Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Best Little Bomb Maker in Texas

When law enforcement personnel commence using that middle name you forgot about, you know you've made it big in this society.  Too bad Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, couldn't stick around (except he kinda did "stick around" in his car at the end) to bask in the brief glimmer of criminal fame bestowed upon him as precious seconds ticked away in Texas.

What is it with these young folk?  We do put stock in new reports about changes ratcheted into young brains by the digital revolution and computer-think.  In the high-tech world it's the chip, not the living organism, that matters.  Conditt appears to have been endowed with a head diary of secrets as he honed his bomb-building craft.  Maybe one bomb's volatility was okay, but the next explosive needed to be better, and the next after that must surpass the previous, etc., etc.

Was Conditt enlightened by OCD, necessitating a continuing assembly line of explosive devices, each requiring a place for everything and everything in its place?  Did home-schooling as a child deprive Conditt of the proper socialization he would have received otherwise at a public school filled with drug deals, violence and classroom holding cells for future adult prisoners?  Seems he simply didn't care, at the end.

All we know is, how curious that bombings took place around Austin, Texas --  yet, within the same time period, give or take, a young high school student whose first name was Austin gunned down two classmates in Florida before experiencing his own episode of a life extinguished.

Budgets gone wild:  Thanks, Congress, and thanks President Trump (who changed his mind after previously indicating he might veto this damnation)  for a monster-sized federal budget that no sane taxpayer wants.  How long before we find a way to send both major political parties packing, ensconced as they clearly are in their own palace of the elite?  The rest of us don't mean a damn to this herd of flawed power grabbers, and make no mistake -- their actions are frequently all about taking power from us.  Get ready for the United States of American Insolvency and Bankruptcy.  If economic disaster was good enough for Greece, apparently it's good enough for us.  How can eventual default be no-fault?

During his televised budget announcement Trump seemed a bit careworn, projecting a noticeable aura of -- disappointment?  Not exactly.  We had a strange impression that somebody or some event had influenced Trump in signing this absurd bill from progressive hell.  No matter, though, because many Democrats and Republicans seem pleased with the result and most deserve to be shown the exit door next election.  Trump?  Major components of his agenda just went up in flames, and a succession of women coming forward to put the kiss of death on his plans via sex talk -- the very thing which invigorates the mainstream media like vampires emboldening themselves with a blood feast -- won't help.

Putin "wins," and we offer an R.I.P. to his old-fashioned methods.  We fervently hoped that Russia's fading "dictosaur" (dinosaur dictator) wouldn't spend as much time interfering in his own elections as he does ours in the United States and elsewhere, but alas -- once again, as he used every trick in the Kremlin to push aside serious opponents, Putin has raked in the winnings.  Where does the king of KGB ghosts past find the energy to stomp out his opposition whilst simultaneously, from all appearances, directing end-of-life negotiations in Great Britain?  Though a predominance of Russians seem to prefer Putin, it remains a shame that citizens of former Russian satellites and possessions squarely in Putin's sights as candidates for domination via a renewed Soviet Union couldn't join in on the fun of voting for a bully desirous of wielding power over them and stealing their wealth as bodies fall.

Thing is, it's 2018, and though political assassinations using poisons and nerve agents are frequently effective, they're so "old hat" by now.  And to jeopardize the lives of innocents of a country simply for being near the object of Putin's wrath?! Putin or Rasputin, what's the difference?

Surely, this ancient method of punishing one's enemies could at least be supplanted by something more modern, such as widespread and chaotic nuclear annihilation?  Meantime, we're minutely optimistic that as nations' peoples become more educated they'll ultimately reject the world's Putins, jotting their names down in historical references as nothing more than thugs or grunting Neanderthal warlords hiding their knuckle-dragging personas behind the facade of finely-tailored suits.

Personally, we would like nothing better than to be great friends with Russia, and we do admire the Russian people profoundly, but the path to international friendship currently lies mottled with political land mines, deadly threats, shadowy events and other obstacles.  How can one trust what proudly ranks impervious to trust, a man named Putin?  Can't he just amuse himself by pounding a shoe on a table at the United Nations as Nikita Khrushchev did?

Meanwhile, let us not take our eyes off China's devious ways, disguised here in the U.S. and other nations as educational assistance, as China continues to worm its political agenda into great universities and student minds almost without notice.  What Iran and North Korea's Kim regime do with naked brutality disguises itself as something far more innocuous, yet potent with danger internally, on the face of China's meandering ways.  President Xi's name may also be excluded from our friends list.

UFOs, the airlines and animals endangered:  I expected, once excitement mounted over the release of military UFO videos online, a rush of curious thrill-seekers lining up at airline ticket windows, hoping to become UFO-spotters during their journeys both far and near (the curious, however, should also know that surprise airline UFO encounters in previous years resulted in some pretty sobering incidents where passengers were tossed about during evasive maneuvers taken by startled pilots).  Instead, the only passenger sighting we received recently is the now infamous dog killing aboard a United Airlines flight, where a small canine suffocated because a UA moron flight attendant insisted his carrier be stuffed into an oxygen-deprived overhead luggage rack.  Next came the report of a German shepherd mistakenly shipped to Japan rather than Kansas per United Airlines, and even we are reasonably certain that Japan is never located in Kansas under the most peculiar of circumstances.

Some passengers spoke up during the dog carrier incident, all for nought, but we suspect a lot of passengers kept their mouths shut simply because they've learned that almost any negative words or actions directed toward flight personnel or even other passengers can result in arrest or, at the very least, being kicked off a flight.

Yes, that's what it's come down to, and in part a little dog died a horrible demise as a result.  When a plane full of passengers can't even save a little pup from almost assured execution, performed negligently by a dumb-ass human attired in some pleasant corporate uniform, the question must be asked:  Did terrorists win, way back on 9/11?  Yes, they did.

An impressive portion of the world's population is addicted to religion.  We often wonder, for those who take literally the premise that God gave humans dominion over animals, whether the truth might instead be that God put animals here to see how we treat them, thereby either rewarding or dooming us regarding our actions.  If eating animals counts against us, we're all destined for the pit anyway.

Here's an idea:  Remember those two clinics where the liquid nitrogen containers failed, likely rendering human eggs and embryos useless?  Why not make repairs and store the eggs of endangered animal species instead?  Some folks aren't keen on making human reproduction easier, and we suspect there may be a universal reason why some attempts at aiding human reproduction just aren't intended to bear fruit, as we may one day face certain human extinction despite our best efforts.

Teenage zombies on the march:  School kids think they have all the answers in Florida and at other schools across the country, proudly walking out of school on 3/14 in protest of Second Amendment rights, and we expect the nation's young students (unfazed by the masterful way in which a cop in a Maryland school had just "solved" a gun problem, and thus we will see "gun control" protests tailored individually in the future just as "global warming" became "climate change") to shine "progressively" when filling the streets of Washington, D.C. and other environs today.  These kids can't buy beer or vote at ages 15, 16 or 17, but the media seems to award each and every young talking head some bizarre adult genius status when firearm condemnation is the subject.  The problem isn't that children are expressing a point of view.  The problem is that the political left, which cares neither about gun debates nor student viewpoints, as it nevertheless contributes funds and assistance, is using impressionable young folk (many of whom were indoctrinated with leftist ideas in school starting years ago) to gain votes and push a tired old agenda long associated with progressives.  Will cheerleaders such as George Clooney and Oprah make speeches regarding how grateful and fortunate they feel to enjoy the security of armed bodyguards with -- gasp! -- guns? Now, if these young activists wish to pursue their goal, then. . .

Ban bridges, too!  See?  Collapsing bridges, like guns, can kill, a tragedy we witnessed in Florida just days ago.  Plenty of things and opportunities can result in death, and to play one's cards close primarily to the firearms-are-naughty vest is both dangerous and foolish.

Where are we headed?  Notice how terrorists with foreign ideas have been supplemented by children murdering other children and adults, necessitating cops to be on guard to shoot children dead almost routinely now?  It's not the guns, the dilemma is whatever the hell we're turning into as a society and/or as a species.  The older I become, wow, the more I see us human folk for what we really are behind the mask after it's ripped off, exposing the musculature, veins, sinew, nerves, blood and, finally, the grinning skull protective of disturbed, squirming brains.

South Africa's lesson in diversity:  Radical change proved disastrous for Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) when Robert Mugabe and friends decided to throw out or kill white farmers, following which farming and pretty much all significant export business racked up failure after failure.  Now, other racist S. Africa geniuses are actively ripping white farmers from their land, threatening and performing murders as a matter of course.  Question:  Where is that shining knight in armor known as the United Nations, stepping in to prevent plain and simple racial tragedy?  Perhaps they're too busy watching a Farrakhan lecture or some other racist tripe.

France:  Another member of The Religion of Peace strikes out, killing three, including a brave cop who traded his life for that of a female hostage.  When will nations organize and go after this particular species of deluded filthy cockroach and rid civilization of them once and for all?

Space in your face:  President Trump wants to establish a "space force" to prepare us for future space wars.  We kinda thought we've been working on this variety of plan already? Develop a few satellites capable of wiping out others without effective space-based retaliation and we'll have something to talk about.

Robert's spur-of-the-moment Black Achievement Awards:  I nominate the Wall Street Journal's Jason Riley as the African-American (hate that term) most in keeping with truth and common sense.  So's when you running for President, Jason?  I think his administration could have the potential to make us forget that Obama, his wife and those hideous post-presidential portraits ever existed.

Oh -- and my spur-of-the-moment nomination for African-American media class clown would have to go to Juan Williams, though I'm quite sure he believes everything he says.

No you're not:  Genetic scientists who understand DNA and all that teeny-tiny microscopic stuff have proclaimed that there's nothing one can do to truly change one's sex or gender by natural standards.  You can run, you can hide, you can cut off this or apply that, but no matter what you do surgically, cosmetically or in your mind, you're going to remain that of which and that with which you are born.  Apparently, all the rest is make-believe and playing roles in a doll's house.  Sorry, trannies, science is science -- not the pretzel that gender benders and radical leftists want science to twist itself and adapt into to please agenda-driven lies.

Same thing with "climate change" and "global warming," as a matter of fact (hey Al Gore -- wasn't the world supposed to be devoid of all snow by now?  Just asking. . .).

But in space no one can hear you change:  Revelations that astronaut Scott Kelly experienced at least a seven percent alteration (!) of his DNA while living in space for a year was surprising and unwelcome news for NASA.  We immediately recalled an old fifties sci-fi movie in which (I think) actor Marshall Thompson portrayed a buckled-down astronaut who returned from a space jaunt, infected with some really, really bad stuff that turned him into a monster, encouraging us to now suggest that twin brother Mark Kelly would be wise to observe his sibling for subtle changes, such as fingers turning into claws or occasional barking like a dog when asked to speak during military conferences.  We imagine it might be okay with Disney, though, if Kelly starts secreting a Flubber-like substance.

On to Mars:  Based upon today's blog entry, we suggest transgendered folk be offered the first opportunity to fly to Mars, because if they experience drastic DNA changes on the way, perhaps they really WILL be able to change their gender -- though that gender may be something exclusive of either male or female.  As always, beware, beware, beware.

Trump, women, Trump, women, etc., etc.  Maybe I'm old-fashioned (well, think sixties. . .), but should anybody other than his family care if Trump was allegedly doing his thing with ladies, escorts, garden variety prostitutes or wild animals?  We just want him to lead the country, and I find it amazing how almost every old male and female government whore on the left who travels with baggage far worse would find Trump's love life a concern.  We can understand the media's role, because its members are overwhelmingly hooked up to and infused by a leftist mind-think, but the political left crowd o' naughty backgrounds?  Please!

Stink-tuary city news:  Little by little, California communities are throwing in with Trump and A.G. Jeff Sessions.  When will mayors and joke-governor Jerry Brown be arrested and tried over the illegal sanctuary city abomination?

Wastebook:  There is a reason why I vowed never, ever to join Facebook, and the rat hole that IS Facebook exposed itself abundantly a few days ago.  Facebook's entrepren-manure spreader Zuckerberg has a lot of 'splaining to do as stock prices fall and members express increasing outrage over ways they are used by this widespread example of techno-hell.  Maybe the average user can't spell Cambridge Analytica, but if they can just remember the words, Facebook, Zuckerberg and the "anal" part of Analytica they'll long remember how they've been "Zucked."  Remember -- the bad actors wouldn't have infiltrated Facebook if Facebook hadn't wanted them there. 

BEWARE, though, when government next demands more control over the Internet because government needs to "do something."

Talk Radio's Irascible Rogue:  He's been attached to the radio microphone for 24 years this week. He dismisses and berates other conservative radio talk show hosts, and in turn many of them refuse to even whisper his name.  He's written a load of books, many on the best-seller list, but you wouldn't know it because much of print media refuses to so much as acknowledge his existence.  He's been banned from England for years because, supposedly, of his controversial nature regarding borders, language and culture, while followers of radical Islam are welcomed into Great Britain as if heroes.  Armor-plated with a Ph.D. and two master's degrees, he's traveled the world to research and catalogue plant life, earning high praise along the way. Epidemiology is another course of expertise, of special concern, he having watched with outrage illegal aliens and Obama's shuffle-on-in crowd invade the USA with diseases formerly thought almost extinct in the states -- and diseases perhaps here for the first time.  Despite his frequent gruffness, you can't mistake his love for the United States and his impatience with fellow Americans who fail to understand or care about the chaos and danger facing our country.

And of special importance, he -- Dr. Michael Savage -- is a stalwart fighter in the enduring international war on endangered, gentle animal species -- with elephants at the top of his list, as he condemns the hunters of disappearing species often on his show.  He holds a special place in his heart for Chinese collectors insistent upon importing animal parts for either show or medicinal purposes based on centuries of superstition. For these folks and the vicious "big game" hunters (described as "psychopaths" by Savage) who destroy animals only to collect horns, heads and the like, Savage craves the death penalty.  Especially in Africa, the object of a great deal of Savage's frustration. 

Don't even get him started on South Koreans and others who routinely cook and dine on dogs raised under barbarous conditions by cultures embracing barbarian ways even in 2018.

Sometimes Savage screams into the microphone, a device he uses effectively both to raise his blood pressure and ours, and yes there's an ego, dramatic effect and a measure of rudeness exacerbated by his apparent frustration that some people, too many in fact, walk the earth lunching on their own familial stupidity or self-employed ignorance.  Savage criticizes both left and right, establishing himself as a true member of his own independent conservative arena.  But believe it, he has followers, appreciative of occasions when his points are best expressed when he seems to go "off the rails."

His radio program, The Savage Nation airs in a fair number of markets across the country and on the Internet.  Those who tune in for the first time need to allow him several episodes of listening, because to the new ear initially he projects himself as harsh and mean.  But give him a chance.  There's gold to be found in his experience and philosophy, if you're patient.  What's the alternative?  Lame television dramas spouting leftist messages?

Be all the transgendered you can be Dept:  Again, Trump's military has banned most transgendered people, though the courts may do a second reversal of the decision.  Super brains are not required to read up on the pitfalls and emotional problems associated with gender reassignment, and because the military is specific to national threats and "all business" regarding dangers encountered, some chances just shouldn't be taken.  Besides, as we said, science is now pretty clear about one's genes, and you can neither wish away nor surgically remove the scientific fact that one is either male or female.  Playing dress-up doesn't fool Ma Nature, and nobody should play Russian Roulette with the U.S. military's needs and assured capabilities.