Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NICAP's "The Year of the UFO" (September)

John G. Fuller's essential book, Incident at Exeter, was sired by dramatic events in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1965, highlighted here on the September calendar. September 19, 1961 commemorates the Barney and Betty Hill alleged abduction incident. Also noted is the "first landing case" documented during the French UFO wave of 1954, a period noted for reports of UFO occupants, electromagnetic and physiologic effects.

Pretoria, South Africa, contributed an incredible UFO evidence case in 1965 when police officers witnessed a disc-shaped object taking off from a road with a blazing exit, igniting and burning a hole in the road surface.

Significant UFO memorabilia such as the "Operation Mainbrace" events (NATO pilots encounter UFOs, and the second consecutive night of sightings is mentioned here) and the Fort Monmouth, NJ incident (1951) are recorded here. By September of 1967, the troubling phenomenon of animal mutilations (cattle, horses, etc.) began to make national headlines.

Whatever one thinks about 1952's (UFO-related?) "Flatwoods Monster" of West Virginia, the subject of a recent book and possibly a future motion picture, this peculiar story is noted on September 12.