Monday, January 28, 2019

Cackling Journalism -- A CON-Mediacy of Dunces

Pod people, generally comprising far left Democrats and other reality-lobotomized radicals (just check out the growing list of dangerously leftist U.S. presidential candidates for proof) of a similar bent dwell everywhere, but it's so unfortunate that the contemporary, uncomfortably accommodating press suffers the pod malady as well.  And what happened to classic liberals?  When did they get traded for extremists who now claim the Democrat Party as their territory with a complicit media?

In all fairness, I need to state right up front that I'm no fan of the Catholic Church, and that's primarily because it, like other religious organizations scouring the Earth, take great religiously ecstatic pride AND immense financial profit by bringing or directing illegal people and all the refugees that fit into my country -- and after that, taxpayers of all or no religious views whatsoever are forced to pay for their upkeep, sometimes from cradle to grave.  Yeah, I have a little problem with being forced to pay for the "compassion" of what might be viewed as one's religious fantasies.  Looking at the current Pope, I remain non-enthused.

Nor do I care about "right to life" marches, as regular readers will understand.  Sure, I guess an end to human abortions could be nice, but first I would wish to see dozens and dozens of new, safe and effective forms of birth control on the market.  Robert, that's me, is no cheerleader for heightened human reproduction, no more than I would worship a cockroach breeding ranch.  Hmm, maybe I could have put that better.

But first, may I say what a pleasure it was to watch smilin'/grinnin'/smirkin' (you choose) Nicholas Sandmann (I want that name) on TV screens and adorning Internet sites everywhere, as opposed to my marginal ability to tolerate foul-mouthed, nasty spokesman for utter gun subject rage, David Hogg?

When the "incident" at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington was first televised on ABC-TV evening news, essentially blaming the Covington Catholic School "kids" for the unfolding event, I strained my eyes to figure out just what these boys were doing wrong.

As it turned out, and you're tired of hearing about it by now, they were doing little more than waiting for a bus so they could return home to Kentucky after sight-seeing and being present at the "Right to Life" proceedings.

The willing and obliging major media, had any of them done their homework and watched EXTENSIVE video recordings initially, would not have ended up in the spotlight, needing to retract most of what they reported.  Yet, as I watched ABC News a second night, anchor David Muir wrapped things up, not by offering any sort of apology from ABC, but by proclaiming that more investigation needed to be performed of the incident!

Had any of the mainstream media's crack news teams bothered to do their job, they might have exemplified the superb labor performed quickly by the staff of Glenn Beck and, who actually took hours of video and broke activity down minute by minute.  You can check out the results at The Blaze, but apparently things began to heat up as a group of despicable, in-your-face Black Hebrew Israelites ("We're going to harvest your organs," declared one, directing his threat to the boys) spewed a never-ending vocabulary of obscenities and insults at a group of Native American protestors. Eventually, attention was turned toward the Covington boys --mostly white, all Catholic, wearing a lot of MAGA (Make America Great Again) caps.  The research conducted by Beck's people discovered, also, that the old Native American who walked up to Sandmann, beating his drum in what might be termed an assault, isn't quite everything (or the hero) the media would have us believe.  Far, far less, actually.

The failure of the mainstream media to get this story right is hardly an aberration and what its says about the continuing fall of responsible journalism in the USA should frighten us all.

That the MAYOR of Covington and the BISHOP (who threatened student expulsions) of the school's archdiocese each condemned the boys before knowing the full story is a tragedy, and in my opinion each would serve their community best by resigning their positions.

For Nick Sandmann (yes, I really want that name), to "let a smile be your umbrella" in an attempt to keep everything under control just doesn't work in this era of anti-white, Trump-hating racism, and for his efforts Sandmann and his fellows now receive death threats and the usual inane flood of Twitter feeds organized by amoeba-sized human brains.  That Savannah Guthrie of NBC-TV's Today Show found it necessary by way of her own intent or the network's to ask Sandmann whether he thought he needed to offer an apology to somebody (!!!!!!!!) was an insult, and Sandmann probably would have been warranted to stand up and leave the interview.  He was very gracious, a word that a number of TV media and social network denizens wouldn't even comprehend if a dictionary definition print-out was pinned to their asses.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit brigade rolled in, vowing to sue specific news media and Internet sources unless corrections were issued about the incident and the boys' role in it.  Because these were teenage boys facing what might easily be perceived as a threat to their health or lives during the event, perhaps arrests and other charges will come forth.

As always, I mourn the slow loss of old-time newspaper-style journalists who took care to get facts straight and enjoy (enjoy?) some degree of affirmation by their editors.  Print journalism's electronic replacement does not serve us well when reporting truth requires investigative time well spent, instead of screen titles and voices titillating us with exclamations of "Breaking News."

Beyond the wall:  OF COURSE new polls show Trump at a popularity disadvantage -- how many Americans polled were federal government workers (most of whom would be Democrats anyway)?  Regarding "the wall," I have this weird little feeling that a major reason why Pelosi, Schumer, the "deep state," corporate porkers and others inevitably pointing our compass toward soft (?) communism in the future want as little permanent structure on the border as possible, because when Democrats gain control of the presidency they'll want to open the borders to one and all, unencumbered by obstacles which cannot be easily uprooted.

On ABC Sunday morning George Stephanopoulis, so proud to give the total number of times that Trump has publicly said Mexico would pay for the wall, we wondered if Stephanopoulis could also quote the number of times Obama had said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor while pushing for his "Obamacare."

But walls are "immoral" explains Nancy Pelosi-- neglecting to mention with what she surrounds her own home.  Ditto for other Dems so-o-o-o-o offended by the idea of a wall to protect YOU, even though they have their own fenced-in protection.

So there's Trump, simply and totally committed to keeping Americans safe from the unending march of costly and culturally destructive foreign zombies into the country, and all he gets is pushback from the Democrats and their cancerous media buddies -- and from the usual sleeping puppies of the Republican Party who stand for nothing whatsoever -- going all out to portray him 24/7 as the real enemy.  That we've become so stupid in this country is a credit to the leftist PR machine, which never sleeps.

800,000 strong or wrong?  The extended furlough of so many government employees and the effect of their absence on various federal departments should, in a proper world, provide the additional benefit of helping determine who and what agencies are dead weight and can be excised from government permanently.  Brain surgery shouldn't be required to think first of the Dept. of Education and Dept. of Energy, and we already know that the Dept. of Agriculture is more helpful to corporate conglomerates than to small farmers.  What a great time for departmental reflection, but for Democrat and other Establishment interference kept in place to keep government as big and cumbersome as possible.  The swamp.  Shame.

New York and Governor Cuomo:  This progressive hack, dismissive of everything politically conservative, and his willing legislature, now all Democrat all the time, are loading the state's government with some of the most dangerous socialism in the country.  At this terrible moment in NY's history, as state government continues to devour the human spirit, its ingenuity and bank accounts, I look upon Cuomo as a caricature of Venezuela's Maduro, and his shrill public speaking inflection reminiscent of Mussolini.  New York is plagued by a dictator and his minions.

Further, any responsible government leadership allowing people to indiscriminately assign themselves the gender of their choice -- even if a gender is the outrageously phony product of the land of make believe -- is not responsible at all.  The very observation that a significant portion of a population embraces shadowy statistics regarding global warming and climate pronouncements, yet trashes far more established science in other areas, indicates how mentally screwed up we are.  Run screaming from the left or perish, we say, and treat the mainstream media's specifically tailored "news" as one would treat gibberish heard via gossip over a backyard fence.

Today's Humor:  Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz tells "Sixty Minutes" that he may run for President as an Independent, and suddenly the media is in a panic over whether his candidacy would help tone down Democrat support and throw the next election to Trump.  We aren't nuts about Schultz's compassion for border-jumpers down South, but anything serving to drive the complicit Democrat media over the edge is worth a chuckle or two.