Monday, June 11, 2007

Gerald Ford, UFOs & Colorado University

In light of the previous "NICAP'S Year of the UFO" post where I referenced the Michigan "marsh gas" furor, it is worth remembering that Gerald Ford, then a Michigan congressman and House minority leader, demanded a government UFO inquiry. His persistence eventually led to the infamous University of Colorado UFO project headed up by the late Dr. Edward U. Condon. When Look Magazine eventually published a disturbing article by author John G. Fuller exposing dishonesty and an internal memo stating that the "study" should have a negative result, no matter the evidence, Ford expressed his anger. Here's a letter I received after writing him about the Look Magazine revelations. How interesting that, once people such as Ford and Jimmy Carter become President of the U.S., they are never again vocal about UFOs -- as they were prior to assuming high office.