Friday, July 6, 2007

Bobby Kennedy Cried No UFO Tears

Despite what you may have read over the years, the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy was not a rabid proponent of UFOs, and I hope the three letters his office sent to me in 1965 dispel those rumors once and for all. We may now also assume with virtual certainty that a widely distributed letter supposedly sent to the late writer/publisher Gray Barker in the sixties -- with Kennedy seeming to express a deep interest in UFO reality -- is a hoax.

I first sent copies of my Kennedy letters to Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron a few years ago, where he posted them (along with the questionable Gray Barker letter, as well as another legitimate low-key RFK letter to another constituent regarding UFOs) at his web site, Presidential UFO (see link). Grant would appear to be the first Web-based researcher to expose the Barker/Kennedy letter sham for the lie it obviously is.

Grant's Web site offers a detailed and unique interpretation of how various U.S. presidents approached the UFO subject, and his extensive and comprehensive research, much of it culminated from visits to various presidential libraries, is definitely worth a look You'll find a minor contribution or two from me, as well, and I thank Grant for including things from my own files on his site.

If, by any chance, Robert Kennedy did harbor different UFO views, privately or professionally, public documents have apparently never demonstrated any such aspect of his thoughts.