Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Post Blue Book Era and Ultrasound Updated

Bits of this-and-that today: About six years after jotting down notes that eventually became the APRO article, I wrote a longer piece on ultrasound and its possible relationship to the UFO phenomenon for the May, 1976 issue of Official UFO, my first venture into the world of national magazines, and here's the cover in stereo (say what you will about the blurbs, but the cover itself was appealing and colorful -- and to see my article title prominently reflected at the top was both an exciting and humbling experience). Once I started writing a few articles for national magazines, mail started coming in from all over the USA and other countries, demonstrating that the public continued to maintain a serious interest in the UFO subject.

Making this point balances well with the 1972 letter posted here. Soon after my USAF discharge I contacted the Air Force unit at Hancock Field and offered my assistance in accepting UFO reports. However, by then the Air Force had divorced itself from the UFO issue in no uncertain terms, where the man, woman or child on the street was concerned, and this public information officer made the official position clear -- there would be no forwarding of UFO reports to any public source whatsoever. While some official agencies did indeed offer up points of civilian contact regarding sightings (such as CUFOS), most did not. Obviously, over time various publicly available sources and organizations -- particularly via the Internet now -- have taken up the cause and accept UFO reports graciously. In the meantime, let there be no doubt whatsoever that government facilities continue to record and investigate troubling UFO encounters and incidents with all the secrecy and censorship abilities available -- abilities currently almost as vast as the known universe, we may assume.