Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Holster the Leftist Hysteria

"It's not a mental health issue!" the Florida high school student screamed into the microphone, herself sounding like a candidate for the funny farm wagon, and right then and there with those words I knew these kids were likely so immersed in leftist classroom poop since they shed diapers that there was no way for them to swim out of it.

DO SOMETHING! MAKE IT STOP! they demand.  How lucky for these teenagers that, yes, there are people nearby who can make it stop -- but the price is their freedom, and they're too damned young and mind-manipulated to know the importance of  delayed consequences.  What goes up must come down, and what goes away usually cannot be brought back, particularly freedoms that others died for long before school shootings materialized.

Now the Hollywood crowd begins to sprout like fungi on TV talk shows, condemning everybody with a gun except for the characters they brutally portray on the silver screen, perhaps explaining, well, THAT's just fiction.  And big money for the backers, of course.

So what do you do?  Well, if you're Florida students stumbling through a blind panic you announce a student march on Washington and other cities scheduled for March 24.

March or don't march, we don't care, but it requires no brains whatsoever to realize that unsuspecting school children headed for the streets will he "helped," "supported" and encouraged by the most devious and conveniently established leftist America-hating rats who ever walked the earth, and those will be the voices most loudly expressed, no matter from whose lips they lovingly flow.  By late March, the tragic shootings won't matter nearly as much as the progeny of leftist dogma, and not even honor roll students will recognize how easily they can be enlisted to jeopardize their own rights by endorsing poison.

Already inexplicably, yet predictably, shouting at and blaming Donald Trump for the Florida carnage, we can bet that students attending these proposed marches will include a mandatory we-hate-Trump speech or demonstration as icing on the cake.  Don't forget to denounce the NRA.  The customary itinerary must be followed.

Want to depend upon the mental health industry to determine fitness for firearm ownership?  Wow -- that worked out well for young shooter N. Cruz, didn't it?  Dare I suggest that a fair portion of the mind-checker bunch hosts its own share of crazies who protect one another in the spirit of camaraderie?

Meanwhile, as everybody moans, cries, stomps and shakes their fists at either skies or at President Trump and every Republican in sight, may I almost absent-mindedly remind one and all that, even as we all occupy ourselves with something motivational, one or more potential school or otherwise mass murderers are out there right now as the clock ticks, preparing in earnest to beat the system -- any system -- according to their own timetable.  At least to some degree they'll succeed, too.  They will not be terminated until the deed is done.

Gun "control?"  Really?

You deserve a break today.  You deserve to avoid controversy.  You deserve to not get the flu.  You deserve to be safe.

We do not "deserve" a damned thing, unfortunately.

Looking for a foolproof solution to school shootings?  Here it is, lick it up:

First, let's close all public schools and insist upon home schooling for the masses.  Yes, this requires a crash program delegating enormous resources, but if we can send kids about your age off to war, surely we can patch something together for education without risk.

Of course, no public schools also means no more football, basketball, golf, bowling, baseball, track or rock-watching teams, and no more cheerleaders.  No dangerous bus journeys.  No more field trips, either.  Bonus:  Nobody will laugh at naked people in the gym showers anymore and there will be no towels to snap.  No bullying, either.

The motto is, stay home and stay safe.

We make this suggestion for your own good, kids, because here's the thing:  You can take every careful step to curtail the possibility of mass killings.  However, you know far better than I what's coming:  3-D printers, for instance, with which folks can and already have produced guns -- fully operational with the addition of a little metal here and there, and voila!  Untraceable, deadly, simple to modify and just the sweetest little darling of death one can imagine.

And the fun doesn't stop there, because high-energy weapons using microwaves, ultrasound, infrasound -- and whatever screwed up U.S. diplomats  in Cuba -- are on the horizon, and as we all know, whenever the military improves upon a weapon some kid sitting in his basement eventually wants to play copycat.

What did you have for lunch today?  How about yesterday's dinner?  Did something living need to die so you could have nutrition?  Maybe serial killers and the rest of us aren't so far apart. 

March your butts off next month, kids, but anticipate no cure for the dark things lurking inside us.  We all choose our weapons and eventually murder something, in our own way.