Tuesday, July 31, 2007

L x 2 = Thank You

The letter "L" appears poised to take over the blog in the next several days because, for one thing, I plan to post some old letters from the late Coral Lorenzen of APRO (see my tribute to her way earlier in blog entries).

However, I also want to bring two more "L's" to your attention now. The first is Lesley, whose popular blog, The Debris Field is widely read and offers readers a daily list of links to UFO-related and other articles and web sites of interest. Her links are timely and informative, a contemporary mix leading us to the weird, the conventional and the weirdly conventional. Not to exclude, of course, that Lesley kindly includes a link to this blog, new though it is, when she feels I've something of potential interest for her readers. Lesley's daily blog, placing a potpourri of the unusual before your eyes, may be found at thedebrisfield.blogspot.com. Thanks Lesley. Also. . .

L also stands for Lucius, as in Lucius Farish, a UFO writer and researcher for decades. Lou also hosts the annual Ozark UFO conference which attracts many speakers of note. I've corresponded with him since, if memory serves, the late seventies, when he formerly wrote a column entitled, "In Others' Words" for The MUFON UFO Journal. Lucius is extremely knowledgeable about UFO history and has written numerous articles over the years for various publications.

As long as I've known him, Lucius has also published the monthly UFONS (UFO News Service) compilation, a collection of UFO-related news clippings from around the world. If you wish to subscribe to this fine publication or find further details about UFONS and the annual Ozark conference, please go to http://www.ozarkufo.com/ufons.htm You can also write Lucius Farish directly via e-mail at ufons@webtv.net Thanks, Lou, for being a fund of knowledge.