Thursday, January 3, 2019

Can a Box of Rocks Get Even Dumber? (Plus: Roswell Redux Alert)

Disconcerting might be the right word.  It's disconcerting to watch ardent Democrats, blissfully unaware or self-ignorant of the blatant way a growing number of party faithfuls are semantically redefining their lot.  Once known merely as Democrats, now they are burdened with the more accurate definition, as the masks fall off, of Democratic socialists or socialist Democrats.  By admission!  No, the term isn't universal yet, but just be patient.

If traditional Democrats can't put a lid on their party's rush to something just this side of communism on a slow bake in the oven, they'll need to depend in large part as usual upon a significant number of illiterate border-jumpers, progressive ex-cons, public school dropouts, young clueless idealists, teachers' unions and other zombie-like labor unions for electoral success.  Democrats want true border security as much as they would champion an outbreak of leprosy.

That's why it was so un-refreshing to watch New York's progressive megalomaniac governor Andrew Cuomo spew out his manic re-election speech this week, promising to give NY the most progressive agenda ever.  If anybody speaks the language of putting government in total control of your life and taxing success and ingenuity to death, it's Cuomo.

While it's true that Cuomo and the New York State legislature now firmly control the political process, there's one little disparaging detail not touted in Cuomo's loud dictator-like/banana republic speech:  The inescapable fact that New York residents are fleeing the state faster and faster for reasons easy to comprehend.  The dramatic exit of heavily taxed New Yorkers will ultimately leave a vacuum destined to be filled by illegal criminals who seek "sanctuary cities" and all the fantastic welfare benefits promised by Cuomo and his gaggle of Democrats. Or is that Democratic socialists?

If one wants to destroy the fabric of a culture, Stink-tuary cities are the most lethal poison to be administered, and the Democrat Party injects this toxin like no other. 

Does the progressive aspect of society give a damn about a legal immigrant from Fiji who became a California police officer and was brutally murdered by an illegal piece of Mexican gang trash?

As artificial intelligence continues to claim formerly human jobs at a wildly increasing rate, the last thing the USA needs is more people invading against our laws "for a better life," because their only ultimate resources will be an engagement in serious crimes and a lapse into poverty as welfare dries up. 

We especially love how faded SNL star Jane Curtin and other celebrities accorded automatic genius stature in every realm by their theater colleagues and drooling fans have come out to attack political conservatives.  OF COURSE they do, because one progressive "pod person" leads to another until everybody sleeps, blissfully dedicated to nothing but growing more pods as every freedom held dear by the individual collapses.

Pod people?  Check out Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new home video, released in conjunction with her announced intention this week to run for President.  That's a pod video, baby, phoniest piece of politically energized bull poop we've viewed in ages.

All of this progressive nonsense floats to the top, even as Trump has to deal with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and a host of other threats helped along and nurtured over the years by, yes, Republicans, but arguably enhanced on steroids by eight years of the feckless, yet cunning Obama bunch.  While we fret and urinate and focus over proper medical care for invaders at the border, our foreign enemies use our concentration upon ill-fated border hospitality to work and weaponize against us.

Thanks Chuck Todd, NBC-TV's bearded genius:  What a journalist!  The science is all in, so nevermore shall voices from the opposing side on climate change be allowed to muddy up his Sunday morning marvel of intellectual excellence.  Haven't we heard that some 30,000 scientists, at least, are indeed not "in" with the accepted "conclusions" about climate?  If this is Todd's attitude about science -- which, by its very nature, is always subject to change -- maybe the right thing to do is for viewers to exclude Todd himself on Sunday mornings and go take a walk in the rain instead.

What would TV do without Roswell?  As folks continue to cut their TV cable services by the ton, one would expect a rise on free commercial TV in anything which could, without laughter, be called intellectual property.  Alas, the pathetic continues.

Just as the legend of the Roswell UFO crash was played up on a fictional TV series years ago, clueless TV fiction writers, unable to think about anything that doesn't feature a superhero, have returned to the mire with the CW network's upcoming Roswell, New Mexico on January 15.  No, I haven't viewed an episode, only the preview shown liberally on the CW network. I saw everything I needed to see. 

But why stop there?  Perhaps the CW can whip up a series about the long lost Judge Crater, where a group of heartthrob teens finds him every week, only to have him disappear mysteriously on a foggy street until the next episode.  Or how about a series where Bigfoot joins forces with the visiting Loch Ness Monster to fight crime in Los Angeles?  To really energize the base, why not a three-part biography on the brilliance of Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so much smarter than the rest of us that she could not correctly name all three branches of government when asked?  Her intended economic policy for the country alone will leave adults rolling in the aisles with laughter and clueless teens worshiping her like Jesus.

Considering all the good research performed by Kevin Randle (see link list) and others regarding the facts about Roswell, to now see uninspired TV writers apparently think, oh, wow, let's re-exploit another series about aliens at Roswell interacting with humans is just so-o-o-o-o-o sappy, except maybe for 13-year-olds and vaping teens.  If outrageously slanted commercial TV network news doesn't kill off TV as we know it, all too frequent eruptions of pustules such as Roswell, New Mexico may.