Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Young Wankers on Parade

The March For Our Lives, March 24, 2018:  It's one thing to gather in great numbers to protest injustice.  It's quite another matter to organize with the financial and organizational assistance and inclusion of the radical left, always ready and willing to use kids and adults to further a political agenda straight out of a socialist how-to book.

We can't add much to what's been said. We agree, this was a day-long advertisement for the Democrat Party, exhibiting absolutely no patience for conservative viewpoints.  And yes, the event included young people truly shaken by the Florida school shootings, but for some inexplicable reason no time or space could be allowed for the brother or father of deceased student Meadow Pollack, either of whom were far more eloquent than many of the hysterical, ill-equipped or progressively addicted individuals who mobbed the microphones.  In fact, despite several estimates of crowd numbers, reliable counters allege that only 10 percent of attendees were of the teenage variety.  Certainly, this would be in keeping with charges that Louis Farrakhan and others who funded  the "Women's March" would be involved here, probably with many of the same marchers from past leftist displays.

Clearly, all over the country and 'round the world this was a pod-people event, instilled with group-think and precious little else intellectually.  When you need to invite celebrities accompanied by gun-carrying security personel to bolster your message -- people whose lives are enriched only because they read from scripts and move like trained dogs before the cameras or on stage per directors' instructions -- nothing particularly impressive should be assumed.

In the end, the hoopla boiled down to one thing:  Expressions of pure hatred for the political right, with the far left's intent to rid the country of all guns eventually, one step at a time, as they simultaneously work on chipping away other American rights to enhance government power over people power -- and "the kids" are clueless, having no idea how they're currently being used as pawns by those who profess that one should never let a good crisis go to waste.  If the National Rifle Organization is the enemy -- and it's not -- then the people who helped teens organize a Saturday afternoon of blistering attacks instead of a memorial are monsters whose actions go far beyond anything they think of the NRA, whose organization exemplifies firearm safety, not school mayhem.  The NRA, by the way, may have found membership rolls increased significantly as the left went on the attack, sounding like crazy people during speaking/shouting sessions publicly. NRA spokespeople, on the other hand, don't scream at people like banshees.

We assume that any of these young marching people who may have found themselves in Afghanistan, Vietnam or other hellish places as military members, suddenly hitting the ground as gunfire bursts forth in their direction, would pray for guns to defend their lives.

One can blame guns until the last bit of ammo is banished, but the problem remains -- the person of terrifying mental status, the grudge-holder, maybe somebody desirous of settling a score permanently with others, who knows?  We're an industrious lot, easily using knives, explosives, blunt objects or mechanical mishaps to accomplish what the gun can do.

As we watch the loudest and most annoying -- and most ignorant and devoid of any hint of proper American history education -- of the Saturday speakers endowed with evolving brains of youth, all we can think of is that some set forth the impression that the only pleasure they embrace is chronic masturbation, perhaps enhanced by the attention awarded them in front of the TV cameras.  Chronically.  Frustrated.  Masturbators.

So we watch, and we watch some more.  We see the most vocal of the marchers, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, appearing before the media like new rock stars.  Unfortunately, they speak, but that's their right.  At least they still have that one, for now.

I was reminded of World War II, in which my father and all of my uncles took part militarily, as I watched on the TV screen signs that read "NEVER AGAIN," and I remembered that these were the words used after the Holocaust by governments intent upon never allowing another Hitler to attempt world domination and mass murders again.  Of course, one of Hitler's first actions was to take everybody's guns away.  Can't happen again?  Don't be so sure.  The 1930s and forties weren't that long ago.

David Hogg?  Foul-mouthed, yes, unfortunately -- but forget that, we just hope he's too young and clueless to realize how things appear when he raises his fist in the air angrily to drive home a point.  Hitler raised a fist like that, too, whilst hollering like a. . .like a Nazi.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens believes the Second Amendment should go away.  Funny -- so did a host of banana republic dictators (and, again, Hitler) who confiscated all the peoples' firearms in order to dominate them without threat to the brutal opposition.

Celebrating Cesar Chavez' birthday this month?  Despite what leftists will blab this week, the farm workers Chavez supported via union organizing were legal -- he quite detested illegal immigrants and made that clear on several occasions.

Which brings to mind -- why is Libby Schaaf, mayor of Oakland, California not arrested yet for warning illegal criminals that the Feds were coming to apprehend 'em?

"Alexa" laughs at odd hours, and nobody tells this "helpful" electronic marvel to do so.  Me, I would no sooner have one of these gadgets in the house to spy on me than I would join Facebook.

Less than 30 percent of young men and women are qualified to enter military service due to such issues as physical and mental problems, according to Marine Commandant Robert B. Neller.  Maybe he could have found a few likely candidates at the "March for Our Lives" affair, though of course these potential Marines would eschew firearms.

Sacramento, California heat in the news:  It's simple.  Not because a man was shot dead while black by the police, but because the preventative remedy is common sense.  (1) You don't take off and jump fences when cops arrive to find out who was smashing car windows, as a hovering helicopter more or less nails down questionable activities.  (2)  You don't scurry away when cops ask you to surrender.  (3)  You don't hold up what turned out to be your cell phone in the dark and point it toward the cops, because they might just have an inkling of an idea that what they see silhouetted in the dark of night could be a gun. (4) If you're shot dead, cop-dead, you're dead, and now your family and community can go irrationally bonkers and community-organized to a volume guaranteed to attract every ambulance-chasing attorney in town.  (5)  Right or wrong, the family holds out for a giant lawsuit windfall so the crying on TV news shows can stop.  (6) But who pays for the smashed car windows, that's what I wanna know?