Saturday, July 28, 2007

NARCAP Confirms the Extraordinary at O'Hare

You may recall that on November 7 last year a possible UFO hovering for several minutes over Chicago's O'Hare Airport was observed by multiple witnesses, only to depart suddenly and dramatically upward, apparently punching a hole in the clouds overhead. The Chicago Tribune and National UFO Reporting Center intrigued public interest by revealing facts known at the time.

But at last, the long-awaited hardcore scientific investigation has been completed and just released by the National Aviation Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), with the complete report available as a free-download .pdf file of 152 detailed pages, including charts, graphs, photos, eyewitness testimony, etc. It turns out that the unidentified remains scientifically enigmatic. Quoting from NARCAP's summary, which prefers the term UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena):

"We postulate that the instantaneous nature of the HIC (hole in clouds -- r.b.) formation, the circular shape, and its sharp edges all point to the direct emission of, for example, electromagnetic radiation from the surface of the oblate spheroid as the proximate cause of the HIC. We cannot identify the object or phenomenon lying inside the oblate spheroid surface, but two conclusions seem inescapable: 1) the object or phenomenon observed would have to have been something objectively and externally real to create the HIC effect; and, 2) the HIC phenomenon associated with this object cannot be explained by either conventional weather phenomena or conventional aerospace craft, whether acknowledged or unacknowledged."

Final word? Well, the skeptics and debunkers will try to have the final word, as usual -- but in scientific terms, this UFO -- this UAP -- currently glows absolutely test-strip positive.*

See a brief summary at, or download the .pdf file directly at:

* We must keep in mind that NARCAP's primary concern is to establish whether UAP represent a safety hazard to flight personnel and passengers. In the O'Hare case, the predominant opinion clearly sites a danger precipitated by the well-witnessed UAP.