Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Ephemeral Nature of Incredulity's Protective Viscous Layers

Maybe some of my critics now know why I'm just as comfortable exploring political issues (albeit awkwardly) as I am the UFO subject:  It all comes down to lies.  Lies of convenience, lies to cover up, lies to change history, lies to deny the truth, lies intended to create more lies. . .and on and on.  Oh, almost forgot -- lies to keep an agenda progressing.

Some of you continue to cling to a disclosure fantasy, certain that the beneficent Obama White House is "on our side," poised to spill the beans about extraordinary UFO matters. 

But just feast your eyes upon this week's escalating news of a government gone wild, and there's no way the fat lady is prepared to sing melodies of disclosure yet.  Quite the opposite, I should imagine.

I served in the Air Force under President Richard Nixon and later watched the Watergate scandal unfold. As I recall, nobody died by way of Watergate.  But four Americans are dead under Benghazigate, and that little piece of outrageous real estate is owned by President Obama and Hillary Clinton -- two people whom the mainstream media have gone all out to protect, no matter what.  Until maybe it cannot anymore.  Tick, tick, tick -- the Obama fantasy, arguably the most dangerous American government influence in modern history, teeters in preparation for a potential fall.  Tick, tick, tick . . .now the media reports that the Internal Revenue Service corruption regarding highly illegal treatment of conservative groups and individuals may indeed reach into Washington, D.C.  Tick, tick, tick. . .Over the past several days, an impressive list of names has received considerable attention, showing numerous marital and family relationships between people high up in TV news divisions and people working for the Obama Administration.  Tick. . .tick. . .tick. . .the Associated Press and ?? news organizations and journalists discover the Justice Dept. (Obama Corp., Fast and Furious Division, Eric Holder, prop.) has monitored their phone call records, so now they're worried.  Be worried, be very worried.  Tick, tick, tick. . .When news organizations and reporters embrace repressive government institutions with love and affection, as if rolling carefree in road kill, whilst simultaneously ignoring the rising stench of corruption, little good will usually come of it. 

Obama warned students during another hideous speech last week to pay no attention to whispers of tyranny in the federal government.  Just days later, government tyranny has smacked us in the face.  Funny how life works.

Kind of ironic that Steve Bassett's shindig in D.C. dealt in part with government secrecy while almost simultaneously the president's Benghazi nightmare began to unfold to depths previously publicly untold.  If that weren't enough, obvious political tricks via the Internal Revenue Service began to surface.

But back to Bassett's affair for a moment.  There's no point in extensive re-hash, because you can Read All About It via various links in the margin.  To be blunt, I was surprised because there were more positives than negatives during the week-long session -- though the negatives generally receive the best publicity.  I was comforted to see former USAF captain Robert Salas return to Washington -- with former military colleagues of a similar mind -- to emphasize the importance of instances where UFOs have visited nuclear weapons facilities.  Salas and others had front-row seats to such events in the past, and must not be ignored.

Of special interest were the accounts of two former Air Force airmen who may have been exposed to dangerous emissions of -- something -- during their UFO encounters at Bentwaters (the Rendlesham Forest incident) in 1980, because they are absolutely unable to access their military medical records from the government.  As journalist Billy Cox reported (see link), even Arizona Sen. John Kyl was unable to pry medical information from the government on their behalf.  Perhaps Mr. Obama or Mr. Holder or Ms. Napolitano could help?  Then again, I doubt it.  No national security issues to see here, either, so just move along folks. . .

A dirty and dangerous White House?  If you didn't suspect it before, you should suspect it now.  If you still don't wonder, you probably won't allow yourself the obligation to do so.  Meantime, we're all being spied upon by the, uh, most open Administration in history.

As surely as I'm typing this rant right now, both the military services and government agencies of note are staffed with men and women who know things, important and dreadful things, leading them to question the viability and intentions of the Obama Administration.  I guess whistle-blowing isn't what it used to be, but if there are stories to be told, they need to be related securely and safely, for tyranny, it appears, may not be just a state of mind in the current political atmosphere.  I say, blow those damned whistles and keep blowing them until the national tarnish evaporates and the criminals of bureaucracy -- and not the whistleblowers -- go off to prison.

CONGRATULATIONS ABC-TV NEWS BLUNDERERS:  When David Muir reported on the Benghazi affair Saturday evening (May 11), the caption at the bottom of the screen read BENGHAZI BLACKLASH.  Huh?  In the words of the chronically paranoid -- isn't that racist?  Not only has TV journalism taken the long road to the village of Usuck, its human components apparently find the ability to spell words correctly a foolish imposition.