Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Season of the Witch -- A Gathering of Sheep

Even though I once experienced a delusional period in my life where I pretty much voted for nothing but Democrats, what I see now is just one big corrupt party infiltrated by the worst of humanity.  The Republicans?  I don't know -- the GOP has worked so diligently at making itself irrelevant that I'm not even able to classify the depth of its own manure pile.

I remember an earlier time when being a Democrat was "cool," when all one needed to do was light up a cigarette couched in a cigarette holder, wave it around arrogantly and -- whether you even bothered to draw a solitary round of smoke -- espouse meaningless platitudes which somehow thrilled the most moronic of your friends and members of the curious.  You looked "cool."  Maybe you fancied yourself to look just like the movie stars. 

It's hard to know whether the country is populated now by large numbers of Democrats who actually believe in something, or whether those who vote for the donkey image (an "ass," to be sure) in November will simply be a wealth of folks looking for freebies.

Hillary Clinton will probably win the presidency -- though she may also be ripe for a grand impeachment soon thereafter, depending upon what kinds of people and integrity populate the House and Senate.  In any event, this truly will be an election upon which the United States rises or falls under its own Constitution, and merely because a great majority of Democrats have not and will not take the opportunity to explore the "other side" and discover the radical changes its agenda intends, when and if it grasps the power, a real and clear sense of doom among the rational is not unreasonable.  This time around, the threat isn't just hearsay, and all it takes is an electoral college and a consequential bulk of preferentially ill-advised Democrat voters to throw their own country under a dangerously radical bus. 

"Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a," bleated the good sheep, slowly but obediently sauntering off to enjoy another Election Day immersion in sheep dip. . .

Mars or Bust:  Word is, if you plan to be on the first ship to Mars you better plan to die there, no return ticket available.  Then again, employing the best in contemporary computer technology, if We send along a few Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices for communication, nobody's gonna need to worry about making it to Mars.  Ah yes, in digital technology we trust.  Someday, we're all going to beg for a return to automobiles and appliances with simple, very non-digital features.

On a similar note, scientists have again emphasized the health problems involved in a trip to Mars or anywhere outside our planetary comfort zone, as solar radiation may alter or destroy astronauts' brains in lieu of an extremely thick metal barrier -- and such "heavy metal" would prevent a spacecraft from a successful launch in the first place.  Dunno -- so maybe Hillary or The Great God Podesta can explain how UFOs get here without experiencing all this fuss.

The failure of a lawsuit against Remington arms by the Sandy Hook parents who lost children to a madman was destined to fail, despite the tragedy, and that was the right decision.  Can one sue the Earth for providing the rock thrown through a car windshield?