Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Out of Your Head and Into Your Genitalia

When the late educator Dr. Max Rafferty wrote a popular national newspaper column many years ago, he never backed off from his opinion that some in the professional mental health community were little better than fraudsters, and in fact he referred to them as "these birds."  We wrote a little about Dr. Rafferty on this blog way back, and you can read this by using the search engine at the top and typing in Max Rafferty's name.

I thought of Rafferty a few days ago when the uproar started over an article in the American Psychological Association's January journal in which the concept of masculinity was not only called into question, but attacked as if a monster on the prowl.  Referencing what is claimed as 40 years of research data, the mind squeezers responsible for this, um, breakthrough piece expressed difficulties with certain attributes of masculinity such as a focus upon achievement, stoicism, competitiveness, disliking an appearance of weakness, being aggressive and having a potential for violent acts, a risk for adventure and anti-femininity (not wishing to be considered feminine).  Conclusions of this breathtaking project apparently point to the startling determination that traditional masculinity -- that "man thing," don'tchaknow -- is bad, bad, ever so bad.

Strange, too, that the report seems to look askance at men dependent upon self-reliance and therefore are less likely to seek out psychological treatment for their problems!  Wow, do we sense a feared loss of income in the old psych office?

I suppose, with all the fireworks lately about "toxic masculinity" that such research was bound to surface, and if leftists and globalists aren't involved with this claptrap in some way I would be very surprised.

The thing is, there are people out there who are brought up with pretty decent lives, never experiencing much in the way of trauma, who eventually climb the ladder of education, and once they achieve a certain maximum intellectually, they have little more to do but conduct research, often with government funding, so they can produce not only something solid that puts their names in the history books, but something that will be set loose upon the unfortunate masses who have little or no say regarding its effects.  Usually, projects are conducted "for the good of humanity," which turns out to be utter nonsense once humanity becomes, generally, the unwilling or unwitting recipient of project findings -- which may be evidenced in the form of local or national laws.

So, the psych folk, some of them, would seemingly prefer to extract masculinity from men and boys, as if its very nature is something akin to "The Tingler" in that old William Castle/Vincent Price horror movie from the fifties?  What the hell is wrong with us?  More than that, what the hell is wrong with these freaking head people who obviously have nothing better to do than attempt to engineer our lives, along with all the crackpot AI/robot manipulators currently experiencing similar success in their own way?

Wars wouldn't have been won without masculinity, police couldn't accomplish dramatic feats every day without it and firemen wouldn't save people from burning buildings without masculine qualities.  So, what, we suddenly don't need or want masculine role models anymore?  How convenient!  How dangerous to the survival of the species and to the individual.

We know the psychological and psychiatric fields host many, many good people dedicated to helping others.  But that said, may I just reiterate a point I have noted in the past, and that is that during both my military time working in hospitals and in hospitals outside the military, I encountered a number of these particular medical professionals, and a fair share -- to me -- were just as strange or bizarre as they come.  And I wonder if folks like these had a hand in the masculinity research. 

Freedom of speech and open-ended publication are great, but a significant segment of our society -- government -- eats this psycho-blah-blah stuff up as if food from the gods, and its representatives (primarily on the left) tend to go bonkers in instituting new rules to further turn the thumb screws on individuals, corporations and schools. 

Good grief, can we please, please just be people, unencumbered by mad scientists and credentialed foolishness?  Can pompous know-it-alls who, somewhere along the way, separated themselves from the rest of society and decided they know best, stop finding ways to emasculate boys and men or to make some very dangerous assumptions about gender identities and the often radical solutions to alter gender?  As almost anything considered male is being shoved off into an ignored corner and t-shirts adorned with the words, "The future is female" proliferate, an extreme leftist concept much more frightening than masculinity lurks.

But. . .psychologists afflicted with penis-envy -- research -- take heart!  New studies indicate that men's penises may be a half inch shorter if their parents were exposed to non-stick chemicals (who wasn't???), PFCs, such as Teflon.  Between this and lowering sperm counts, it may not be long before the "problem" of masculinity will be as extinct as the dodo bird.

More science at work:  If true that United Nations (oh, Jesus Christ. . .) research indicates that the world's oceans are warming 40 percent faster than expected (oops), what does that say about the quality of climate change research in general?  Computer projections and bull crap agenda-soaked allegations will destroy us all, and in the end nobody knows anything.

Congratulations to those who voted some very, um, interesting Democrats into the House.  Anybody expecting the next round of extremely beneficial tax cuts from the Trump administration can forget it, for the Dems will do all they can to obliterate any further Trump-initiated tax reductions for the American people -- and will likely make Trump look like the bad guy in the process.

Meanwhile, extreme elements of both political parties should be watched carefully as plans for increased Internet surveillance of individuals like plain ol' you and me and the small business down the street could be on the political agenda.  We know this sort of thing is bad for China's people, and anything similar in the USA and eventually everywhere would be a disaster for human freedom.  When big government and high-level corporate interests exercise their cozy relationship to spy on us for reasons not necessarily favorable to us, beware and trust carefully.

The masochistic voting bloc:  The mystery remains -- why do Democrat voters even exist, since the party for which they vote, as has been more than demonstrated recently, cares far more about illegal invaders than the American citizens who vote for them?  This is not an infantile observation, but we believe the question of sanity and/or one's personal decision to be educated about their actions in the voting booth is valid.  Their rage at Trump coming in as an outsider to shake the system up in Washington confounds, for Democrats should be delighted at the prospect of seeing the Establishment finally (if perhaps only momentarily) receiving a nasty, unanticipated blow to its self-serving function -- or in writing this, did I just make a case for Democrats being profoundly elite and establishment material themselves?

Lowering Higher Education 101:  We are extremely gratified to learn that a number of educators have condemned Asao B. Inoue, Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Director of University Writing and the Writing Center at the University of Washington at Tacoma.  Aside from whatever all of that professional bull poop designates, the good professor appears to be bent upon changing how students write because current rules accommodate white folk and not so much other peoples.  Prof. Inoue has a problem with "white language supremacy" and prefers "alternative" grading standards for students' writing — such as "labor-based grading contracts."

Some teachers apparently consider this half-baked level stuff which can only steer students into illiteracy (not that they aren't already there) and ill-preparedness for their future.  We concur, though we expect this line of New Think will easily complement a November survey revealing that one in five millennials see the American flag as “a sign of intolerance and hatred,” and two out of five believe burning the American flag is just fine. I understand that flag-burning is a basic right under our ability to protest, but where does this rank in conjunction with dangerous teachings injected into young American heads held hostage by a troubling public school indoctrination system devoid of civics classes?

Our credit cards take prisoners:  Slowly but increasingly reported by various news sources (Breitbart, for one) is what questioning minds might believe is a conspiracy among major credit card companies to deprive businesses and individuals from exercising their Second Amendment rights via card purchases.  Worse, political views sometimes seem to exert a bearing on who can and cannot use credit card payment services.  If anything requires a new look at card-issuing financial institutions by Congress, this may be it.

Were I some lethal, unknown organism on Mars, undetectable by Earth's exploratory devices and knowledge, wouldn't I be drooling at the prospect of unwitting transport to Earth by deep-mining equipment operated by any number of countries eager for the first and the most?

How to make one big, happy political party:  Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has introduced a bill to end the Electoral College.  It's hardly surprising that this would be one of the first idiocies the Democrats would sponsor once they regained the House because, for one thing, Hillary would have been President without the EC's grand influence.  Democrats and easily led millennials may think ridding us of the Electoral College is a great victory for all, but the primary advantage will be an endless cycle of only Democrats elected to key positions.  Once you have the popular vote from California, New York City and other high-population cities known to have the Democrat tipping point, these will be the folks getting their leftist gift after every election, effectively shutting out smaller states with right-leaning populations.  The Electoral College is not perfect, but so far it's the only method we have to assure a modicum of fair elections dominated by no one state.

Russian murderers and Chinese Thought Thugs:  We understand that Putin and Co. has raised the stakes on murdering homosexuals, one-upping  China, whose monster leaders merely force Muslims and others into "re-education" camps.  Do any of these criminals realize that centuries have passed and it's no longer cool to act like throwbacks?  Guess not.  So United Nations, you worthless piece of over-funded excrement, where are you on these issues?