Monday, March 13, 2017

Breaking News: Lunatics Really CAN Talk to Their TVs!

Remember your dear old Aunt Loopie, the one you worried about, who remained insistent that TV show characters were speaking directly to her -- and that she could converse with them as well?  Remember how crazy you thought she was?  Well, actually she WAS nuts.  But wait -- good news!  She was half right!  Her vocalizations count.

According to WikiLeaks' hacked CIA documents, all Aunt Loopie needed was a smart Samsung television (just Samsung, we ask?) and the ability to vocalize her concerns to remote CIA agents eager to listen in to her innermost thoughts.  Or at least the possibility was reportedly there for them to do so.  Unfortunately, they seemingly cannot talk back to Aunt Loopie (even though she may be crazy enough to believe they can, thus settling her mind).

Leaving Aunt Loopie aside, we continue to wonder why Julian Assange isn't releasing highly classified documents from the Russians?  Or the Chinese?  One would almost think WikiLeaks and Assange are the true Russian puppets.

These CIA document leaks qualify as Deadly Serious Business.  If the very thought of the CIA sickens you, try keeping a country like ours without the CIA.  Every nation's government is a dirty rotten bastard propped up by the best of the best in intelligence, but I prefer my DRB to any other major country's DRB.  The trouble with the CIA is, you can't live with them and you can't live without 'em.  What do I know?

It's profoundly unnerving -- though not at all surprising -- to realize the depth of government surveillance opportunities provided by technological breakthroughs.  Obviously, the U.S. is not the only nation playing that game.  What's the solution?  There is no solution, and you can't really black-tape anything on the TV the way you once did to hide the flashing "12:00" on the VCR. So clear your throat, speak up and look pretty:  Your TV has brought some new folks to bed down in a secret room, live with both you and Aunt Loopie, and they're great at listening to your problems in their invisibility.  Now who's crazy?

Health care in the United States:  We don't need to sneak behind closed doors in Washington to know how this works.  Health insurance companies are out to get everything they can, and they believe it's their right because that's exactly what they anticipated during negotiations for Obamacare.  The fact that things didn't always go their way and expected profits did not materialize means nothing -- they surely assume that "next time" they'll get it right and champagne corks will fly.  The crucial thing Trump should do is allow medical insurance sales of numerous varieties across state lines, and with the real, solitary concept of competition on the free market in force, with only the bare essentials of government props, truly affordable group policies and the like could bloom almost magically.

Alzheimer's:  A new report estimates that people in the U.S. develop the life-crippling condition at a rate of approximately one every minute, and the most "promising" of test drugs didn't turn out to be The One.  Again, we ask, in the future will the autistic care for elderly or less than elderly people with dementia, or will Alzheimer's sufferers be required to care for the autistic?  Obviously, I ask this question with tongue in cheek, but we cannot escape growing statistics indicating the trouble we'll be in as healthy minds continue to deteriorate or change beyond retrieval.  We wonder how intrusive chemical exposures since, particularly, the 1940s have been to humans and animals?  Between possible DNA-altering chemicals and cell phones killing sperm cells among men who carry such devices in their pants pockets, there's no need to believe the genetic road ahead won't be bumpy, if not pockmarked with sinkholes without depth.

Articles I wish I'd referenced previously, but news moves and changes so quickly in this global hell on Earth:

From The Sun of March 1 come additional warnings that robots -- especially hacked robots -- may soon be able to routinely attack humans, kill household pets, rob homes and create chaos in factories.  If that sounds bad, wait until robots form unions and entice lawyers into helping them achieve their, um, goals.  But AI aside, we sure wish the educational system would de-emphasize digital technology enough to prepare young people for events culminating in long interruptions or total loss of digitally based functions.  I would surmise that when teens literally cry or go bonkers over non-working cell phone technology, there's a vast socio-psychological problem brewing under the surface -- an infrastructure collapse of sorts.

I simply went mad for Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, when he stated a few days ago (per Breitbart of Feb. 27) during an immigration rant that the United States "is our country, not theirs."  Obviously, this is a man with whom I can work, and I'm going to start by sending him my electric bills so "our,"  which is he and they, can pay what apparently doesn't belong to "theirs," which would be me.

No surprise here:  LifeZette (Feb. 6) offered examples following its headline, 'SOROS FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER ANTI-TRUMP LAWSUITS."  The ubiquitous George seems to have his hand in plenty of activities not necessarily welcome among conservatives in the U.S.  If the government ever gets around to investigating Soros, and maybe the ACLU, we might become a little better educated on why things are what they are.

From The Daily Mail (UK) way back on Feb. 4:  We were impressed that Dr. John Bates of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) blew the whistle on NOAA, reporting allegedly that NOAA fudged, altered and manipulated the report destined to accompany Obama in 2015 when he attended the UN Climate Conference in Paris.  Why do we see these alterations again and again and again when money and power are at stake?

After Quebec City endured a shooting rampage (per AFP on Feb. 1), calls went out to punish and/or remove conservative talk radio hosts, who were blamed for inciting hatred.  This, of course, was an absurd argument, but leftists have little else in their own "arsenal" to even ambiguously portray themselves as making sense.  The old squash-talk-radio outcry emanating from the usual suck-spects is so stupid.

I know February was so way back, but we were quite interested in an article appearing in The Telegraph (UK again. . .and again. . .and again) of Feb. 6, in which the point was made the hundreds of young people seeking asylum in Europe were first recruited by the Islamic State and instructed in relaying radical Islamic terror.  And how is this a surprise?

The potential for a huge snowstorm threatens the Northeastern U. S. in mere hours.  Buckle up, don't forget your pets and hope for Spring on schedule.  Ain't global warming funny?