Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Today I Abuse Women

Maybe my abusive feelings were enhanced by the appearance of Lady Dracula Jong-Un -- that is, Kim Jong-Un's evil sister (I forget her given swine name) -- at the Olympics in South Korea.  Maybe it was just too much, watching the international press fawn over this femi-monster who, like her brother, is responsible in her own way for countless deaths, torture and yet-untold agonies in North Korea.  Not to forget the murder of their own brother, uncle and who knows how many more close relatives?  Charming.  Thanks, media.

As if that weren't enough, then I stumbled upon a "Sixty Minutes" interview with Democrat NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, leftist champion of all women and everything women have ever done.  During her years in the Senate, I'm not sure she has actually performed any services which benefit boys or men, she probably has, but then again I stopped caring about her activities long ago.  All I know is, she has "progressively" criticized the gun rights she used to support enthusiastically, and seems to have been absorbed by all the human-eating mold qualities of the modern Democrat Party.  One hopes, at times like this, that "blue dog" and other more down-to-earth Democrats really are trying to make a comeback so that government officials such as Sen. Gillibrand and (yikes!) her senatorial paisano Chuck Schumer can go peddle their ware someplace else.

Thing is, I've spoken this week with women who detest the current womens' "movement," composed as it appears with more of a political agenda than anything else.  When it comes down to donning knitted pink vagina hats during a mass protest, maybe that's a bit much, too, but I'm not woman enough to understand some things.

Anyway, after I was womened-up and femmed-up with all the self-womanizing displayed in the media, I was hardly ready for the latest news bulletin about two cops killed when they rushed to a "domestic situation."

Domestic trouble calls, as most any police officer will admit, are the ones they dread most, for these constitute the most irrationally violent incidents out there, other than terrorism itself.

These tragedies involving police officer murders by, primarily, husbands and boyfriends of abused women seem to be increasing way out of expectation, and we cringe every time TV news shows put up photos of dead officers and reports of spouses and children left behind, all due to the work, generally, of society's worst and most notable pieces of human crap.

Well, I'm sick and tired of these stories, and I've come around to taking a closer look at the women involved in these events -- the ones who usually call 9-1-1 and scream for police help.  Oh yes, they need help and they need it right away -- but how did all of this come to be?

We all -- ALL -- live in a day and age when TV, radio and print media blast our minds constantly with places and phone numbers abused women can access to get help once it has become pretty clear that their married or live-in lives are going to hell via beatings, restraints or battering of their own children.  Yet.. .

Yet, what?  Again and again, ladies who now know what they should do and have acquired ample experience to understand things won't improve in the home continue to wait until the very last minute when danger and possibly death come-a-calling for them, their children -- and law enforcement personnel who are put in a hellish position because of neglect, ignorance and/or self-sustaining stupidity on the part of the abused.  Tip of the day:  Orders of Protection are about as useful as spaghetti roofs in a rainstorm.

First it was a "love tap" or slap, then it was a harsh squeeze of the arm, leaving bruises.  Then it was an abrasion, and next a bloody wound, followed by a push down the stairs.  But that was YOUR fault, you know that, and he'll get over it and things will be just fine, wait and see.  Besides, you have to keep it all together for the kids.  .  .

In 2018 there shouldn't be an abused or battered woman out there who doesn't realize that they should have called for help long, long before those final moments when he, she or they will place not only the victim on the death menu, but also anybody who tries to help, and that help is most generally the police.

So here's my nasty little hope for the abused as 2018's informative and cop-deadly days roll forward:  If you call 9-1-1, I hope cops respond first with tear gas, drones, robots or minor explosives -- anything preventing them from first rushing the house to save your crying, pathetic, stupid, couldn't-be-bothered-to-do-something-to-prevent-this ass, and chances are you've even subjected a kid or two to your lack of decisive action as the magic moment of decision approaches.  I don't want good cops to sacrifice themselves in this exceptionally angry era to feigned imbecility of the abused, covered up by useless tears falling to the floor after everything goes down, causing blue uniforms to repose horizontal forever.

In today's society, the mere dialing of 9-1-1 may sign a death warrant for one's local cops.  Most of the time, so much could have been accomplished before that terrible, irretrievably tragic moment arrives -- and so no, I'm not letting abused women aware of multiple options off the hook, particularly when their lack of action really does make them somewhat complicit when cops die while attempting to rescue they and their children from a hell they themselves helped create and sustain.

Let's go to the moon again:  NASA's on track to return, and we really should before China gets there and claims all the Helium-3 as Property of the State.  China couldn't do a damned thing without having stolen American technology, and I think we should just bill them far in excess of all the funds they believe we owe 'em.  For my part, I'm proud to have written letters to newspaper editors years back where I stated without any scientific tools or geologic training whatsoever that there's water on the moon.  NASA should'a just asked me, I wouldn't have charged a penny.  You're welcome.

Peter Rabbit in the crossfire:  There's a scene in the new Peter Rabbit movie where rabbits throw blackberries in a man's face and he sustains an allergic reaction necessitating use of an Epi-Pen?  Apparently, allergy sufferers of the world are up in arms, demanding and getting an apology.  Really?  Must every shred of humor be banned and called out by world denizens who, frankly, have little more going on in their lives than a need  to pick stuff like this apart?

The Official President and Mrs. Obama portraits unveiled:  Good grief, cover them back up.  Amateurish, hollow -- but frankly quite reflective of O's entire term in Office.  So maybe leave 'em be.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions mutters the AA word:  Sessions dared say Anglo-American, thereby overpowering the very essence of the absurdly contrived term, African-American.  Clearly, Sessions was being racist, as everybody knows "AA" can only be used by a particular race AND by Alcoholics Anonymous (maybe there's a licensing fee to use "A" twice).  The fact that Anglo-American is an old term whose longevity far exceeds that of African-American is, of course, of no consequence.  At any rate, we're sure glad that Democrats have yet one more vacant issue to scream about, because absolutely anything putting white Europeans in a favorable (or even noticeable) light is bad, bad, bad.  We shall be in touch with members of our Congressional White Caucus immediately regarding this matter!