utmost and profound loyalty as it relates to my perpetual  absence from your lives.  Spurious inquiries only, please.

Military suicides have doubled since last year.  Aside from multiple deployments to the Middle East and the deterioration of basic rights in the United States in the name of and excuse for security, the absence of leadership at the top and what often appears as only a grudging respect for the military by the current Administration might have a tremendous bearing upon the problem.  While military psychologists and psychiatrists labor over the why of it all, maybe we should just try getting us the hell out of the Middle East to effect a cure.

An 18-year-old at the George Zimmerman murder trial can't read cursive writing, doesn't pay attention to the news and only watches news programs to get the weather forecast.  Wonderful.  There's the result of the education system in a significant chunk of America, and these are the folks who stop partying and worshipping rock stars just long enough to vote for the Democrats -- or just for Obama merely because he represents a racial ethnicity and says brainy stuff like "yes we can."

Yet another IRS commissioner "takes the 5th" and refuses to answer questions.  Is this the government or the mob?  Again, where is the leadership in this country?  One pathetic excuse for leadership currently escapes to Africa, where nobody asks questions of him about America's decline and his role in its ongoing misery.

Some ask how many more government scandals can the country take, but I wonder how much longer security personnel of integrity can continue adequately protecting government thugs in high places.  Security folks' stomachs must churn over what's happening to the country thanks to those they serve.  When are attractive paychecks no longer enough?  When do they just throw up their hands, lay down their weapons and say, "Sorry fools, you're on your own."

Hey, Paula Deen -- no, no, your worst mistake was campaigning for Mr. Obama.  Notice how he jumped right in there -- not --  to defend you while you twisted in the winds of public and corporate racial hysteria?  Or maybe he was just too busy preparing for that fabulous 100 million dollar trip to Africa, another excuse to avoid questions about his scandal-ridden Administration? 

The U.S. Senate passes its version of an immigration reform bill.  What courage!  How brave!  How characteristic in defying the will of the American people!  La Raza and corporate lobbyists must be very pleased, indeed.  Me?  I couldn't possibly be more proud of the well-connected senators who just trashed my country with their bloated, mostly unread bill reflecting a  pathway to damn-nesty.  Can we trust the House to snip immigration reform into nothingness?  Since nobody bothered enforcing the last immigration reform law, there's ample reason to mistrust and doubt House representatives this time as well.  When this fiasco ends, however it ends, the electorate will do well to remember those golden words directed toward politicians who serve anybody but you:  Throw the bums out.

Leaks R Us:  I still quiver over my decision circa 1969 to appear on a local TV show to discuss UFOs while home on leave from the Air Force -- a risky venture for military personnel back then -- even though neither men in black nor helicopters with nukes pursued me afterwards.  But (sigh...) move over, Ed Snowden, here we go again.  Now, according to NBC News, former Marine general James Cartwright, who worked closely with the Obama bunch on the Stuxnet program, is being investigated for leaking info about the hybrid computer virus which invaded and successfully mucked up Iran's computerized nuclear operations some time back.  I contend, still, that a profoundly disturbing absence of leadership at the top in the USA helps drive whistleblower decisions, bad or good.  Persistent chipping away of morale among government and military personnel by an Administration often unimpressed with success and accomplishments of the individual can do a lot of damage.  Maybe it starts when a sitting president, blatantly unaware of facts, finds it necessary to shoot off his mouth to announce to the country after an incident several states away that police "acted stupidly."  Watch for leaks to pop forth from even more outlets within a government out of control, as political bickering continues -- while nobody's steering the ship of state away from destructively submerged rocks waiting just ahead.

I can't believe I'm praising somebody in Hollywood, but I was pleasantly surprised when young actor Frankie Muniz commented via a tweet (there's that word again) a few weeks ago about what a bad president Obama is.  He gets it?  Maybe there's hope yet, and word has it that the entertainment industry hosts no shortage of folks who realize the dangers, nuances and phony actions of this Administration of frauds.