Friday, March 30, 2018

Laura Ingraham & The David Hogg Show

Personally, I hold no contempt for teenagers.
  Did I not purchase the 12-DVD set of movies and special features from the Twilight series?  It's so much easier to understand teenagers when you observe them as blood-suckers or hypnotized zombies soaking up everything around them.  Everything.

I don't believe David Hogg is a vampire, but he surely put himself out in the public, where he is freely allowed to express his views, accompanied or not accompanied by a potty mouth for emphasis.  Hogg is not a blood-sucking demon, absorbing the life force of his surroundings, but he sure appears ready, willing and able to meld himself into the political agenda nonsense successfully perpetrated upon youth by the far left for decades.  School shootings aside, I guess David Hogg really could be called a victim here. a victim of influences he probably embraces as harmless, rather than deadly to the intellect.  As he continues making media appearances, displaying heightened degrees of anger and rage, we fear he will eventually burn himself out, perhaps ultimately cognizant as a true adult that locking oneself into an unmovable stance while simultaneously attempting to hush up or even destroy those with opposing views is hardly the epitome of fair play.

I like and respect talk show host and author Laura Ingraham, but just a few years ago, when I clung to the political left as if it were my best buddy, I readily dismissed her opinions.  When her then-fledgling radio talk show was just beginning to reach a few national radio markets I started tuning in every evening, just because I found her views absurd and her arguments contemptible.

One evening, and I remember zero details now, she played a promotion for her show and/or made some remark that just sent me to the moon, and I immediately e-mailed her in blistering protest as Laura went to a commercial.

Upon returning to the microphone, I was amazed to hear Laura Ingraham dripping with anger toward me, going so far as to castigate me over the airwaves using my full name!  None of that traditional first-name basis stuff generally referenced by national talk show folk, nope, instead she laid me out on her broadcast slab like a cold corpse.

But times and people change, and as I started to mix my political feelings Ingraham was no longer an "enemy" to my ears.  I get it now.

I hope non-vampire David Hogg turns a similar corner one day, too, and develops a thicker skin.  In the meantime, let's remember that Hogg's the one who put out for public chomping the assertion that his grade point average precluded him from gaining acceptance to certain colleges.  If talk show lady Laura Ingraham commented about this in a manner not to young, young, so young David's liking, was it really necessary to fire back by insisting -- rather successfully in at least six cases-- that her sponsors (wimps) abandon her?  He wanted an apology (got it) and a boycott.

OF COURSE it was necessary.  Whether he knows it or not ("not" being the least of choices, methinks), David Hogg's apparent connection to leftist values sires a perfect desire to make sure that he gets to speak, but woe to anybody who dares mock or criticize him in return.  This is youth?  No, this is childish behavior and the kindling for eventual self-burnout.

The dish-it-out-but-can't-take-it thing.  But Ingraham's sponsors "actually" took off running because of an angry teenage kid -- AND his leftist-influenced social media followers who may just be out for a thrill?

This attitude comes right out of the "great" universities populated currently by radical freedom-of-speech groups who only accept their freedom to express themselves on the podium or before the cameras, and the opposition must shut up or face lawsuits.  "Social" media?  Whose definition of social?

When I was David Hogg's age, younger really, I was hitting the radio talk shows, TV programs and letters-to-the-editor pages of everything from local newspapers to national magazines regarding my opinions and research into UFOs -- and when skeptics or debunkers struck back at me, the exulted one, ouch!  That hurt like hell, and I would often respond with words rather unpleasant, though falling short of using a David Hogg special non-euphemism beginning with "F."

The leftward media loves "The David Hogg Show" for now, but in a few weeks or months, after they find other issues to sink their teeth into, chances seem increasingly likely that they'll -- figuratively -- leave him abandoned and bleeding on the roadside of public hype, just as he tried with a modicum of whining achievement to leave Laura Ingraham on the same road.

Ms. Ingraham, we ask you:  In general, if basketball players can be told to shut up and dribble, can vacuous teenage brains with a lot to learn follow a message of shut up, no drivel?