Friday, October 5, 2007

Blue Book Descends and TIME Blows Condon a Kiss

As the Air Force's Project Blue Book sank into oblivion, expressed in a short article from The Inspector General Brief (I typed what I read onto the paper shown here, the relevant phrase underlined by me for emphasis), some members of the media continued to believe the negative Colorado UFO study had churned out the final word. A Time Magazine editor's letter, for example, embraces Dr. Condon's project absolutely -- hook, line and sinker. The reason, then and now, remains primarily because many journalists simply don't take the time, or have not the desire, to examine all the evidence. There's little point in elaboration or correction here because I've offered numerous previous posts about Condon/Colorado, and my position, and history's account of the project as a "fiasco" (Look Magazine's superb designation), is clear. However, you will note via the brief passage in the TIG Brief that UFOs which could affect "national security" will continue to be reported -- interesting, since the perpetual government statements of pure distortion indicate that UFOs represent no threat to our national security. And so it goes, on and on and on.