Saturday, June 16, 2007

NICAP's "The Year of the UFO" (July)

Taken as a 12-month collection, NICAP's calendar months from 1972 instantly provide an historical oversight to a phenomenon which should not be ignored by anybody interested in the pursuit of science and truth. The skeptics are wrong to wallow in their skepticism just for skepticism's sake, and debunkers are just plain wrong, maybe dangerously wrong, as they serve as a stone-wall impediment to open and inquiring minds.

July throughout UFO history of the forties, fifties and sixties overflows with important events. Small "humanoids" are observed in France in 1965, a pilot and co-pilot over Walesville, NY eject from their craft in 1954 during pursuit of a UFO as a sensation of intolerable heat overwhelms them, and beginning in July, 1946 "ghost rockets" invade Swedish skies and continue until well into 1947. In 1962 an X-15 pilot is accompanied by a UFO for five seconds before it departs quickly.

This is also the famous month when Washington, D.C. remained on alert for UFOs in 1952, as multiple objects were observed visually, tracked via radar and pursued by military pilots -- and even as government officials attempted to assure an anxious public that all was well, all vestiges of rare openness with the press and public about reported UFO activity were about to disappear forever (the 1953 CIA-convened "Robertson Panel" assured, we might say, new threads for the curtain of censorship).

Navy chief photographer Delbert Newhouse filmed an incredible group of somethings over Tremonton, Utah, in July of 1952, objects still unexplained to this day (sadly, Mr. Newhouse died a few months ago, just, literally, hours before a TV documentary crew reached him for a planned interview).

Do scientists see UFOs? July's notations will help you say the word, and the word is clearly yes.