Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Russian Baker's Dozen

Vladimir Putin riding a horse shirtless is nothing.  Now, if that horse would ride Putin -- with or
without a horse blanket -- that would really be something to brag about.

Vlad, Vlad, Vlad -- WTF?  So far, 13 Russians have been indicted for information tampering/feeding/altering/etc. crimes leading up to the U.S. elections.  I know this is serious stuff -- but didn't Obama send folks to Israel to screw with their elections, too?  Don't we have the oh-so-helpful-and-high-techie Facebook, Google and everybody else (TV networks, hint, hint) who kinda projected, shall we say, a leftward lean around election time and, hmm, before and after, into the future?

Everybody's doing everybody, nothing new there, as it turns out, but we'll sit comfortably on the sofa, waiting for Putin to send all those Russians to the United States for trial, as we simultaneously anticipate monkey-piloted drones to fall out of the sky and land on the White House lawn.

By the way, you devious Russians, I'm rather in doubt on this, but if you folks had anything in the slightest to do with Hillary Clinton losing the election, may I humbly say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.  However, to our defense here in the USA, I must say she WAS a horrible, horrible presidential candidate, and fortunately what remains of common sense and intelligence in this country prevailed.

Why was Mueller's indictment blasted to the country on a Friday, typically the day when important stuff the government wants forgotten or diminished gets swept under the weekend time rug?  Some, such as conservative talk show host Michael Savage, believe it was done to override the FBI's gigantic screw-up in failing to apprehend the Florida school shooter before he could act.  Maybe, but we are inclined to consider another component -- that, at least to date, Trump's name couldn't be associated with Russian "collusion" and therefore this was one bit of news which should be buried because it served no anti-Trump purposes AND the media would have nothing upon which to dwell.

Indeed, Saturday morning's ABC-TV news program, generally dedicated to leading with stories putting the administration in as bad a light as possible, instead began with the school shooting.  Of course, this was also an opportunity to show protestors demonstrating in front of the National Rifle Association, when, frankly, all cameras should really be focused upon the alleged 19 year old shooter.

What about the shooter?  Did at least one friend not admit he had been taking some kind of drugs, prescribed (and perhaps otherwise)?  He was also adopted -- from where, some wonder?  We have long known that the country of origin often sends along psycho-baggage of which adoptive parents are unaware until things go toward the dark side.

Recording artist George Watsky had the school shooting thing down some time ago, as you can see in his unusual but effective video, Stick to Your Guns:

We recognize Florida students and parents are in a frenzy over the latest school mayhem, but screaming at Trump and everybody BUT the shooter really isn't the way to go.  Determining who's potentially gun-violent crazy is the better direction to take -- but, unfortunately, that's nowhere near as simple as yelling at government officials to quench one's grief.  And anybody who thinks the Democrat Party caregivers, who quickly showed up on cue and made fancy speeches barely before the chaos lightened up, weren't there to garnish votes ("never let a crisis go to waste") is living in a fantasy.