Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Congressman Who Dared

New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff died much too young as a victim of skin cancer in 1998, but he left an official legacy of sorts as a champion of people who demanded information about the 1947 Roswell UFO incident. Because Roswell is "big stuff" again with the release of a new book and the quickly infamous "Walter G.Haut affidavit," we really should take a moment to remember Schiff's brief, yet important, contribution to the investigation.

Schiff aggressively attempted to learn the facts about Roswell via official channels such as the General Accounting Office, but repeatedly met "stone walls" and accounts of Roswell documentation having been systematically destroyed years ago. A letter I received from his office in 1994, shown here (click on it to enlarge), demonstrates his passion to obtain information from any and all potential sources.

Congressional members willing to actively pursue UFO-related issues, especially in full view of public scrutiny, unfortunately seem far and few between currently. If only they realized what heroes they would be to all of us, should the day ever come when they resolve to stop at nothing until we, the people, have the truth to which we're entitled, as members of what once glittered briefly, and now precariously, as a free and open society.

Steven Schiff -- Thank you, sir, we salute your rare memory, for you stood alone while others cowered, chuckled or pursued political goals purely of the self-help variety.