Monday, January 7, 2019

Obama's Eternal Gifts

(Readers:  Today I added links to Campus and The College Fix, excellent sources which demonstrate how institutions of so-called higher learning "dumb down" the young and prop up the absurd and intolerable.  Trade school looks better all the time and cheaper, too!)

As we watch New York's government speeding down the road to all soft communism, all the time, it's fun to think back on other gifts awarded American society by Democrats.  For instance, now that China has put a spacecraft on the moon's dark side, equipped to perform unknown chores probably detrimental to the United States in one form or another, we cannot thank Barack Obama profoundly enough for pretty much gutting NASA support during his eight years of national ruin.  Is China doing pure science, attempting to gain the edge on helium-3 and/or trying to hide its agenda from U.S. surveillance?  Obama's failure to keep the U.S. space program superior in nature left the door open for other countries to overtake and put our technological space security in jeopardy, but his loyal clueless fans haven't even noticed.  We wish the U.S. and Russia could gravitate into mutually friendlier terms eventually, both keeping a very cautious eye on China, which may not give a damn about using space for peaceful purposes.

Trump's wall:  Badly required, but at what price to Democrats AND Republicans who put self-interest above national interest and security?

Grab-bagging with Kevin Spacey:  This national preoccupation with who touched, fondled or explored whom has become ever so annoying.  Look, if an 18-year-old man -- emphasized as still a "teenager" -- can't fend off an older Kevin Spacey in Nantucket (hmm, reminds me of a limerick. . .), who allegedly accomplished a dive into his pants at a bar, and then has to be defended by his mommy, a former member of the TV news crowd, then so what?  To be polite, I strive to avoid the man/boy sexual element which boasts a long and not unusual history in the world, but at least in the states we endure such an on-again/off-again attitude about touching and feeling (essential attributes of the animal and insect world) to the point of paranoia that a conversation devoid of hoary religious dogma and "breaking the law" is virtually impossible.  But to return to the original point -- an 18-year-old man, reportedly claiming to be 23, allegedly being felt up by A WEALTHY ACTOR in a bar, and the guy suffered, what, permanent brain damage or something while or after recording the incident on Snapchat??  Give me a break.  That judges coddle this bullshit in their courtrooms turns the legal system into a legal cistern.  "Sex abuse" is such an all-inclusive term, and taking it to the limits of either hilarity or hysteria is tearing human interactions apart.  Thanks for this, too, radical psychoneurotic Democrats.

Vaccines and autism:  The Full Measure TV show produced a brief but powerful report about information regarding the dark side of vaccinations being kept from the public by the government.  If you missed it, visit the Web site and check out the few minutes of this must-see feature.  Incidentally, we have spent time now and then discussing with medical personnel the controversy over giving infants MULTIPLE vaccinations before they've even had a chance to develop natural immunity on their own.  Big Pharma and "established medicine" are not always our friends, especially when huge money sours the point of view, and it's a shame that physicians who don't necessarily follow "traditional" medical practice can lose everything when they try a little ingenuity not strictly accepted in the establishment's witches' cauldron.

While new Rep. Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated on 60 Minutes her flair for drama and ignorance, it was interesting that Rep. Rashida Tlaib demonstrated a foul mouth probably instructed by a foul brain. 

That one new Muslim congresswoman took her oath of office on Thomas Jefferson's copy of the Quran seemed an idiotic move.  Jefferson obtained a Quran not because he cherished the religion, but because he wanted evidence of the religion's horrors and dangers posed to a civilized society repulsed by the worship of death, dismemberment and the religious conversion of others against their will.  For my money, they should'a made her take the oath on a polygraph.

Mitt Romney:  Welcome, Mr. Senator.  Too bad you have that Trump flip-flop going on.  Romney has become like a sock which may be worn inside-out or outside-in, but one can't tell what side is what side.

"Mistaken identity" is the reason suggested for why the initial description of a suspect in the shooting murder of seven year old Jazmine Barnes was of a bearded white male (with blue eyes?).  As we now know, the primary suspect is very black and not white at all.  Mistaken identity.  Right.  And all the usual players in civil rights and community organizing were out there in the customary anti-white cheering section as this drama played out.  So now the truth emerges and the attitude is, what?  Oh, never mind, it's just mistaken identity.  It's amazing what some people get away with and what some people don't.

The Academy, Ellen and Kevin Hart:  This situation seems as phony as a nine-dollar bill.  We're not certain how big a role Ellen D. played in this game, but we're pretty sure the Academy Awards folk had trouble finding just the right host for the Oscar presentations and needed to backtrack gracefully.  We wish Hart would stop apologizing for a damned thing and would, indeed, continue to refuse the hosting job, because his good buddies in Hollywood will continue to act like a buzz saw next time he utters something which offends their twisted sensibilities.  Everybody else is the problem because they know better than the rest of us.

Nun abuse:  News services now focus upon lesbian nuns and damage they inflict upon the Catholic Church's reputation.  All well and good -- but why don't you crack journalists concentrate just as heavily upon female circumcision, gay murders and other atrocities still practiced routinely by Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood's cache of sub-humans from centuries way past?